Invitation Letter | The 5th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition is scheduled to be held in Qingdao on August 18-20

Invitation Letter | The 5th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition is scheduled to be held in Qingdao on August 18-20

Exhibition background

Shandong Province is a large foundry province, and there are nearly a thousand foundry enterprises above designated size in the province. Shandong is also a province with a large demand for casting, and there is strong demand in industries such as automobiles, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery in our province.

Under the current situation, foundry enterprises are in a critical period of “the development of my country’s industrial and economic order under the normalized epidemic prevention and control”. A number of industrial policies such as “standard” have provided opportunities and challenges for foundry enterprises.

In order to fully promote the foundry industry to complete the transformation and upgrading tasks under the current situation, make good use of this platform for display and communication, ensure that foundry industrial enterprises complete the carbon peak, carbon neutral goals, and complete the “14th Five-Year Plan” development goals of the machinery industry, give full play to Shandong has the advantages of a strong province in equipment manufacturing industry.To promote enterprise innovation and high-quality development, and to enable enterprises to obtain more technology and market demand information related to the foundry industry, the2023year8moon18-20The 5th Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition (referred to as: Shandong Foundry Exhibition) was held in the World Expo City, West Coast New District, Qingdao on the 1st, and the 5th Qingdao International Industry Expo was held concurrently during the exhibition.

Exhibition overview

Shandong International Foundry Industry Exhibition is a foundry industry exhibition hosted by Shandong Foundry Association and initiated by Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd. It has been successfully held for four sessions.

The exhibition focuses on industry hotspots, highlights strategic heights, fits the pulse of development, and focuses on displaying various casting products, transformation and upgrading related casting equipment under the current situation, automation equipment, environmental protection raw and auxiliary materials for casting, tooling molds, casting quality inspection equipment, and intelligent technology , environmental protection equipment and related casting upstream and downstream industry products, etc., has become one of the most influential brand events in the industry.

The exhibition invites downstream buyers of castings, ecological environment, emergency safety, and industry and information authorities of various counties and urban areas to participate in the exhibition and give guidance. The overall scale of the exhibition is about30,000 square meters, the total number of exhibitors exceeds800 home, held conferences and forums at the same time20 In the remaining games, the professional audience will exceed30,000 People will visit and negotiate at the meeting.

This exhibition will set a new high in overall scale and specialization, aiming at the whole foundry industry chain, and creating a precise supply and demand docking platform for the foundry industry.

During the exhibition will be held2023Shandong Foundry Industry Transformation and Upgrading Development Forum and other series of activities, through keynote speeches, ecological display, high-end dialogues and other methods, combined with the development status of the foundry industry in our province, guide enterprises to avoid detours and achieve sustainable high-quality development of the foundry industry.

when and where

Exhibition time:2023year8moon18-20day

Venue: Qingdao World Expo City (West Coast New Area)

Exhibition time:2023year8moon16-17day



China Machinery Industry Federation

Shandong Foundry Association


Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Qingdao West Coast New District Foundry Machinery Manufacturing Association

Qingdao Foundry Association

Weifang Foundry Association

Yantai Foundry Association

Laizhou Foundry Association

Foundry Industry Association of Fangzi District, Weifang City

Binzhou Aluminum Industry Association…

Support media:

China Foundry Industry Network, “Shandong Foundry Information”, “Casting”, “Foundry Technology”, China Foundry Industry Network, “Foundry Equipment and Technology”, “Intercontinental Direct Investment”, “Future Foundry”,, “Lost Foam andVLaw”, “Foundry Industry”, “Foundry Information”

Exhibition planning

There are four major exhibition areas planned for this exhibition: castings, casting equipment, casting materials and environmental protection equipment.

Casting exhibition area

1. Cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel castings, non-ferrous alloy castings, aluminum castings, copper castings, nodular castings, wear-resistant castings; (precision casting, sand casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, centrifugal casting, gravity casting, highLow pressure casting, special casting, etc.).

2. Automobiles, motorcycles, machine tools, ships, wind power generation, construction machinery, rail transit, heavy machinery, mining machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, medical machinery, general machinery, power transmission and transformation, electronic communications, petrochemicals, construction hardware , pipeline pump valves, pipe fittings, municipal engineering, urban art and other castings and aluminum/magnesium/zinc/Copper alloy die casting.

Foundry Equipment Exhibition Area

1. Melting and auxiliary equipment:

Cupola, electric furnace, resistance furnace, aluminum alloy melting furnace, magnesium alloy melting furnace, vacuum melting furnace, electric arc furnace,LF/AOD/VOD Refining furnaces, automatic pouring machines, transfer ladles, automatic feeding equipment, cooling towers, etc.

2. Shape/Core making and auxiliary equipment:

Box molding equipment, boxless molding equipment, resin sand molding equipment, shell molding equipment, core making machine and core making center, molding/Core-making gas processing equipment, resin and additive quantitative equipment, sand core processing equipment (core repairing, coating, drilling, etc.), rapid prototyping equipment (3D Print/moldless core making), etc.

3. Sand treatment/Used sand regeneration and auxiliary equipment:

Sand shakeout machine, sand mixer, sand cooling equipment, magnetic separation equipment, dust removal system, chrome ore/Silica sand separator, zircon sand/Silica sand separator, old sand recycling equipment, etc.

4. Cleaning equipment and auxiliary equipment:

throw/Shot blasting equipment, automatic casting finishing and grinding equipment, electrochemical cleaning equipment, etc.

