Xiwang Group | Zuo Yingjie: Do not slack off, cast ingenuity in the ordinary

Xiwang Group | Zuo Yingjie: Do not slack off, cast ingenuity in the ordinary

  “It’s not difficult to do one thing, but it’s difficult to persist in doing one thing; it’s not difficult to persist for a while, but it’s difficult to persist to the end.” This sentence can’t be more suitable for Zuo Yingjie, the head of the drying section of Yishui Sugar Factory . In 2009, Zuo Yingjie stepped out of the school and joined the big family of Xiwang Group with passion and dreams. He has been doing this for 13 years.


  At work, he worked hard to study the business, and he knew all the parameters of the equipment clearly. Combining years of work experience, Zuo Yingjie worked out the best values ​​of various control parameters in the drying section, and adjusted production from time to time according to the material condition to ensure precise control of key indicators such as drying moisture, laying the foundation for efficient and high-quality production in subsequent sections .

  “Teaching a man to fish is worse than giving him a fish.” In order to improve the operation level of the whole team, Zuo Yingjie enthusiastically shared his many years of operation experience with everyone, and took the initiative to train all staff in core positions such as the control room. On this basis, he led the team to actively cooperate closely with the upstream and downstream workshops. According to the precise operation of logistics, the water content of the finished sugar was increased by 0.5 percentage points within the control range of the indicators, and the product yield was further improved.


  “If the heart is in one art, the art must be crafted; if the heart is in one job, the job must be done.” In the past two years, Zuo Yingjie and his team members have independently completed the technical transformation of the water film dust removal pipeline and the spraying system through unremitting exploration and research The repair, this alone saved the company nearly 2 million yuan. During this period, a series of equipment technical improvements such as self-made coarse material air locks and custom-made fluidized bed slabs completed by him as the leader and initiator were also completed successively, which not only further reduced the labor intensity of workers, but also increased the product yield.

  Three hundred and sixty lines, every line will be the number one scholar. As long as you work hard, all ordinary work can create extraordinary achievements; as long as you work hard, the dream on the road of youth will surely bloom brilliant flowers. Come on! Every struggling Xiwang person!