Party building leads the building of brand, founding the “red melting pot” of high-quality development of enterprises

Party building leads the building of brand, founding the “red melting pot” of high-quality development of enterprises

Handan news from Zhongyuan News Network (Peng Zongqiang and Zhao Long) Since the beginning of this year, Dashe Town, Fengfeng Mining District, Handan has continued to carry out the “Red Party Flag and Strong Enterprise” campaign, focusing on the formation of a non-public enterprise party building alliance. As a leading enterprise in an important industrial town, Huaxin Special Steel has continuously strengthened the overall command of the party committee, the leadership of the party building work, the demonstration leadership of party members, and the joint leadership of the party and the masses. With the brand of “four leaderships and six integrations” party building, it has made every effort to promote the company’s various tasks to achieve high-level quality development.

Integrating ideals and beliefs to create a “red flag furnace”

Adhering to the leadership of the party’s political construction, by building a “red flag furnace”, strengthening the ideals and beliefs of party members, educating all party members and cadres to strive to be pioneers and models in the new era, effectively consolidating the role of the branch’s fighting fortress. Give full play to the education and management of party members, strengthen theoretical study; standardize organizational life, promote the implementation of “three meetings and one lesson”; strengthen the education of party style and clean government; temper the cultivation of party spirit, etc., and the political theoretical quality of party members has been significantly improved. Carried out a series of special theme party day activities of “Love the Motherland, Love the Enterprise, and Love the Post” to stimulate the confidence of all cadres and workers to strive to be “practicers of patriotism and loyalty, models of loving and protecting enterprises, and demonstrators of loving and dedicated work” . On “July 1” in 2022, the district committee awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Party Organization” to the party branch of the ironworks, and the honorary title of “Excellent Communist Party Member” to Niu Liang.

Financial responsibility to build a “pioneer furnace”

Adhere to the demonstration and leadership of party members, and promote the high-quality development of various work of the enterprise by building a “pioneer furnace” and integrating responsibility into action. Give full play to the exemplary role of all party members and cadres in striving for excellence, ensuring safety, serving employees, leading development, and improving the environment, expanding advanced positions, strengthening the bond between cadres and the masses, adhering to the original intention of service, and practicing assistance and guidance. Take the lead in setting up the team for tackling difficulties and overcoming difficulties and the vanguard team for overhauling technical transformation party members, and regard the production line as an important platform for creating excellence and striving for excellence. Party members are always at the forefront of difficulties, adhering to the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties and being brave in dedication, based on their own positions, giving full play to the leading role of advanced models, and escorting the company’s safe production and unit economic operation.

Integrating safety production to create a “practical furnace”

Focusing on party building means focusing on productivity, insisting on transforming the advantages of party building and enterprise publicity into the advantages of enterprise production and development. Each party branch carried out the “five comparisons and one creation” activity of creating first-class grassroots party branches by comparing safety, indicators, skills, innovation, and style, and encouraged party members and cadres to take the lead in carrying out hidden danger investigation and management, risk classification management and control, main responsibility implementation, A series of party-day activities closely related to safety production, such as party member support and diagnosis, promoted the deep integration of enterprise party building and safety production. The company’s party committee carried out “hard work stove” labor competitions, party building class sharing with small classes, monthly theory + quarterly practical competitions, special emergency plan drills for safety production, and building safety and environmental protection painted walls in the factory area to enrich the safety and environmental protection cultural atmosphere and change employees’ thinking. Opening up the “last mile” of safe production has effectively improved the production safety of enterprises.

Integrating green and environmental protection to create a “low-carbon furnace”

Adhere to the concept of green development, always put the construction of environmental protection projects in the first place, carry out special rectification of leaks, emissions, drips and leaks, promote environmental protection culture into the team, build a green garden factory, and guide employees to firmly establish the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, so that the party building The work is embedded in the daily environmental protection work, so that party members can drive all employees to strive to be environmental protection guards.

Integrating innovation and creating efficiency to create a “smart stove”

Adhere to the drive of innovation, carry out personnel training with the idea of ​​”training party members into excellent talents and attracting excellent talents into the party organization”, set up special training courses for young employees and grass-roots team leaders, and incorporate courses related to party building and corporate culture into ” The compulsory courses of “Management Improvement Class” and “Chaoyang Class” improve the party spirit and comprehensive quality of front-line team leaders, professional supervisors, and technical backbones through the integration of party affairs knowledge, corporate culture and professional training; guide young employees to uphold professionalism, occupation, and dedication. Craftsman spirit, build a backbone team with excellent party spirit and excellent quality; carry out “five small” activities for employees, youth golden ideas, collection of rationalization suggestions, monthly selection of advanced teams, build employees’ “training platform” and “innovation platform”, and stimulate employees to innovate The initiative of the company has formed a good atmosphere where everyone loves innovation, knows innovation, and can innovate.

Convergence and joint development to create a “energy-concentrating furnace”

Party building leads to industry building, party building leads to group building, party-mass joint construction, and enterprise-local joint construction. Coordinated and built a red front for party-mass joint construction, held the “3.8 International Women’s Day” tea party, “Planting trees to add new greenery, party flags to add brilliance”, ” Lantern Festival Guessing Lantern Riddles”, “Love to Help the Poor, Wish to Claim” and other series of party-mass joint construction activities, and has donated 13 million yuan to help local epidemic prevention and control and rural revitalization. In particular, by holding special activities such as group birthday parties, outdoor fun sports games, post skill competitions, party members entering the team, and employee home visits, the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” has been normalized and institutionalized, and the distance between the party and the masses has been continuously narrowed. Stimulate the vitality of employees and make employees feel full of happiness and gain. At the same time, the company has continuously strengthened the establishment of a non-public enterprise party building alliance with more than 10 surrounding enterprises to promote resource sharing and joint development among enterprises.

Dashe Town will continue to do a good job in party building in non-public enterprises, guide enterprises to follow the general idea of ​​”focusing on party building around production, and doing a good job in party building to promote development”, and call on party members and cadres of enterprises to do their best and strive to be the first, and firmly insert the party flag in the first place of enterprise production Line, polish the “red melting pot” party building brand, realize the role of retaining people, gathering strength, uniting and forging ahead, and leading development.

Editor in charge: Wang Jieren