Hebei Baoding Jinggong Mold invested 100 million yuan to lay out a large-scale integrated die-casting mold manufacturing project

Recently, news has been obtained from Baoding Jinggong Automobile Mold Technology Co., Ltd. (BEM) (referred to as “Jinggong Mold”) that Jinggong Mold has successively invested 100 million yuan since April 2022 for the purchase of large-scale integrated die-casting mold equipment and assembly workshop renovation.

In the early stage, Jinggong Mold has invested 80 million yuan for the purchase of large-scale CNC equipment. This batch of equipment includes 7 large-scale five-axis machining centers, 8 large-scale three-axis gantry machine tools, and some medium-sized high-speed finishing equipment. These equipment will be installed and debugged in the factory from December 2022 to February 2023. After the installation and commissioning are completed, all key components of the mold cores supporting Seiko Mold’s integrated mold will be 100% self-made to ensure that the mold development cycle is controlled and the quality is stable.

In addition, the company also invested 20 million yuan to implement the foundation and crane transformation of the assembly workshop, and equipped with a 1000T mold clamping machine and a 160T crane. In order to achieve closed-loop quality management, the project simultaneously plans to establish a material laboratory for 100% original testing capability of the main cavity material to ensure stable quality of mold mass production. It is expected that the entire transformation project will be completed in early May 2023, and it is ready for mass production.

The relevant person in charge of Jinggong Mold said that this investment project will help the company expand the development capacity of super-large molds above 6000T, and will further consolidate and enhance the company’s industry position in the field of large-scale integrated die-casting mold development.

It is understood that Jinggong Mold is a large-scale comprehensive mold company with leading technology in China, which can provide customers with a variety of composite material lightweight mold products and services. The company has three independent factories in China, with 1,100 employees and an annual mold output value of 800 million yuan. Among them, the die-casting mold factory rebuilt and expanded this time is one of the top 10 die-casting mold enterprises in China, with 260 employees and an annual output value of 200 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in the research, development, design and manufacture of high-pressure casting molds for auto parts.

Jinggong Mold has always been adhering to the business philosophy of “concentration, perfection, perseverance, and making molds with heart”. Over the years, it has been deeply involved in the field of high-pressure casting subdivision technology, and has developed more than 1,000 sets of large-scale molds. It has accumulated rich positive development experience and can assist Customers optimize and shape products in the early stage, and improve product pass rate and pace in the later stage, strive to improve customer competitiveness, and pursue a win-win situation with customers. Through the expansion of the project, it will further enhance the advantages of Seiko Mold, and provide customers with mold products and services with better performance and higher cost performance.