5. Special casting equipment:

Investment casting, lost foam (real mold) andV casting, metal gravity casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting, differential pressure casting, etc.

6. Measuring and testing equipment:

Rapid analyzer of chemical composition in front of the furnace (direct reading spectrometer,CE thermal analyzer,CS Analyzer), molding sand performance online detector, three-coordinate measuring instrument, temperature measuring instrument, thickness measuring instrument, endoscope, hardness tester, non-destructive testing equipment (linear accelerator flaw detector), mechanical performance testing machine, etc.

7. Others:

Casting, forging, die-casting robots (manipulators), automatic control systems, processing equipment for casting molds and tooling, knives, measuring tools, manipulators and testing equipment (tools), heat treatment equipment, impregnation equipment, welding equipment, surface treatment and coating Equipment, etc., dust removal technology and equipment, industrial air conditioners, ventilation equipment, negative pressure exhaust fans, industrial air coolers.

8. Post-processing equipment:

CNC lathes, machining centers, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, polishing machines, sandblasting machines, etc.

Casting Materials Exhibition Area

Ferroalloy, nonferrous metal, foundry coke, refining agent, inoculant, nodulizer, vermicular agent, slag remover, quartz sand, coated sand, chromite sand, pearl sand, bentonite, coal powder, recarburizer, Casting resin, curing agent, coating, casting refractory material, silica sol, wax, thermal insulation riser, filter, steel shot, repair paste, etc.

Environmental protection equipment exhibition area

Industrial waste (sewage) water and sludge treatment technology and equipment, industrial waste gas recovery and treatment technology and equipment, hazardous solid waste treatment technology and equipment, industrial cleaning, fluid equipment, dust-free workshop and other related technical equipment and solutions.

Concurrent activities

(one) 2023Shandong Foundry Industry Transformation and Upgrading Development Forum

(two) Joint meeting of local foundry and upstream and downstream industry organizations

(three) Strategic cooperation signing for high-quality development of foundry industry

(Four) Foundry industry cooperation matchmaking meeting

(Fives) Foundry industryC2MCustomized matchmaking on demand

(six) Metallographic inspection and spectral analysis professional technical training course for physical and chemical inspectors of mechanical industry in Shandong Province(Casting session)

(seven) Modern Foundry Enterprise Management Forum

(Eight) Sand casting molding technology forum

(Nine) Shandong Nonferrous Casting Industry Development Forum…

Pavilion Introduction

China Railway Qingdao World Expo City is located in the central vitality area on the west coast of Qingdao

In the coastal core area, built on the hillside, facing the sea and the wind,

by the world500Strong China Railway Investment500100 million,

Occupy an area3000More than acres,National craftsmanquality build,

It is a collection of exhibitions, conferences, hotels, real estate, commerce,

Culture, tourism, leisure and other functions in one

Composite low-carbon, blue ecological expo city

Audience Invitation and Promotion

The organizing committee invites casting, automobiles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, motorcycles, metallurgical equipment, ships, rail transit, aerospace, pump valves, petroleumVisitors from chemical machinery, mechanical processing, military industry, mining machinery, sewing machines, internal combustion engines, electric power, nuclear power, hardware and other industries will visit, and provide value-added services to professional buyers and group visitors who meet the requirements.

visit/organizational policy

→Professional buyers/Audience group visits can enjoy the pick-up service at the West Railway Station of the organizing committee;

→Key industrial clusters/For user bases, the organizing committee arranges shuttle bus pick-up;

→ Chenghua exhibitions have continued7Implement buyer subsidy policy every year, bring your own shuttle bus 25 People) to enterprises or organizations that will visit and purchase500-2000 Fuel subsidy ranging from RMB (subsidy available on site).

direct invitation

The organizing committee relies on years of experience in organizing audiences and the existing database of professional buyers1,250,000Yu Tiao, make full use of the company’s market call center department to comprehensively and quickly conduct classified invitations for professional visitors to ensure high-quality professional visitors.

Exhibition promotion

Exhibition and320More than industry and user media strategic cooperation publicity, and through Baidu, Toutiao, Tencent,360high-speed cross-bridge advertisements, high-speed rail advertisements, elevator advertisements, etc. to promote the exhibition in an all-round way.

Industrial clusters

In key industrial clusters and bases, the organizing committee will focus on publicity and promotion, release outdoor billboards, distribute visit tickets and invitation letters to the door, and set up special personnel to be responsible for local publicity and buyer organizations, so as to truly invite professional buyers Put it into practice.


Give full play to various industry associations/Advantages of the Chamber of Commerce, organizing member units to organize visits and purchases.


booth fee

Standard Booth

(3m×3m) 8000 yuan/piece

Guiding price for members of Shandong Foundry Association is 4,000 yuan/piece

Hardcover standard booth

(3m×3m) 9000 yuan/piece

Guide price for members of Shandong Foundry Association5000 yuan/piece

Special display area

(18㎡ minimum rent)

800 yuan/Guide price for members of Shandong Foundry Association450 yuan/㎡


1. Basic configuration of a standard booth:3m×3mBooth (including hoardings, fascia boards, a table and two chairs, two spotlights,220VPower outlet);

2. Basic configuration of Jingbiao booth:3m×3mBooths (including hardcover standard booths, banner lintels, carpets, one table and two chairs, lintel spotlights, booth spotlights,220VPower outlet);

3. Special exhibition area: without any supporting facilities, designed and decorated by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted.