Ordinary cast wonderful life

Ordinary cast wonderful life
  • A brilliant life is not like turbulent waves, but ordinary like a river flowing endlessly.

    “The Ordinary World” is a novel written by the famous Chinese writer Lu Yao, which expresses the social life of China’s urban and rural areas to readers. There are 3 parts in this book, each of which shows us a different style and is connected; this is the author’s broad background of Chinese society in the past 10 years from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, through complex contradictions and entanglements. , with Sun Shaoan and Sun Shaoping brothers as the center, portrays the images of people from all walks of life at that time; the interweaving of labor and love, frustration and dreams, pain and joy, deeply expresses the tortuous roads people of all walks of life have traveled. This novel won the Mao Dun Literature Award.

    The ordinary world has a different style in the works of the author Lu Yao. The Loess Plateau is another world, where there are tribulations and trials, struggle and awakening, kindness and cruelty, love and pain, Shaoping and the Shaoan family The ups and downs of fate, as if God made a joke with them, how much bitterness and helplessness, the Loess Plateau has raised a group of rough and heroic teenagers, and raised a group of girls who never give up fighting. To the appearance of wasting time, always so down-to-earth and firm. Even if he lives at the bottom, even if he has nothing, even if life is so difficult, the protagonist is still harvesting hope and happiness with his own hands, and working hard for a better life.

    Lu Yao’s words are as thick and simple as the yellow earth. This kind of simplicity is a true portrayal of the ordinary world, making people addicted to it, just like yellow sand entering people’s eyes, making people want to cry unconsciously; When we closed the book, tears blurred our eyes. When we rubbed our eyes, we found that it was already a brand new world, and another person felt the ups and downs of the whole life; but there was reality. Although the title was an ordinary world, we were alive in it. A group of extraordinary people, to constantly realize their own life value. It is because of their existence that the ordinary world is no longer ordinary. After reading this book, people’s souls can evolve. Sun Shaoping is happy because of the appearance of Tian Xiaoxia, even if they can’t get together in the end, they are at least happy; this is exactly the charm of this book! This also made Sun Shaoping’s ordinary life extraordinary, he met his confidant; however, how many people can find their true love in our real life, Shaoping’s love is worthy of our envy. Shao’an is portrayed so ordinary in this book. When he was young, he couldn’t get an education because he had no money. The relationship between him and Run Ye is so regrettable. yes! There is no romantic element in it, and everything Shaoan does is for this family; Shaoan is a shrewd and capable man with advanced thinking, and it is not surprising that he can make a fortune in the upsurge of reform and opening up; Rich, rich, with ups and downs. This is real life, only by giving can there be gains, and there will be losses if there are gains. This is where the ordinary world attracts our attention.

    In this book, both Shao’an and Shaoping are the protagonists, but compared with Shao’an, the author writes more about Shaoping; Shaoping’s experience is just a silhouette of the working people’s life. His experience has enriched his life, he received a high school education, and he would like to venture into the world by himself. His youth is full of passion! Shao’an’s life has no less twists and turns than Shaoping’s, and his youth is in a chaotic period. There is another person in the book, just like them, that is Run Ye. Run Ye is strong, and she is dedicated to feelings, which also means that she has to bear more pain. When Shaoan got married, she had no line of defense. She was ordinary. After being persuaded again and again by her elders, she still did not accept Li Xiangqian. Until Xiangqian lost her legs, her great love and selflessness were perfectly reflected. At that time, she also understood the existence of true love, and her life was sublimated.

    There are no ifs in life, their fate tells us that the fate of each of us is limited by the times. We can’t decide our own destiny, but we can make ourselves happy and make life worthwhile! It’s good to have lofty ideals, and it’s good to take an ordinary path, but life must have ideals and live meaningfully . This is a noisy and quiet life. Everyone who has a dream and chases it should review “The Ordinary World”. It will let you know that despite the injustice of fate and so many injustices in society, as long as you persevere, Hard work and courage will eventually lead to success, and at the same time teach people how to cherish.

    Lu Yao is teaching us to forget ourselves, selflessness makes life eternal, life should not be so selfish, we should make our life more valuable. He taught us to pursue an independent personality. Although people sometimes encounter loneliness, loneliness will make people grow; he also told us that as long as we recognize our ideals, we should face setbacks calmly.

    Li Bowen