The new plant of Liyuan Technology (Zhaoqing) die-casting project will be put into use next month

At the beginning of the year, Guangdong Liyuan Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Liyuan Technology”), located in Nan’an Street, Gaoyao District, fell into a situation of “demand exceeding supply”.
Wuling New Energy Automobile, one of the customers, proposed to sign a supply demand of 40,000 auto parts. However, due to the limited production capacity of the plant, Liyuan Technology can only accept half of the order, and it can’t wait to see that “fat water has flowed to outsiders” “.
Capital increase and production expansion are imminent! Under the service of Gaoyao District Committee and District Government, Liyuan Technology’s new energy vehicle aluminum alloy parts production project was quickly put on the agenda.
On December 14th, when the second factory of Liyuan Technology will be put into operation next year, Long Guangxiao, the manager of the administrative department, introduced excitedly: “At that time, there will be 400 CNC (numerical control machining centers) and 40 die-casting machines from 500T to 4000T. Taiwan. If operating at full capacity, the annual output value will exceed 1 billion.”
At the end of March, the land bidding and auction was completed; in April, it only took one week from the application for “double capacity and double commitment” access to the signing of the letter of commitment; in May, the exploration and design were completed…
“In order to seize the construction period, we contacted the district administrative service center late at night to track the progress of the certificate processing, and the docking staff often responded in seconds.” Recalling the experience of dealing with the administrative service center, Huang Zhenfeng, general manager of Liyuan Technology, and Long Guangxiao, manager of the administrative department Compliments.
In recent years, Gaoyao District has established a special class for district project approval and acceptance services in accordance with the “Zhaoqing City Deepening Industrial Investment Project “Double Capacities and Double Commitments” Reform Implementation Plan”, to coordinate and coordinate the district’s industrial project approval agency services, and coordinate and solve projects. The implementation involves the issue of approval and acceptance agency, and promotes the implementation of “double capacity and double commitment”.
According to the “Plan”, Gaoyao explored a set of visual “double capacity and double commitment” operation process to improve the operability of the plan, focus on solving the problem of long time for enterprise approval, further optimize the business environment, effectively improve the efficiency of administrative approval, and promote The project can start quickly, build quickly, put into production quickly, and get results quickly.