“Post-70s” female craftsmen in the foundry industry

“Post-70s” female craftsmen in the foundry industry

On September 28, 2021, Pan Lingling won the fifth “Shenzhen Industry Award”.

Pan Lingling, who was born in the 70s, resigned from her public office in her hometown of Anhui in 2001 and went south to Shenzhen. In 2002, she joined Longhua Enterprise-Shenzhen Lingwei Technology Co., Ltd. to deeply cultivate the machinery and equipment industry. She has been doing this for more than 20 years. She has seen Longhua before the “counterattack”, and has also been deeply involved in Longhua’s development and growth.

Leading the company’s R&D team to obtain more than 80 patented technologies

After graduating from university, Pan Lingling was first assigned to work in a certain government department in her hometown, because her husband later went south to Shenzhen, and she resigned from public office in 2001 to develop in Shenzhen.

In the second year after coming to Shenzhen, Pan Lingling joined her current company—Shenzhen Lingwei Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LK Technology Group, a listed company in Hong Kong. Its products are widely used in aerospace, automobile industry, communication Electronics, electrical appliances, toys and gifts and other industries. At that time, the company had only been established for one year. In Pan Lingling’s impression, the company was surrounded by wasteland, except for Longhua Tianhong, Qinghu Restaurant and a park, and there was almost nothing there. “At that time, our company had only more than 300 employees, and it was a small and medium-sized enterprise. We were very fortunate to follow the company and Longhua to develop and grow during this period of time.” Pan Lingling said.

From June 2006 to October 2011, Pan Lingling worked as a human resource manager, responsible for human resource allocation, performance appraisal, etc. “The biggest advantage of doing performance appraisal is that you can have a very clear understanding of the entire company’s operations.” The company acquired a state-owned enterprise in Northeast China, and the human resources department did a lot of work in the process. This work experience allowed her to grow greatly.

From November 2011 to March 2017, Pan Lingling served as the director of the chief engineer office, led the R&D team, and undertook more than 10 national-level intelligent manufacturing equipment development projects and provincial and municipal R&D projects, and obtained more than 80 technologies with patent certificates. 13 invention patents; Among them, the developed “intelligent flexible die-casting production unit” has entered the national key new product plan of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and its technical level has reached the world’s advanced level, filling the gap in this field in China; “Super large die-casting machine “Automatic production unit technology” is a domestic zero breakthrough, which is ahead of the technical level of developed countries.

Promote the transformation of enterprises to high-efficiency and intelligent production methods

Since April 2017, Pan Lingling has served as the general manager, leading the company team, focusing on the development of intelligent manufacturing, and striving to enhance the new advantages of product competition. In terms of management, Pan Lingling emphasized that “management is productivity, rational allocation of resources, and improvement of organizational effectiveness.” In order to adapt to the effective and intelligent management, she started to promote the application of modern management tools such as the company’s enterprise management system ERP, engineering data management system PLM and enterprise MES customized research and development projects in 2017 to realize the overall solution of intelligent manufacturing in management and production solutions to meet the needs of company management and production control, and realize the sustainable and intelligent development of the company. “Our company has been carrying out ‘digital production, digital production’, which also coincides with the development direction of ‘Digital Longhua’.” Pan Lingling said.

Pan Lingling also has special research in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. From the early stage, she started to promote the exploration of the group’s die-casting machine energy-saving projects. She mainly promoted the research and development and sales of the group’s energy-saving servo die-casting machines. A total of 7,000 sets of die-casting units have been exported to manufacturing enterprises, of which about 6,100 sets are equipped with servo energy-saving control systems, and the total energy saving achieved is about 1.015 billion kWh, and the energy saving is 406,000 tons of standard coal. Foundry”, to help the physical manufacturing industry transform to high-efficiency and intelligent production methods, and achieve high-efficiency growth of the group.

