The 5th Qingdao International Industry Fair in 2023

The 5th Qingdao International Industry Fair in 2023

2023year8moon18-20day Qingdao World Expo City (Qingdao West Coast New Area)


organizer: China Machinery Industry Federation

Shandong Academy of Industry and Information Technology

Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.

organizer:Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Qingdao West Coast New Area is the first approved by the State Council9A national-level new area, located in the Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone and the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, in the core area between the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Yangtze River Delta metropolitan areas, is the main sea passage along the Yellow River Basin and an important east of the Eurasian Continental Bridge endpoint. The west coast of Qingdao has a strong industrial foundation, and has formed six industrial clusters worth 100 billion yuan, including port shipping, petrochemicals, home appliances and electronics, marine engineering, automobiles and parts, and machinery. It is an important advanced manufacturing base and a cluster of emerging marine industries in my country. Area.

20235The Qingdao International Industry Fair will be held in8moon18-20The day was held in Qingdao World Expo City, West Coast New Area, Qingdao, co-sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, Shandong Provincial Institute of Industry and Information Technology, and Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.With the theme of “Green Industry and Intelligent Future”, it will focus on CNC machine tools, laser sheet metal processing, industrial automation, industrial robots, power transmission and control technology, industrial Internet, foundry machinery, castings/Casting materials, green factory solutions and other high-end technical equipment, focus on high-end equipment, display innovative, green, and intelligent new achievements, and promote the deep integration of real industries with the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence.The expected exhibition area of ​​this expo120,000square meters, and there will be30More than one supporting forum and meeting will be held at the same time, and there will be more than100,000Professional visitors came to visit and purchase.

As a professional and international industry event, Qingdao Industrial Fair focuses on high-end equipment, brings more than a thousand brand exhibitors, promotes the development of high-end equipment, and strives to build a trading platform in the manufacturing industry to help build a manufacturing power.


opening ceremony



Move-in time



Exhibition time



Move-out time



The expo will set up CNC machine tools, laser sheet metal processing equipment, industrial automation, industrial robots, power transmission and control technology, industrial Internet, foundry machinery, castings/Foundry materials, green factory solutions and other exhibition areas

Concurrent activities

2023 Shandong Province Green Technology Transformation and Intelligent Technology Transformation Development Forum

2023 Shandong Automotive Industry Intelligent Technical Transformation Equipment Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference

2023 Shandong Nonferrous Metal Die Casting Technology Forum

2023 China Rail Transit Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

2023 Industrial Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Development Forum

2023 Shandong Animal Husbandry Machinery Industry Series Activities

2023 Chemical Equipment Industry Development Forum and Purchasing Matchmaking Meeting

2023 Shandong Smart Sign Industry Conference

2023 New Technology and New Product Purchasing Demand One-to-One Meeting

2023 Shandong Equipment Manufacturing Industry-University-Research Series Thematic Matchmaking Conference

2023 Shandong Industrial Internet Summit

2023 Qingdao Industry FairC2MCustomized matchmaking on demand

2023 Shandong Casting Procurement Conference

2023 Shandong Green Manufacturing Development and Green Factory Creation Summit Forum

visit/organizational policy

→Professional buyers/audience4More than one person can enjoy the pick-up service of Qingdao West Railway Station of the organizing committee

→Key industrial clusters/User base, the organizing committee arranges a shuttle bus

→The organizing committee has continued7Implement buyer subsidy policy every year, bring your own shuttle bus 25 People) to enterprises or organizations that will visit and purchase500-2000 Fuel subsidy ranging from RMB (subsidy available on site).

direct invitation

The organizing committee relies on years of experience in organizing audiences and the existing database of professional buyers1,250,000Yu Tiao, make full use of the company’s market call center department to comprehensively and quickly conduct classified invitations for professional visitors to ensure high-quality professional visitors.

Exhibition promotion

Exhibition and320More than industry and user media strategic cooperation publicity, and through Baidu, Toutiao, Tencent,360high-speed cross-bridge advertisements, high-speed rail advertisements, elevator advertisements, etc. to promote the exhibition in an all-round way.

Industrial clusters

In key industrial clusters and bases, the organizing committee will focus on publicity and promotion, release outdoor billboards, visit tickets and invitation letters to the door, and set up special personnel to be responsible for local publicity and buyer organizations, so as to truly invite professional buyers Put it into practice.


Give full play to various industry associations/Advantages of the Chamber of Commerce, organizing member units to organize visits and purchases.


Booth Charges:

Standard Booth (3mx3m)


Overseas enterprises


Hardcover standard booth (3mx3m)


Overseas enterprises


Special display area (18㎡ minimum rent)


Overseas enterprises



1. Basic configuration of standard booth: 3m×3m booth (including three side panels, one fascia board, one table and two chairs, two spotlights, 220V power socket);

2. Basic configuration of Jingbiao booth: 3m×3m booth (including hardcover standard booth, cloth advertising lintel, carpet, one table and two chairs, lintel spotlight, booth spotlight, 220V power socket);

3. Special exhibition area: without any supporting facilities, designed and decorated by the exhibitors themselves or entrusted.

Technical exchanges, special lectures

During the exhibition, the organizer will organize several technical exchange meetings to expand enterprise technical exchanges and economic and trade cooperation. All units can sign up and apply for the event. Please decide on the theme of the exchange and fax it to the organizing committee together with the application form. The organizer provides the venue, lighting, lecture tables, seats, mineral water, audio, whiteboards, projectors, etc.

Fees: 8,000 yuan (RMB) per session (limited to 3 hours) in a conference room.

Advertising charges:

gold sponsor

Catalog back cover

Proceedings Cover 2/title page

Journal cover three

Catalog color page






ID advertisement

lanyard advertisement

water injection channel flag

Inkjet advertising

Audience gift sponsorship







Shandong Xinchenghua Exhibition Co., Ltd.



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Address of the Organizing Committee: North District, University Science and Technology Park, High-tech Zone, Jinan CityGseat

Exhibition Address: Sansha Road, West Coast New District, Qingdao3399No