The 11th China Die Casting, Squeeze Casting, Semi-solid Processing Annual Conference

1Conference organizer

Foundry Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

China Ordnance Society Material Science and Technology Professional Committee

Plastic Engineering Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

“Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys” magazine(Wuhan)

2Conference organizer

“Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys” magazine(Wuhan)

3conference co-organizers

Suzhou Sanji Foundry Equipment Co., Ltd.

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Hefei University of Technology

Anhui Foundry Society

Suzhou Die Casting Technology Association

Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association

Jiangsu Foundry Society

4conference support unit

Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Foundry Association

Chongqing Foundry Association

Guangdong Foundry/Die Casting Society

China Foundry Industry Network

FSCMultinational Foundry Procurement Platform

Die Casting Weekly

Zhongzhu Technology

Chinese die casting

The first die-casting mesh

China Die Casting Network

Die casting industry

5meeting place

Hilton Hefei

(Shengli Road, Hefei City198No)

Driving route:

(1) Hefei Station approx.2.3km, approx.10Yuan.

(2) Hefei South Railway Station approx.13.5km, approx.20Yuan.

(3) Shimbashi Airport Approx.44km, approx.70Yuan.

6, meeting time

2023February 17-20day

7meeting agenda

11moon4Day: check in all day

11moon5Day: Opening Ceremony, Group Photo of the Conference, All-day Conference Report

11moon6Day: General meeting report in the morning and session report in the afternoon

(Die-casting and light non-ferrous alloy sub-venue; squeeze casting sub-venue; heavy non-ferrous alloy and composite material sub-venue; semi-solid processing and forming sub-venue; new energy vehicle and large structural parts integration sub-venue;)

11moon7Day: visit the enterprise in the morning, the meeting ends in the afternoon

(Visit Ma’anshan Sanji Light Alloy Forming Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Yaming Auto Parts Co., Ltd., NIO Auto)

8meeting fee standard

(1)Conference fees

official representative 2400Yuan/people,

[Remittanceaccount:”SpecialCastingandNonferrousAlloys”Magazine(Wuhan)3202001019200631620Business Office of ICBC Wuhan Jiangan Sub-branch]

(2) accommodation fee

①Deluxe single room:390Yuan/(room · day)(Breakfast included); ②Deluxe Standard Room:390Yuan/(room · day)(with breakfast)

Delegates please scan the QR code below to book hotels directly.

9Sponsorship display and information release

Enterprises are welcome to sponsor this conference. The specific benefits include but are not limited to: conference co-organizers, advertisements in conference journals, number of free participants, arrangement of conference reports, etc.

exhibit:5000Yuan (one table and two chairs provided, free of charge for one person)

Information Release:15000Yuan (Conference report20minutes, free of charge for two persons);8000Yuan (thematic venue,15minutes, free of charge for one person)

10,contact details

“Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys” Magazine (Wuhan)

Address: Jiangda Road, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City26No

post code:430019

Telephone:027-85486024 85358206


email:[email protected]

For online submission, please visit our website:

Conference sponsorship, information release

Li Wanzhong:13797077395

Liu Chenhui:18086469556

Media cooperation, on-site display

Jiang Shan:13797103637

Paper Submission

Peng Jin:15307150216