The old foreign silver dollar is more exquisitely cast and contains higher silver content, so why is it worthless?

The old foreign silver dollar is more exquisitely cast and contains higher silver content, so why is it worthless?

  I don’t know if you have discovered that many old silver dollars abroad are much better preserved than those of the same period in China, and these foreign silver dollars are more beautifully cast. The most important point is the market collection value of these foreign silver dollars. , less than one-sixth of the collection value of well-known domestic silver dollars. The well-known silver dollars mentioned here are Yuan Datou or Sun Xiaotou. Why does this phenomenon occur?


  Today, I will talk about some foreign silver coins. Why is its collection value so low? In fact, there are many reasons for this. The most important reason, as I seem to have said before, is that there are fewer foreign people speculating on silver coins. For silver dollars or other popular ancient coins, there is a large amount of idle funds coming in for speculation in China. The main reason is that there are not many investment channels in China, while foreign investment channels are relatively loose. In addition, the recent two The domestic stock market was really sluggish in 2018, and many idle funds had nowhere to go, and a considerable part of the funds flowed into antique collections.


  Coupled with the rise of live-broadcasting, in short, all kinds of favorable conditions have improved the collection value of various antique collections. Although some old silver dollars in foreign countries are very beautifully cast, their silver content is higher than that of many domestic silver dollars. It may be said that due to the large number of foreign investment channels, there is relatively little hot money entering the field of ancient coins. In addition, the population of many western countries is relatively small, and there are relatively fewer people who play antiques.


  The final result resulted in these exquisite foreign silver coins as shown in the picture. Its collection value is roughly around two or three hundred yuan a piece. When you see the silver dollars in the picture, you will find that the quality of these silver dollars is very well preserved. Yes, what is the reason that the quality of foreign silver dollars is much better than that of domestic silver dollars? In fact, this has something to do with the economic gap between China and the West at that time. Western countries developed their economies very well as early as 100 years ago. Even then, skyscrapers appeared and the economic conditions were good. Rather particular.



  For example, the now popular gentlemen came from Western countries, and their sanitary conditions were relatively good. Relatively speaking, they had a better environment for using currency at that time. In addition, the earliest mechanism currency was after the Industrial Revolution. In the West, the whole coinage process was much better than that in China, and the coinage process was more advanced at that time, and the country was in a period of war between warlords, and many currencies still needed to be minted from the Birmingham factory in the United Kingdom, even some The silver coins minted by warlords in my country at that time also contained relatively low silver content.



  Because these warlords also need a lot of money to maintain their military expenses, which will cause them to reduce the silver content of each silver coin during the coinage process, and then use the extra silver to mint more silver coins, and finally As a result, in different periods of our country, the silver content standards of different types of silver dollars are different. There is a three-year Yuan Datou with a relatively high silver content that has a silver content of nearly 90%, and a Gansu version of Yuan Datou with a relatively low silver content. The amount of silver is even less than 80%. Now we see that there are many versions of silver dollars in China, which has a lot to do with the mint and the batch of coins at that time.



  Therefore, there was no uniform standard for the same kind of silver dollar circulating in China at that time, while the standards for silver dollars cast by many developed countries in the West were relatively uniform. Going to hype, so the price of these silver dollars has been hovering near the silver price for nearly a hundred years. Finally, I would like to ask a question. Do you feel that these exquisite foreign silver coins displayed in the picture have the potential to be collected in the future? What are your different opinions? Share in the comments section.