Zhu Xinfa: Forging high-quality expressway projects with the heart of a craftsman

Zhu Xinfa: Forging high-quality expressway projects with the heart of a craftsman

  Reporter Wang Ruichao Intern Chen Wenzhuo

Recently, the Construction Trade Union of Shandong Province carried out the tree selection and publicity work of “Qilu Construction Craftsman New Luban” in the whole province. After applying for tree selection and other procedures, Zhu Xinfa, the Yantai Expressway Project of China Railway Tenth Bureau, won the honorary title of “Qilu Construction Craftsman” in 2022 .

Zhu Xinfa started working in August 2007. He is currently the construction director of Yantai Expressway Luderun Road Project of China Railway No. 10 Bureau and the leader of “Zhu Xinfa Innovation Studio”. After working for more than 16 years, he has endured hardships and stood hard work. He has moved to the north and south of the river and participated in more than 10 construction projects such as Zaolin Railway, Jiaozhou North Station, and Weilai High-speed Railway. He has obtained 4 utility model patents and 1 bureau-level construction method. , also won the honorary title of “Advanced Individual of Excellent Technical Talents” in Rugao City.

At the end of 2021, the Yantai City Expressway Luderun Road Project will start construction. This project is a key project opened in Yantai City within this year. After receiving the task of participating in the construction of Yantai Expressway, Zhu Xinfa quickly assembled a team and moved from Rugao to Yantai. “Starting work is decisive battle, starting is sprinting”. Faced with many difficulties such as large project volume, tight construction schedule, high financial pressure, complex underground pipelines, and heavy wind and snow in Yantai, Zhu Xinfa followed the construction organization idea of ​​”starting immediately if conditions permit, and building conditions if conditions do not exist”. The progress of the project, further clarifying the key points of work, controlling time nodes, solving problems and difficulties, focusing on key processes, leading the project team to continue to make breakthroughs, and fully promoting project quality and growth, in terms of project safety, quality, progress, and civilized construction. Leading the whole line, it created the first prefabricated girder pouring, the first cap beam pouring, and the first box girder erection records on the whole line, and achieved phased victories in project construction.

Zhu Xinfa uses the innovation studio as a platform and relies on labor competition to build the innovation studio into a “dream factory” that stimulates employees’ innovation potential and develops their talents. Since the establishment of the studio, he has led the innovation studio team to study, brainstorm, innovate, optimize the construction plan and construction technology, continuously promote the refinement of management, standardization of operation, and continuously improve the level of innovation and efficiency. Successfully applied for 4 utility model patents such as the underwater caisson formwork structure and the high-speed railway pier top protection device that is easy to disassemble and install, saving construction costs and improving construction efficiency for the project.

At work, Zhu Xinfa pays attention to the cultivation of young technical personnel, urges young employees to strengthen business knowledge learning, often uses the time of morning meetings to study and publicize company documents, and conveys the spirit of relevant company meetings. Relevant professional certificates. He strictly implements the system of mentoring apprentices, selects masters with a strong sense of responsibility and excellent professional skills to provide “pairing” guidance throughout the process, improves the professional level of young technical personnel, and helps young employees grow rapidly. Every time he inspects the construction site and sees young technicians, he always “sees the needles” and takes the initiative to communicate with them and carefully answer the problems they encounter. In life, in order to further enhance the sense of belonging of employees, he uses holidays to organize dinner parties and various interesting activities to mingle with employees. In addition, Zhu Xinfa pays attention to the spiritual construction of employees, actively adjusts the mentality of young employees, guides them to raise awareness, treats the pain and joy in real life objectively and rationally, educates them to combine theory with reality, start from small things, and start from small things. Start, seek truth and be realistic, take every step down-to-earth, and realize your life goals.