Under the digital wave, the culture of seeking services casts the techniques and ways of business development

Under the digital wave, the culture of seeking services casts the techniques and ways of business development

  Lead: In the past three years, most companies have experienced ups and downs and difficult times. With the arrival of 2023, all walks of life are also showing a trend of recovery. It is said that the cold winter is about to pass, but under the new economic situation, enterprises may face more difficulties and challenges.

Especially on the cusp of economic recovery, the wave of digitalization and informatization led by Douyin short video and live broadcast has brought a huge impact to many traditional small and micro enterprises. Inadvertently, new scene forms have been born in various aspects such as consumption, social interaction, production, and medical treatment.


  The wave is coming, business transformation is imminent

From the Internet to mobile intelligence, from big data to cloud computing, the wave of digitalization has been wave after wave. The decline of traditional economies such as construction and real estate has further accelerated the rise of the digital economy, and more and more production, consumption and social activities have been transferred to the online digital network world.

Against the background of dramatic changes in consumption, industry, and management, the tide of the Internet has spread to everyone’s feet, and the traditional business management model must also be changed accordingly. Finance, supply chain, manufacturing, management, etc. must be connected with the entire industrial chain and restructured.

For the onslaught of the digital wave, the culture of seeking affairs has long been expected. “Digital transformation is becoming the only way for the development of enterprises, but it is not as simple as shouting a few slogans and building a few accounts.” Cui Lei, chairman of Moshi Culture, mentioned in “Project Zero Distance”, “Because of various uncertain factors The daily operation efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises is reduced, the capital scale is small, and the technical strength is weak. How to join the digital channel faster and better will become a major difficulty.”


  Mou Cube: online + offline, creating a business ecosystem

Seeking prospects, building brands, and becoming the way. In response to the current market demand and corporate difficulties, Mou Shi Culture and the Linping District Government jointly funded the creation of the “Mou·Cube” industrial park project.

Moushi culture relies on its own leading organization in the field of business entrepreneurship – Jitang MCN, more than 100 experts, has 170 million fans on the whole network short video platform, vertical content traffic advantages, and Moshi APP’s strong project entrepreneurship industry chain, with online knowledge Payment is the core, providing high-quality entrepreneurial projects, offline private domain empowerment, providing guidance and practical resources for entrepreneurs, helping small and medium-sized enterprises to successfully realize the transformation of achievements and technology upgrades in the park, and to achieve a healthy development ecosystem for business entrepreneurship.

Aggregating platform effects, empowering enterprises entering the park, opening up public domain traffic and private domain traffic entrances, providing channel expansion, brand promotion, IP operation incubation, and accompanying growth for traditional enterprises to help enterprises achieve high-quality development.


  Looking forward to opportunities and investing in the future

At the same time, in order to better provide business development opportunities for small and micro enterprises in the park, Mou.Cube established the “Museum Club” club to serve the enterprises in the park. It not only gathers its own superior resources to business partners, but also relies on its own brand appeal, Tailor-made business expansion plans for enterprises, empowering traffic, helping member companies to realize the dual-driven development of “traffic + brand”, and giving capital support at the same time.

It is reported that the current “Moshihui” club has attracted well-known companies such as Meihua Venture Capital, Yijiangnan, Jialin Group, Jiadeli, Wangmao Shaofang, Shuanghui, Qianfa Group, and Xiaozu. Moshi Culture provides professional services for these high-quality enterprises, adopts the “offline + sharing” communication mechanism, strengthens cooperation at the ecological level, grasps capital trends, and allows more enterprises to share resource advantages with business partners.

“Setting up the stage” for business planning, and “singing opera” for enterprises. In the Moushi APP, Mou·Cube, and “Moushihui” clubs built by Moushi Culture for small and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs, everyone and every enterprise can fully cultivate in their own fields, and obtain public domain traffic and private domain Traffic, high-end community, service ecology, new media incubation, business school training, investment and financing opportunities.

For future development, Moshi Culture will continue to integrate industry resources, endow business with more creativity through various model innovations, form a unique cultural and commercial cluster in the commercial market of Linping District, and gradually build an industry-leading multi-dimensional value and sharing platform Business integrated ecosystem.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang