Goodwife smart lock, flexible technology casts diamond-level home security

Goodwife smart lock, flexible technology casts diamond-level home security

The safest place is often the most dangerous place. Some lawbreakers use the carelessness of residents to carry out criminal activities. Therefore, home safety protection has been put forward higher requirements. At the same time, as the face value of the portal, the design of Iron General has also attracted the attention of consumers. The safe and good-looking smart lock has become a favorite in the eyes of consumers. Among many brand products, Goodwife V86MAX smart lock stands out and is chosen by many families to enter the home. Let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

  One stop, live recognition

Goodwife V86MAX smart lock adopts 3D structured light face unlocking technology. Within the recognition distance of 0.4-0.8 meters and the recognition height of 1.2-2.2 meters, it only takes 0.5 seconds to unlock instantly. As the saying goes, “the smarter, the simpler”. It is extremely friendly to the family members who carry two bags, no need to bend down to put and pick up the objects, one step into the door, save time and effort, and make going home 100% elegant.

This unlocking technology is so advanced that only real people can be identified and unlocked, and photos and videos are not allowed, which directly cuts off the possibility of stealing information to enter the home, gives users sufficient security guarantees, and builds security confidence.

  Hard core components, double the safety

With enough software technology and enough hardware equipment, the V86MAX smart lock has double insurance for safety. In addition to the 3D structured light face unlocking technology, it also uses a new generation of self-developed automatic lock body, a new lock body structure and system, and high bearing capacity. Pressing, static unlocking, turning safety into silent care.

AES algorithm key encryption, Alibaba cloud ID2 communication data encryption and other 7 major security encryption settings, covering algorithm, communication, data, storage, transmission and other aspects; dual-core dual system, front and rear systems run independently, fast and safe, it can be seen that a good wife Full of heart.

  161° super wide-angle cat’s eye, 4-inch IPS high-definition color screen

Goodwife V86MAX smart lock has upgraded the cat’s eye of the same series, so that the viewing angle of the camera can reach 161°, which can clearly see the situation at the door and even the entire corridor, rejecting visual blind spots, and ensuring the safety of opening the door. Moreover, no matter whether the visitor is tall or short, it can be accurately locked.

The door is equipped with a 4-inch IPS high-definition color screen, a 5H high-definition tempered glass panel, durable and anti-scratch, clear picture quality, dignified atmosphere, full sense of technology and security. A few streets away from competing products.

  9 warnings, 5 concerns

9 intelligent warnings, such as detection and capture warnings and anti-test warnings, protect the safety of your home and family online 24 hours a day. When there are children in the family, I often live alone at home during winter and summer vacations. With the good wife V86MAX smart lock standing guard, parents can go to work with peace of mind, and children can stay at home safely.

The flexible technology features of the V86MAX smart lock are not only reflected in the smart warning, but also in the details of daily care, such as opening the door silently when you go home late at night, intercom with changing voice, and caring news push for family members who have not returned home in time, all of which reflect the uniqueness of Iron General. Tenderness and warmth.

In terms of security, Good Wife V86MAX smart lock is impeccable, showing care in details and full marks for user experience. A good company makes craftsman products, and we look forward to the company being able to produce more high-tech products like V86MAX smart locks to serve consumers.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang