9000T die casting machine off the assembly line!Yizumi Super Heavy Duty Die Casting Machine Workshop officially put into operation

On December 15th, the “Digital Factory & Heavy Die Casting Workshop Commissioning Ceremony” of Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory was held in Shunde, Foshan. Government leaders, industry experts, suppliers and media representatives were invited to attend this event to share the latest developments in the equipment industry. Smart factories and ultra-heavy die-casting machine workshops will jointly explore the road of connection between Yizumi’s advanced molding and digitalization.

As a leading enterprise in the field of compression molding equipment in China, Yizumi faced the challenge and dared to invest huge sums of money to expand production at the “doorstep” under the background of great downward pressure on the global economy, which shows that the company is optimistic about the prospects of economic development and Recognition of the business environment and firm confidence in the company’s stable development.

At the scene, Mr. Zhen Ronghui, chairman and general manager of Yizumi Co., Ltd., said: “The third factory of Yizumi Wusha has invested more than 2 billion yuan in total. The new project will create a ‘benchmark’ of digital and intelligent factories to help enterprises transform. Upgrading, doubling production capacity, and realizing the strategic goal of ‘recreating a Yizumi’ as soon as possible.”

Incubate high-end intelligent equipment industrial clusters to achieve the goal of “recreating a Yizumi”

Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory, which broke ground in May 2021, has carried the mission of the company’s transformation and upgrading and industrial layout adjustment, and also shouldered the important task of deep integration of Yizumi’s new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology.

It is reported that Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory is located in Shunde Wusha High-tech Industrial Park, covering an area of ​​268 acres, with a construction area of ​​260,000 square meters. Its commissioning can be said to be another “giant” project of Shunde’s equipment manufacturing industry. The landing is also another deepening of Yizumi’s strategic layout.

Under the global operation, Yizumi’s production bases are located at home and abroad. As of the end of 2021, Yizumi has four injection molding machine production bases, namely Shunde Wusha No. 1 Factory, Shunde Wusha No. 2 Factory, Suzhou Wujiang Factory and India Factory. The monthly total of injection molding machines of various specifications in the four factories is The output exceeds 1000 units.

In October 2022, the first phase of Yizumi’s new plant in India will be put into operation. After the new plant reaches full capacity, it will be able to produce 2,000 injection molding machines per year, with a maximum clamping force of 4,000T. After Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Plant is put into operation, it is expected to add an annual production capacity of 2.5 billion to Yizumi’s injection molding machine product line.

Zhen Ronghui said, “In the future, Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory will work with other factories to build a high-end intelligent equipment industrial cluster integrating the company headquarters, production base, industrial Internet, overall solution for molding and molding, and an incubation platform.”

Currently, Yizumi has set up subsidiaries and R&D centers in Germany, and its service centers are located in major countries and economies around the world. With the commissioning of Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory, the layout of the global industrial chain has been further completed, and its production capacity will exceed 7 billion yuan. Yizumi strives to achieve the goal of “creating another Yizumi” in about 3-5 years.

Super-heavy die-casting machine plant was completed and put into production, making a strong move into the field of “integrated” large-scale die-casting

In recent years, new energy vehicles and “integrated die casting” have become the focus of the industry. The “integrated die-casting process” stands out because of its advantages in light weight, environmental protection, and cost. The die-casting industry has once again ushered in technological subversion and entered the “big die-casting era”, followed by comprehensive equipment innovation.

Yizumi is market-oriented and pays attention to customer needs, develops new products in an intense and orderly manner, and continues to expand to super-large tonnage after the “leap-forward” breakthrough in LEAP series technology. This year, Yizumi launched LEAP6000-9000 super-large series die-casting machines Meet the needs of large-scale integrated die-casting parts, and promote the application and popularization of integrated die-casting parts. Following the successful launch of the 7000T ultra-heavy-duty die-casting machine in May this year, the 9000T ultra-heavy-duty die-casting machine has also been assembled and debugged on site.

A few days ago, Yizumi LEAP series ultra-large die-casting machines have reached in-depth cooperation with FAW, Changan and other vehicle manufacturing “national teams”. In order to better meet the needs of “integrated die-casting” for new energy vehicles, Yizumi started the construction of an ultra-heavy die-casting machine plant at the beginning of this year, and it will be completed and put into production in the near future.

It is understood that Yizumi’s ultra-heavy-duty die-casting machine workshop completed this time is the first super-heavy-duty die-casting machine workshop in China. The plant is located in Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory, covering a total area of ​​about 23,000 square meters. It has an annual production capacity of 100 large and super-large die-casting machines, and the newly added production capacity exceeds 1 billion yuan.

In order to better meet the production and assembly needs of super-large die-casting machines, Yizumi’s super-heavy-duty die-casting machine workshop has made an advanced layout in terms of plant height and span. The assembly of the 10,000-ton ultra-large die-casting machine will help Yizumi become a leading enterprise in the field of “integrated die-casting”.

“Smart Factory” breaks through the digital transformation, and the wave of smart manufacturing meets the “diversified” needs of the global market

At present, the wave of the digital economy has come, and digital and intelligent transformation is no longer an elective course for enterprises, but a compulsory course related to the survival and long-term development of enterprises.

So, what is the difference between Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory and the company’s previous factories? At the scene, Zhen Ronghui said in an interview with the media that Yizumi Wusha No. 3 Factory mainly produces high-precision servo energy-saving injection molding machines. smart factory.

“In the past, the equipment manufacturing industry was a traditional operation mode, which was a stand-alone production mode.” Zhen Ronghui introduced, “Now, we will break through the traditional practice, based on the advanced modern lean concept, and adopt the full assembly line production operation mode in the automobile industry to produce Intelligent equipment machines.”

At the same time, Yizumi Wusha Third Factory has built a large number of intelligent production lines such as FMS flexible manufacturing system, intelligent central storage system, robot automatic spraying system, and automated in-plant logistics system, equipped with intelligent equipment and modern industrial software technology. Integrating digital technology into the entire machine production process including order, product design, configuration, production, logistics, final assembly, delivery, etc., it will meet the needs of the global market through “intelligent manufacturing”.

Zhen Ronghui emphasized: “The significance of the transparent factory does not lie entirely in ‘transparency’, but in the intelligence contained in it. Yizumi Smart Factory is expected to take 3-5 years to build it into a real transparent factory and data management factory. .It will drive business with data and achieve the goal of fewer people, which will greatly enhance the company’s core competitive advantage.”