Zhongguang Outes 2022 national heating inspection founding “Zhongguang Quality”

Zhongguang Outes 2022 national heating inspection founding “Zhongguang Quality”

  Frozen clouds worry about the twilight, and the cold sun fades to the twilight.

  Recently, a sudden cold air hit, from the north to the south into the quick-freezing mode, and all parts of the country are about to enter the heating period. The annual Zhongguang Outes National Winter Heating Inspection is coming again.

  Take the lead in inspection

  Escort heating for users in winter

  As the guardian of a comfortable and warm life, in order to ensure the normal and stable operation of heating equipment during the heating season, and to keep users warm through the winter, the “big country brand” Zhongguang Outez has prepared for a rainy day and started a national heating inspection in early October this year.


Zhongguang Outes 2022 National Winter Heating Inspection Activities


  Ma Yong, director of the northern channel of Zhongguang Outes, said that the ultimate user experience is the “good recipe” for Zhongguang Outes to develop the heat pump market. Zhongguang’s annual inspection visits will be tailored to local conditions, and the unit system will be fine-tuned according to different regions and conditions. , so that the equipment runs more energy-efficient and the user is more comfortable to use.

  Zhongguang after-sales inspection is never a formality, but a real implementation, making the operation of equipment more standardized and safe. If there is a problem to solve, don’t delay or neglect; if there is no problem, keep it, don’t be proud or relax. Make standards a habit!

  Details determine success or failure. Every detail of the project is the focus of the inspection team’s assessment. We will strictly control every visible and invisible detail, and never let go of every detail. This is The requirements for Zhongguang itself are also a guarantee for users.


Zhongguang Outes 2022 National Winter Heating Inspection Activities


  This inspection is a close “combat” carried out by Zhongguang Outes and after-sales service personnel, engineering and technical personnel, salesmen and channel dealers from all over the country. It adopts the method of “big corps and small teams” to conduct a comprehensive inspection of various projects. check. This inspection is not only a “review” of the 2022 spring inspection work, but also a “physical examination” of the company’s operation status of various projects.

  More than 20 days of precise inspection

  Zhongguang performs warm “service at home”

  During the more than 20-day precise inspection, the Zhongguang Outes inspection team traveled thousands of kilometers, visited thousands of users, and traveled non-stop to various project sites.

  During the inspection process, the operation of the unit is inspected, the pipelines, valves, circuit electric control and other aspects of the unit are checked, relevant data is recorded, follow-up files are established, on-site rectification is timely and efficient, and a simple explanation of the main engine operation and maintenance is given to the user, so that It really understands and is familiar with the product and realizes barrier-free operation. For channel operators, inspection is also a process of heat pump professional knowledge and skills reserve, which can help them provide users with better services.

  The user said with emotion: “Seeing that you are so serious and responsible, I am even more convinced that it is a very lucky thing to entrust your company with the task of heating in winter. It is very reassuring to see the big from the small.”

  After completing the daily work, the Zhongguang inspection team will organize an inspection summary meeting to discuss the unsmooth links and implementation difficulties in the inspection process. At the same time, it summarizes the inspection experience and further optimizes the future inspection process in winter.


Zhongguang Outes 2022 National Winter Heating Inspection Activities


  At present, the Zhongguang inspection team is still in intensive action, and has completed Tangshan North District, Hebei Tangshan Fengrun District Qishuzhuang Middle School, PetroChina Tangshan No. 2 Gas Station, Tangshan Kaiping Comprehensive Vocational Technical School, and Quanta Vocational Skills Training School, Tangshan Luanqi 1403 Cultural and Creative Industry Base, Tangshan Fengrun District Wangguanying Middle School, Shandong China Mining Group Co., Ltd. (headquarters), Yantai Zhaoyuan City Zhangxing Town Zhangxing School, Yantai City Temporary Station (Jiuqu Mine) (Bus Station), Yantai Zhaoyuan Primary and Secondary School Comprehensive Practice School, Shandong Jielin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Second Factory, Cangzhou Lanting Homeland, Cangzhou Feifen Eye Health Conditioning Center (Harmony Store) and other places.

  Inspection “traditional”

  Become an indispensable service gene of Zhongguang

  As the old saying goes: “Those who spend great effort on ingenuity will surely work ingeniously and prepare for heavenly creations.” Only by adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, less eager for quick success and more down-to-earth, can we focus and last.

  Since 2016, Zhongguang’s national inspection activities have insisted on double inspections in spring and autumn every year. It has been carried out for 6 years and has become an indispensable gene of Zhongguang. It has also further opened up the “last mile” between users and enterprises. , become a model of service trusted by users.

  Good quality has always been something Zhongguang Outes insists on. Regardless of the size of the project, we strive to achieve the ultimate, and the inspection is a ruler, constantly improving the deficiencies of the equipment with strict standards, and serving the users Bringing better products and services is also the meaning of inspections.



Zhongguang Outes heat pump heating equipment

  “Make it difficult for yourself and achieve customers.” It is not only the service concept of Zhongguang Outes, but also the sonorous commitment to users during the inspection process. The 6-year persistence is only to present ingenious craftsmanship and assured quality to users.

  Warm service makes beauty continue to grow. It is the eternal pursuit of Zhongguang people to highlight the service quality with the spirit of craftsmanship, strive to achieve the ultimate in service, strictly control the quality, and create a beautiful and comfortable cooling and heating environment for users.

  Fast and Efficient Service

  The best choice for comfortable heating life

  At present, consumers are paying more and more attention to product performance and after-sales service. Enterprises need to provide high-quality services while providing users with good products. It can be said that the competition for users has become a competition for services.

  The national heating inspection activity is one of the links in the construction of the service system of Zhongguang Outes. Since 2016, Zhongguang Outes has insisted on double inspections in spring and autumn every year. It has established a pre-sales service supporting system based on 3000+ sales outlets across the country, opened a 7*24h service hotline, and built a diversified service system to further deepen Zhongguang’s The stickiness with users demonstrates the style of a big country brand with responsibility and responsibility.



Zhongguang Outes 360 Gold Medal Service

  According to a well-known channel provider in the industry, heat pump companies like Zhongguang Outes with high-quality business and service teams are rare in the industry. Many heat pump brands have only more than 10 teams in the entire north, but Zhongguang is only in North China. There are more than 100 business and service teams. Moreover, it took only 4 years for Zhongguang Outes to go from a small team of 5 people in North China to an elite team of 100 people. Whether it is comparing the industry or comparing itself, it can be seen that the construction of the service system of Zhongguang Outesis is developing at an accelerated pace.

  Compared with other heat pump brands in the industry, the Zhongguang team of such a scale is more admired than other heat pump brands. This also shows Zhongguang’s determination and perseverance in building a sound channel service system.

  In addition, the inspection work is also an important way for the Zhongguang Autodesk team to interact with users in a friendly manner, deeply understand market demand, and collect research data on the spot. While serving users well, it is also conducive to brands to understand channels and user needs more clearly. Understand the market situation through zero-distance communication with users.



Administrative Building of CGE Group Headquarters

  The value system of Zhongguang Outesis always puts users first, continuously innovates production technology, strictly controls product quality, and pays attention to details. After 16 years of development, the service team of Zhongguang has covered 16 provinces and cities in the north. In the future, Zhongguang will continue to improve the service system, improve the service level and service attitude, provide users with a better comfortable cooling and heating life experience, and contribute to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals as scheduled.