Ingenuity casts high-quality art, Baisui Mountain meets Hainan Island International Film Festival

Ingenuity casts high-quality art, Baisui Mountain meets Hainan Island International Film Festival

  Live for the light, walk with the shadow. After a brief postponement, on December 17th, the 4th Hainan Island International Film Festival finally opened in Sanya! The “Golden Coconut Award” launched by the Hainan Island International Film Festival this year is sponsored by China Central Radio and Television. 11 feature films, 8 feature films and 10 short films from 26 countries and regions were shortlisted. Fight, star-studded.


  At four o’clock in the afternoon on the 17th, facing the coconut wind, this feast of light and shadow kicked off. Stars gathered on the red carpet at the opening ceremony, including representatives of old artists such as Zhao Yazhi, Ge You, Wang Jingchun, and Yin Xiaotian, as well as new ecological forces such as Du Jiang, Jin Han, Chen Duling, Zhou Bichang, Liang Jingkang, and Yu Chengen. The creators of You Are Safe Dapeng, Song Qian, Wang Shengdi, Ni Hongjie, Pan Fulong and others also appeared on the scene. Many outstanding filmmakers gathered together to participate in the artistic feast of filmmakers.


  As the official designated water of this year’s film festival, the aristocratic Baisui Mountain in the water has already been in place, opening up a “road of ingenuity” in the red carpet area, and witnessing the highlight moments of film art with many outstanding filmmakers.


  In recent years, affected by the epidemic, the literary and artistic industry headed by films has been hit hard. Many literary and artistic projects have been put on hold, and domestic and foreign exchanges have also tended to be conservative. The arrival of the Hainan Island International Film Festival as scheduled is also in line with the situation. Hold high the banner of open communication. Among them, the Hainan Island International Film Festival is the only officially designated drinking water, and the national brand Baisui Mountain actively responds to international policies, vigorously supports the development of sports and literature and art industries, and contributes its own strength. It has also won the recognition and trust of consumers at home and abroad with its truly high-quality natural mineral water.


  Why can Baisui Mountain stand out from many mineral water brands and become a “water nobleman” widely recognized by domestic and foreign events and ceremonies? The reason is because of the high standards and strict requirements of Baisui Mountain on its own water source and its brand concept of continuous advancement. Baisui Mountain has several excellent water sources, one of which is located in the Luofu Mountains Nature Reserve, which has rare high-quality mineral water sources. The water quality is naturally pure, pollution-free, and sweet. It is known as a high-quality, natural mineral spring Water, containing potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and other mineral elements, is a rare natural mineral water with high metasilicate.


  At the Hainan International Film Festival, we saw many excellent actors and outstanding film and television artists. They are extremely talented, but they did not succeed at the beginning. They still need to polish themselves carefully behind the scenes and put in more effort than ordinary people , to stand out from it. The same is true for making water. Having high-quality mineral water does not mean that water companies can sit back and relax. In order to ensure the quality of drinking natural mineral water, Baisuishan has invested a lot of money and always adheres to the absolute high standard of quality control. The most advanced German Krones production line is equipped with HUSKY bottle preform injection molding equipment from Canada, SACMI bottle cap equipment from Italy, and ABC Abis air compressor equipment from Spain. From acquisition to production, every link adopts the industry’s top equipment, retain the original taste of the water source as much as possible, and ensure the highest quality of the product.

  As the first mineral water brand to go abroad, up to now, Baisui Mountain’s real natural mineral water has been sold to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Germany, Russia, Italy, Japan, Spain, etc., creating a Chinese water company going overseas The largest territory in the world makes the Chinese mineral water brand stand firm among the international brands.

  The current Hainan Island International Film Festival will last from December 18th to 25th. Hundreds of excellent films will successively pass the “Starlight Premiere”, “Asian New Generation”, “Film Festival Selection”, “The End of the World”, “Pearls and Shells”, “Focus on Classics” “The six major screening units will be screened. In addition, 7 forums and master class exchange activities will be held to discuss the current situation of the film industry with outstanding filmmakers and fans at home and abroad, focusing on the latest developments in global film and the sustainable development of the film industry.


  Taste coconut wind and sea charm, watch light and shadow fleeting years, and drink noble quality. This winter, filmmakers gathered on Hainan Island to light the way forward with love. As an old friend, Baisui Mountain will also stick to the original intention of using water to make every generation healthy, pay tribute to art with quality, and cheer for art ingenuity. Help the domestic and foreign film industry to flourish.