Xusheng Co., Ltd.’s Beilun “Start construction after land acquisition” project can achieve an annual output of 1.2 million sets of key components for lightweight vehicles

A few days ago, the BL(ZB) 21-03-44c plot of Beilun Chaiqiao Lingang New Material Industrial Park was officially handed over to Ningbo Xusheng Group Co., Ltd., the executive director unit of China Foundry Association; on December 20, Beilun District Development and Reform Bureau approved The department completed the simulated approval conversion procedure and completed the filing for the project. This marks the official landing of the first “land acquisition and start-up project” in Beilun District.

The reporter learned that the “starting construction after land acquisition” project is divided into three stages, specifically referring to signing a substantive investment agreement “before signing the contract” to ensure “land and other projects”; , Simulated approval work of various departments; 20 days from “delisting to before the start of construction” to complete the simulated approval conversion procedure and apply for a construction permit.

In the second half of this year, Xusheng Group signed a cooperation agreement with the Beilun District Government to invest in new projects in Beilun. The total investment of the new project is 98.8662 million US dollars, and the planned new building area is 102,265.3 square meters. It is equipped with 250 sets (sets) of production and testing equipment such as automatic high-speed blanking machine chamfering machine, pretreatment production line, and processing center. After the project is completed, it can realize Annual output of 1.2 million sets of key components for lightweight vehicles.

For the project party, high-speed and landing means faster production and occupation of the market for the enterprise.

In order to “grab” time for project construction and enterprise development, and achieve early start, early production, and early results, Beilun officially issued a work plan to promote the “land acquisition and start construction” mode of key industrial investment projects at the end of May this year, ensuring that “contract From listing to listing” and “from delisting to start of construction”, the whole process should not exceed 80 days to maximize the benefits of land use.

As a key industrial investment project in the region, “Obtain the land and start construction”, according to the original plan, Xusheng’s annual production of 1.2 million sets of key components for lightweight vehicles must be approved in a simulated parallel connection before the public transfer of land. For this reason, after the signing of the project, Beilun immediately set up a special team to follow up, implement dedicated caring services, and explore the adoption of “corporate commitment, offline tolerance, online supplement, mock approval” and other models, even on October 14 When Beilun was hit by the COVID-19 epidemic on October 1, the staff in the special class insisted on the goal of “grasping with both hands” and “doing nothing wrong” with the prevention and control of the epidemic and the project construction, and completed the simulation approval of the project approval stage on the day of project submission.

Subsequently, the Development and Reform Bureau of Beilun District continued to follow up the progress of the project and assisted the enterprise in the procedures of submitting the planning and design proposal for approval. Standard ground” agreement.

The “escort” of this series of innovative measures has greatly shortened the processing time of the project-related business compared with the conventional process, reduced the project time cost, and truly realized the goal of “starting construction immediately after obtaining the land”. “Next, we will speed up and go all out to promote the project construction, and strive to put it into production as soon as possible.” The person in charge of the project said.