Quality casts brilliance Brother won multiple product awards

Quality casts brilliance Brother won multiple product awards

Time flies, seasons flow. Looking back at 2022, Brother has been deeply involved in the Chinese market and insisted on technological innovation. Its excellent products have not only won the support of the majority of users, but also won the favor of many media and won many awards.

  “Pioneering Product of the Year” AwardDCP-C421W

Brother DCP-C421W introduces the innovative printing mode of “print on demand, pay per page”, which brings more choices and convenience to home users. It won the “Pioneer of the Year 2022″ in Hotspot Technology’s 2022 Excellent Technology Product Five-Star Awards Ceremony Product” award.

Users who purchase DCP-C421W can apply for free ink in the “Brother Cloud Charge” applet, and then purchase the number of printed pages according to their printing needs. After the user completes the machine registration for the first time, he can enjoy the new benefits of printing 1,000 sheets for free.

In terms of functions, DCP-C421W supports three major functions of printing, copying and scanning. After simple configuration of the mobile phone, remote printing can be realized through the “Brothers Enjoy Printing” applet, which is convenient for parents to print their children’s homework anytime and anywhere. The mini program covers a large number of educational resources. Users who have bound the DCP-C421W can use the “Help you learn” function on the mini program for free*1 valid for one year, to further help children learn independently and self-test.

  V Selected Top 100 Goods” Award DCP-B7535DW

Brother’s black and white laser all-in-one machine DCP-B7535DW won the PConline 2022 Zhizhen Technology Award “V Selection Top 100 Goods” for its consumable-saving practical performance and high-quality printing effect.

Brother DCP-B7535DW adopts the drum toner separation structure. When the toner in the toner chamber is exhausted, the user only needs to replace the toner chamber without replacing the toner cartridge. At the same time, Brother’s on-demand toner supply technology can prevent the toner in the toner bin from deteriorating due to excessive exposure to air, helping enterprise users reduce usage costs.

In terms of functions, DCP-B7535DW integrates printing, copying, and scanning into one, and its excellent continuous printing speed can meet the office needs of large-volume printing.

DCP-B7535DW can also realize wireless printing through the free mobile APP – Brother Mobile Connect, and the WeChat applet “Brother Changxiangyin”, which is more convenient for office use.

  Yesky Editor’s Choice” Award MFC-J3940DW

Brother A3 format color inkjet all-in-one machine MFC-J3940DW won the “Yesky Editor’s Choice Award” for its excellent printing function.

MFC-J3940DW integrates printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. It supports long paper printing with a maximum length of 1,200mm. It is not a problem to output extended wallpapers, extended architectural drawings, etc. There is no need to install a printer driver, and wireless printing can be realized directly through the mobile APP——Brother Mobile Connect. At the same time, it supports the small program “Brother Changxiangyin” for remote printing, which improves the office experience of enterprise users.

  “Excellent Smart Office Scanner of the Year Award”ADS-4900W

ADS-4900W won the “Excellent Smart Office Scanner of the Year” award from Sci-Tech Video for its excellent smart scanning to help enterprises work efficiently.

ADS-4900W supports high-speed and efficient double-sided scanning, and black and color at the same speed, single-sided and double-sided scanning without slowing down.

The machine is equipped with OCR text recognition function, and paper documents can be directly scanned and saved as editable WORD, EXCEL, TXT, RTF and other formats. The machine also has the function of double sheet detection. When scanning, it can automatically distinguish whether there are repeated sheets, and automatically stop scanning to prompt, so as to achieve efficient office work.

The new year has begun, and Brother will continue to use innovative technologies, explore bravely, and strive for excellence, so as to bring better products and experiences to users.

*1 After binding DCP-C421W through the WeChat applet “Brother Changxiangyin”, you can register for only 1 WeChat account and receive the “Help you learn” function for a period of one year

  brother(China)Business Limited Company Profile

Brother (China) Commercial Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise engaged in product sales and services of the Brother Group in China. Its business fields include printing and Solution business; Household machine business centered on household sewing machines and commercial embroidery machines. Brother (China) is committed to making full use of the Group’s resources to provide Chinese customers with more products and services with high added value.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang