Group portrait scan of Chinese green-haired model workers and craftsmen: Ordinary casting extraordinary ingenuity and guarding the original heart

Group portrait scan of Chinese green-haired model workers and craftsmen: Ordinary casting extraordinary ingenuity and guarding the original heart

Advance in exploration, surpass in inheritance, develop in innovation, shape the monument of time with ordinary persistence, and awaken the great power of creating brilliance with day and night struggle… China Lvfa vigorously promotes the spirit of work, struggle and dedication Spirit, creative spirit, attaches great importance to the training of advanced models and the selection of trees. In the past two years since its establishment, 1 person was awarded the National May 1st Labor Medal, 2 persons were selected as Great Craftsmen, and 1 collective was awarded the National May 1st Women’s Model Post. The company’s internal selection 50 model workers and craftsmen were produced.

  They forge ahead firmly and fulfill their original mission with a never-slack spirit

“The most important standard of excellence is: dare to take the lead and win trust with wisdom and sweat; dare to break through and solve practical difficulties with superb technology; dare to win and stick to responsibility in exchange for joyful success.” The Rudong H14# offshore wind power project of Huahua Offshore Wind Farm has set up four management and control structures of “device, network, cloud and use”, and two command centers of engineering construction and production operation and maintenance, creating the first “beyond line of sight” in the domestic offshore wind power industry The microwave communication system, the first person tracking based on Beidou positioning in China, and the drowning auxiliary rescue system and other domestic firsts make the wind farm not only have keen “five senses”, but also a smart “brain”.

During the construction of the Dongtai Offshore Wind Power Project, faced with the most difficult challenges such as the longest offshore distance in China, the largest unit capacity, the highest voltage level of the booster station, and the most complicated sea environment, Xu Jizhong repeatedly summarized the weather and tidal laws of the sea area, and studied the offshore construction technical plan , Breaking through numerous obstacles, from crossing the river by feeling the stones to exploring an offshore booster station “sliding and loading, overall hoisting”, submarine cables “laying on the beach and bent frame”, fan “tower pre-assembly, fan split hoisting” ” and many other pioneering roads in offshore wind power construction, creating a new speed of offshore wind power construction that is “connected to the grid in the same year for power generation in the same year”. The project has successively won the China Electric Power Quality Engineering Award and the National Quality Engineering Award.

  They struggled tenaciously and stood at the forefront of the times with their tenacious character of self-improvement

Chen Yuxiao, winner of the National May 1st Labor Medal, has poured out high-quality projects with ingenuity for more than ten years, and guarded green waters and green mountains with sincerity. Chen Yuxiao’s first impression is the simple and resolute expression and the turbulent figure. In 2016, Chen Yuxiao came to Hainan to take charge of engineering construction and actively participated in the special rectification of black and odorous water bodies in Sanya City. In order to achieve the goal of “clean water and green banks”, he started to carry out the Taoyuan River channel improvement project. While listening to the demands of the local villagers and coordinating the deployment of the progress of the project, Chen Yuxiao reached a unity in solving practical difficulties for the villagers and realizing water pollution control. The villagers in the villages along the way can always see him and the project team busy until late at night. With the efforts of him and his team, the improvement of the water system along the Taoyuan River in Sanya has achieved remarkable results, and the water environment has continued to improve. The 9.4-kilometer water system has now become a well-known local ecological park along the river. Chen Yuxiao often said, “Time is tight and tasks are heavy. We have to stand up for meetings, walk to work, take root in the field, and solve problems on the spot!” In order to create high-quality projects, he also implements lean management, pays close attention to project quality, and actively researches New technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment have promoted the quality of projects to a higher level.

  They dare to be the first, and bravely scale new heights with a heroic spirit that is not afraid of difficulties

Coming from the wind, walking against the wind, from the sea to the land, Pei Bo, a great craftsman of the great country, has been rooted in the field of wind power for more than ten years. He has achieved 12 scientific and technological achievements, applied for 4 patents, and successively won 19 national, provincial and ministerial awards. Class and industry innovation awards.

In 2021, Pei Bo will be transferred to China Lvfa Inner Mongolia Branch to be responsible for the project construction. During the construction of wind farms, temporary construction roads are usually used to meet construction needs. However, the Uri Geng wind farm is located in a desert, so it is not only difficult to build temporary roads, but also requires frequent maintenance, which increases construction costs. Pei Bo decided to adopt the method of “combining permanent roads and temporary roads” to basically build the construction roads in place, which not only meets the needs of the early stage construction, but also allows the hoisting equipment such as large crawler cranes to move around on their own in the later stage, creating a new environment for wind turbine hoisting. favorable conditions. There are many tenders for the foundation construction work, and at least 28 days of maintenance period is required after the foundation pouring is completed. Pei Bo collaborated with the general contractor to compare the fan site plan, and arrange the foundation construction plan one by one to ensure that the construction personnel are in the nearest order. Operations, and in strict accordance with the requirements of project construction, optimize and adjust the construction process technology item by item, so as to shorten the construction period to the greatest extent. When encountering complicated problems during the construction process, Pei Bo always stood up immediately, tried his best to coordinate and solve them, and completed the construction tasks with quality and quantity. On October 20, 2021, the hoisting of all 50 wind turbines was completed 61 days ahead of schedule, and all engineering construction was completed at the end of the year, which once again spelled out the construction speed of wind power projects that “started construction and connected to the grid that year”.

  They pursue excellence and are determined to pursue perfection in their careers with firm confidence in winning

In 2021, Guihe Shopping Center of China Lvfa Shandong Commercial Management Company will be awarded the honorary title of “National Women’s Model Post” by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions. The proportion of female employees in Guihe shopping center is high, and they should give full play to the role of the main force, take on new missions and show new style. They actively responded to the epidemic, intensively and methodically promoted various tasks such as communication with suppliers, product inventory, and store safety management during store closures; they took the initiative to find a way to resolve the crisis, and planned ahead of time for offline-to-online sales ideas, turning their work into a “battlefield” Moved to the home, working side by side and in the same direction, with the strength and hard work of the competition, we realized the rapid launch of social marketing, micro-mall shopping and online live broadcast marketing measures for high-end shopping mall employees within one week after the closure of the mall. Seize the market opportunity. They are perfect, actively communicate and negotiate with banks, help merchants broaden financing channels, and effectively solve capital chain problems. Relying on the close and efficient collaboration and the home office normality of working all night regardless of gains and losses, we have efficiently promoted the development of various tasks, and the operating efficiency has risen against the trend.

Striving hard for the future, there are many ambitious employees in China who are green haired. They are down-to-earth and hard-working. It has contributed to writing a new chapter in green development.