Dongshan Precision New Energy Auto Parts Intelligent Manufacturing Center started construction

On November 18, the Dongshan Precision New Energy Auto Parts Intelligent Manufacturing Center in Qiandeng Town broke ground and started construction. Municipal Party Secretary Zhou Wei, Municipal Leader Shen Yiping, Dongshan Precision Group Chairman Yuan Yonggang and General Manager Yuan Yongfeng attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

Zhou Wei, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, congratulated Dongshan Precision New Energy Auto Parts Intelligent Manufacturing Center on the start of construction, and expressed his gratitude to people from all walks of life who have cared about and supported Kunshan’s economic and social development for a long time. In his speech, Zhou Wei said that Dongshan Precision’s choice of Kunshan and investment in Qiandeng is not only a “key move” to promote the company’s high-end, intelligent and green development, but also a reflection of the company’s business environment and development prospects in Kunshan. highly recognition. At present, Kunshan is deeply studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, resolutely shouldering the important task of “building a county-level demonstration of socialist modernization”, and inheriting and carrying forward the “dare to venture, try, be realistic, work hard, forge ahead, innovate and create excellence” “The spirit of the “Kunshan Road” in the new era, strive to be the first and be a good example in the new journey of socialist modernization. Kunshan will earnestly build a firmer foundation for industrial development, actively do a good job in strengthening chains, fixing chains and replenishing chains, and accelerate the construction of high-end equipment manufacturing industrial clusters with strong influence and competitiveness; and earnestly create a stronger atmosphere for innovation and development. Vigorously support enterprises to increase investment in research and development, accelerate the introduction of talents, accelerate the transformation of achievements, and fully promote the deep integration of industrial chains, innovation chains, and talent chains; effectively create a better environment for enterprise development, and continue to polish “Kun Ruyi” business Serve the brand, improve the all-factor guarantee, the whole process service, and the all-weather response mechanism, and strive to promote the early completion, early operation and early effect of the project. It is hoped that Dongshan Precision and Kunshan will deepen cooperation and make efforts in the same direction, promote more high-quality projects to be deployed in Kunshan, attract more partners to join Kunshan, share development opportunities, and create a better future together.

Yuan Yonggang said in his speech that the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has injected new vitality into Dongshan Precision’s traditional manufacturing industry and provided new momentum for future growth. The company has strong technology and has achieved great breakthroughs in new products and new technologies in the field of new energy auto parts in a short period of time, which makes us confident and capable of recreating a “Dongshan” on the new track precision”. In the hot land of Kunshan, Dongshan Precision will follow the layout of the industry’s highest starting point, actively build a one-stop, fully supporting upstream and downstream industrial chain of the industry, and further attract other well-known auto parts companies to settle in Kunshan.

“We will ensure the fast construction and early commissioning of the Dongshan Precision Project with services that combine temperature and speed.”

Qin Weixi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Qiandeng Town, said that he will strive to attract, build and put into operation a number of major industrial projects, and promote the industrial output value above the designated size to reach a new level of 100 billion yuan by 2025. At the commencement ceremony, our city issued “five certificates” to the Dongshan Precision New Energy Auto Parts Intelligent Manufacturing Center project.

As an outstanding representative of private enterprises in Suzhou, Dongshan Precision has been deeply involved in emerging industries such as new energy and electronic communications. It has become a leading precision manufacturing company in the country by refining its technology, products and brands. Dongshan Precision New Energy Auto Parts Intelligent Manufacturing Center project has a total investment of 2 billion yuan. The first phase is expected to be completed in May 2023. After the project is put into production, the annual output value is expected to exceed 5 billion yuan, which will accelerate the formation of 30 billion-level new energy vehicles in Qiandeng Town Parts industry cluster.