“One Hundred Million” presents ten thousand filmmakers to unite and fight to create record-breaking works today

“One Hundred Million” presents ten thousand filmmakers to unite and fight to create record-breaking works today

The documentary “One Hundred Million” is screened today! At the Golden Rooster Film Festival that just passed, the film “Changjin Lake” won two major awards for best feature film and best director. The documentary not only presents many behind-the-scenes stories of the magnificent epic production “Changjin Lake”, but also discloses many previously unexposed feature films for the first time, allowing the audience to see a more three-dimensional “Seventh Company of Hot-Blooded Steel”. By presenting the original appearance of the shooting process of this record-breaking film, the documentary shows the strict intentions and high-standard industrialization of the series of film production. At the premiere, there were comments from the audience: “I didn’t expect a documentary to be so immersive.” “I was moved by the ‘details’ flowing in such a huge production of “Changjin Lake”.” , Telling about my personal experience back then, the heroic and tenacious spirit of the ancestors will always inspire the majority of Chinese sons and daughters to forge ahead and cherish the hard-won happy life now!

  Unity and tenacity! “One Hundred Million” records the “battle” of filmmakers

The documentary “One Hundred Million” is released today! The film records the behind-the-scenes of the magnificent epic “Changjin Lake” series of films. It premiered at the Golden Rooster Film Festival before and received a lot of praise: “I still have more to say, and I can’t bear to leave. I didn’t expect a documentary to be so immersive. It makes people laugh.” There were tears.” “From the documentary, I once again felt why the “Changjin Lake” series of films are industrial-grade works, and I was moved by the ‘details’ flowing out of such a huge production.” The main creator also responded sincerely to the support of the audience. Yu Dong, the producer and chairman of Bona Film Group, said with emotion: “The film “Changjin Lake” is a milestone. Its production scale and industrial specifications are a big step forward. The shooting process has overcome many unimaginable difficulties. We Special thanks to the audience for their support, thank you for your full affirmation of “Changjin Lake” and this documentary.” Huang Jianxin, director producer and screenwriter of “Changjin Lake”, also said: “In this documentary, everyone finally sees the director. We have become ‘actors’. I am very grateful to see that everyone likes it.”

  Peace is precious!Veterans of the Volunteer Army remember the battlefield so far

In addition to showing the behind-the-scenes stories of the series of movies “Changjin Lake”, many real-life veterans of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea appeared in the documentary, telling the audience about their personal experiences and recalling those thrilling battles. Some viewers said: “Seeing these veterans burst into tears instantly, I salute you.” As Wang Shuzeng, the historical consultant of “Changjin Lake”, said: “There are such a group of outstanding Chinese sons and daughters who support the backbone of our nation. With them, our nation has hope. Although they fell in the ice and snow, many of them did not leave their names, but they are still the monument of our nation!” Wu Jing, the lead star of “Changjin Lake”, also said: “What we have done , is to shape those martyrs and heroes, let more people know about them, commemorate them, and cherish today’s hard-won beautiful life.” The unyielding will overcomes many difficulties, and finally presents this magnificent epic masterpiece. The real history is moving, and the deeds of heroes will always be in my heart. This passionate spirit will always inspire Chinese filmmakers and thousands of Chinese sons and daughters!