Chinese die-casting enterprises have made major breakthroughs in semi-solid rheomorphic technology

A major breakthrough has been made in semi-solid rheological die-casting technology. Recently, Zhuhai Runxingtai Electric Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Zhuhai Runxingtai Company”), with the help of its long-term research results and unique technology in semi-solid rheological deformation, achieved a draft angle of 0.5° and a height of 96mm , Under the condition of no ejection boss, the industry’s thinnest cooling tooth of 0.8mm is realized.

Zhuhai Runxingtai Co., Ltd. applied semi-solid technology and successfully solved the extreme design of the component such as high, thin, special-shaped, no ejection boss, and the industry difficulties such as tooth surface forming, internal compactness, and dimensional accuracy of the complex large-scale heat dissipation shell. The product weight of this component is 9.6kg, and its size is (length×width×height) 761.6mm×400mm×118.5mm. It has been applied in batches to a 5G base station product of an overseas customer, with a pass rate of 95%, bringing great benefits to the customer Competitive advantage, highly appreciated by customers.

Zhuhai Runxingtai Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in semi-solid technology research in my country. In recent years, the company has continued to invest in the six key technologies of alloy materials, digital simulation, mold technology, equipment technology, pulping technology, and die-casting technology in semi-solid rheological deformation technology, and has carried out a large number of technical research and application promotion work. A series of research results have been achieved, successfully solving the industry pain points of lightweight and high-performance die-casting products for customers, leading the continuous development of semi-solid rheological deformation technology in the industry, and its semi-solid metal rheological deformation technology level has reached International leading level.

Zhuhai Runxingtai Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and production of precision forming technology for die-casting structural parts of light alloy materials. The company has die-casting material development, mold design and manufacturing, high-pressure die-casting, high-vacuum Die-casting, semi-solid die-casting, precision CNC machining, friction stir welding, sheet metal stamping, surface treatment, product assembly and other processes are complete, providing customers with one-stop solutions. Products are widely used in high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing fields such as new energy, automobiles, 4G/5G communications, numerical control equipment, and general machinery.