Golden Harvest Foundry Industry is happy to add new “chain” points in the new year

  Red Net Moment News, January 30th(Correspondent Peng Hua Li Zhenxing) On the afternoon of January 29th, at the scene of the concentrated signing activity of Hunan merchants returning to Chenzhou in Chenzhou City, Jiahe County and Dongguan Jugu Mold Parts Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract with Jiahe Xingda Technology Hardware mold and accessories processing project, with a total investment of 260 million yuan.

It is reported that Jiahe Xingda Technology Hardware Mold and Parts Processing Project is one of Jiahe County’s investment promotion projects anchoring the goal of building a “China Precision Casting Town” around the foundry industry chain. The project is located in Jiahe Economic Development Zone. The first phase rents a factory building of 4,500 square meters. It mainly builds a hardware mold and accessories processing center. The annual processing of hardware molds and accessories is more than 2,000 tons, and the annual output value is about 100 million yuan. The second phase plans to purchase 25 mu of land to build a standard factory building, mainly producing CNC machine tools, with an estimated annual output value of more than 300 million yuan.