As the only enterprise in China’s die-casting machine industry awarded the title of “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the 2021 LK die-casting machine was selected as the fifth batch of “Single Champion Products” in the manufacturing industry in the country, and was also rated as an international reputation brand; won the “China Famous Brand” Trademark”, “Hong Kong Famous Brand”, “Guangdong Famous Brand”, “Shenzhen Industrial Award”, “Shenzhen Famous Brand”, “Hong Kong Industrial and Commercial Award” and other honorary titles. Pan Lingling herself also won the Shenzhen Industrialist Award in 2021, and was awarded the 2022 China Foundry Industry-China Excellent Female Foundry Worker.

Do public welfare, donate love, write proposals, and actively fulfill social responsibilities

As the general manager of the company, Pan Lingling actively fulfills social responsibilities while managing the company. She vigorously promotes the spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progress” and actively responds to and encourages employees to participate in the public welfare of cataract patients in Shigatse, Tibet. Activities; On February 3, 2015, a blood donation vehicle drove into the company. Nearly 70 employees extended their loving hands and donated a total of 20,600 milliliters of blood to help endangered lives in urgent need of blood; during the period of “SARS” and “Wenchuan Earthquake”, Organize enterprises to actively extend a helping hand and sponsor more than 1 million yuan; during the epidemic, organize enterprises to donate materials to Shenzhen Charity Association through Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, participate in and call on more people to support the “2022 Spring Buds Project”, help Girls in difficulty collect tuition fees for the new semester, guard their dreams of studying, and take on social responsibilities.

In addition, as a member of the Longhua District CPPCC, Pan Lingling also actively went deep into the enterprise to carry out investigations, and wrote and submitted targeted reports on issues that were strongly reflected by the enterprise and paid more attention to the public Proposals on various aspects, and give full play to the functions and roles of members of the CPPCC in political consultation, democratic supervision, and participation in and discussion of state affairs. Among them, the “Proposal on Solving the Traffic Jam at the Intersection of Longguan East Road and Qinghua Road” written by her was rated as an excellent proposal in Longhua District, which helped Longhua alleviate the problem of traffic congestion.

Talking about the company’s development vision, Pan Lingling said that we have the ambition to become a world-class precision manufacturing equipment company and take shaping the future of China’s manufacturing industry as our mission. She also expressed her gratitude to Longhua for creating a good business environment for the development of enterprises, allowing enterprises to take root and develop here and blossom and bear fruit. In the future, enterprises will work hard in the sectors of smart equipment and new energy vehicles, and continue to help “Digital Longhua, Urban core” construction.

Longhua News reporter Lei Qinjian/text (photo courtesy of the interviewee)


Pan Lingling, member of the CPPCC Longhua District, vice president of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, vice president of Shenzhen Longhua District Women Entrepreneurs Association, member of the Standing Committee of Longhua District Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce), senior engineer, currently the general manager of Shenzhen Lingwei Technology Co., Ltd. .

Since she became the general manager of Shenzhen Lingwei in 2017, she has controlled the company’s development direction, formulated development strategies, and played an important role in the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0; led the team to concentrate on research and break through the super large die-casting unit. Technical barriers have led the company to flourish in the field of intelligent die-casting, and boosted the rapid development of new energy vehicles, 5G communications and other industries.

During her tenure, Pan Lingling also organized the establishment and improvement of enterprise standardization management with technical standards as the main body, and participated in the formulation of 10 national standards and industry standards at the same time, achieved good economic and social benefits, and won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award Second Prize, China Patent Award, etc. Under her leadership, Lingwei Technology developed the world’s first intelligent die-casting unit with a clamping force of 6000T in 2019, which is ahead of the technical level of developed countries. After 2 years, in April 2021, the intelligent and networked ultra-large die-casting unit DREAMPRESS 9000T was launched, which was an impressive achievement for the world premiere; in 2022, the DREAMPRESS 12000T intelligent die-casting unit was released again in the world, promoting another breakthrough in the integrated die-casting molding process. An upgrade will inject strong impetus into the development of the new energy automobile industry and continue to lead the global wave of “integrated die casting”.