High-end, Intelligent and Green——New Observation on Industrial Transformation and Upgrading in Shandong

Shandong is one of the provinces with the most complete industrial categories in the country, with all 41 industrial categories. The reporter recently interviewed in various places in Shandong and found that from technological innovation to promote high-end equipment to continuously make new breakthroughs, to smart production lines entering traditional factories after digital transformation, and then to green becoming an increasingly bright background color in various industries, Shandong industry has previously The “stupid” and “heavy” “elephant economy” has gradually faded away, and high-end, intelligent, and green have become bright new business cards, providing more solid support for economic growth and high-quality development.

High-end to create a new temperament of the industry

Recently, a “Qiankun Circle” with a diameter of more than 15.6 meters and a weight of 155 tons was transported from Zhangqiu District, Jinan City to a coastal port in Shandong via expressway.

According to reports, this nuclear power support ring manufactured by Yilaite Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. has a circumference of nearly 50 meters long and is integrally formed. There are no welds to make it safer. It can carry a weight of 7,000 tons and does not need to be replaced for 60 years after it is installed.

Since the beginning of this year, Shandong’s high-end equipment manufacturing has frequently been brilliant. The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed EMU manufactured by CRRC Qingdao Sifang Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. arrived in Indonesia, and the first batch of deep-sea wild game large yellow croakers raised by Guoxin Group’s “Guoxin No. 1” 100,000-ton smart fishery large-scale farming ship was launched. , Weichai Power launched the world’s first diesel engine with a body thermal efficiency of 51.09%… Continuous breakthroughs in high-end equipment continue to polish the gold-lettered signboard of Shandong’s manufacturing industry.

The biggest driving force behind the high-end transformation is innovation, and innovation has also become the most frequently used keyword by many companies and government officials during interviews.

According to Zhang Haibo, director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Shandong has implemented the action plan to strengthen the province with advanced manufacturing, and has accelerated the creation of an advanced manufacturing center with global competitiveness. There are 23 manufacturing innovation centers; 67 national-level technology innovation demonstration enterprises, 54 quality benchmarks, and 43 industrial design centers, all of which rank among the top in the country.

Data show that in the first three quarters of this year, the added value of Shandong’s high-tech manufacturing industry above designated size and the new generation of information technology manufacturing industry increased by 15.1% and 9.4% year-on-year respectively, which were 9.8 and 4.1 percentage points higher than those of industries above designated size, continuing to play a leading role . Among them, the output of new energy vehicles, optoelectronic devices, monocrystalline silicon and other products increased by 282.8%, 68.8%, and 56.5% year-on-year respectively.

Intelligent activation of new momentum for development

In the server smart factory of Inspur Group, the intelligent locking robot assisted by the industrial Internet platform runs rapidly, and can automatically lock 130 screws in 8 minutes. The large screen in the workshop displays various production data in real time. The factory can also produce dozens of products at the same time, realize mass customization, and increase production efficiency by 30%.

“Inspur integrated its technical strength in the fields of enterprise digitalization, intelligence, 5G, and enterprise management software to build a server smart factory.” said Zou Qingzhong, chairman of Inspur Group. The layout of strategic businesses such as industrial Internet and application software serves the digital transformation of more manufacturing companies.

Many entrepreneurs interviewed said that for enterprises, digital transformation is no longer a “choice question”, but a “compulsory course” related to survival and long-term development. To this end, all parts of Shandong regard the industrial Internet as a key starting point, “build a platform” and “use a platform” as a two-wheel drive, and vigorously promote the upgrading of manufacturing to “smart manufacturing”.

Gao Fang, a first-level inspector of the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that aiming at the main directions of digitalization, networking, and intelligence, Shandong has deepened the integration and development of new-generation information technology and advanced manufacturing, and has cultivated four industries including Haier Kaos and Inspur Yunzhou. The number of national-level “double-span” industrial Internet platforms accounts for one-seventh of the country; the number of innovative application cases such as 5G and industrial Internet ranks among the top in the country, the integration index of industrialization and industrialization (115.9) ranks second in the country, and the industrial digitalization index (80.3) Ranked first in the country.

Greening to brighten the new background of development

In Penglai, Shandong, the first phase of Wanhua New Materials Low-Carbon Industrial Park with a total investment of 31.6 billion yuan is under construction. In the future, it will become Wanhua’s third-generation low-carbon or even zero-carbon high-end chemical new material industrial park. Wanhua Chemical Group, one of the top 30 global chemical companies, is the only chemical company in my country and one of the few in the world that owns independent intellectual property rights of isocyanate. From “single champion” to “zero-carbon chemical industry”, the change of Wanhua Chemical is a microcosm of the green transformation of Shandong’s manufacturing industry.

According to Zhang Haibo, Shandong firmly grasps the “bull nose” of the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, actively promotes the green development of the manufacturing industry, cultivates green and low-carbon carriers, and promotes carbon reduction in the manufacturing industry. Since the “13th Five-Year Plan”, the province has reduced steel production. Production capacity accounts for 12% of the country’s total production capacity, integrated transfer and phase-out of 31 million tons of oil refining capacity, reduction of 28 million tons of coking production capacity, shutdown of 3.21 million tons of illegal production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, withdrawal of bias ply tire production capacity of 22 million standard tires, chemical industry park Reduced from 199 to 84; implemented more than 100,000 technical transformation projects with an investment of more than 5 million yuan, and the cumulative energy consumption of industries above designated size decreased by more than 60%.

The level of energy saving and consumption reduction has been significantly improved through technological transformation in some traditional industries. In Shandong Donghua Technology Co., Ltd., after collecting electricity, heat, raw materials, waste and other data through sensors, identification analysis and other technologies, it can quickly locate the main source of carbon emissions and the key direction of carbon reduction. According to the person in charge of the company, this technical improvement measure can save 40 million kwh of electricity, 15,000 tons of standard coal and 39,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

At present, Shandong has 567 green manufacturing projects included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, including 223 “green factories”, ranking second in the country; 217 kinds of energy-saving technologies and equipment products have entered the national industrial energy-saving technologies and “Energy Efficiency Star” equipment product catalogues. .