See good people in Yu丨Yuan Yuqing and his wife: Use a promise to cast sincerity in the world

See good people in Yu丨Yuan Yuqing and his wife: Use a promise to cast sincerity in the world

  Recently, the China Good People List for the third quarter of 2022 was released. Yuan Yuqing and Cheng Xiuyu from Hebi were honored to be on the list as honest and trustworthy good people. On December 27, the reporter interviewed Yuan Yuqing and his wife. The couple’s speech was not fast, and the first impression was that they were loyal: “It’s only natural to pay back the debt. I didn’t expect to give us a prize. I’m a little embarrassed.”

  “We have to pay back this money even if we sell it.”

  Many years ago, Yuan Yuqing, who used to work in a flour processing factory in Qi County, opened a flour agency on the advice of others.


  “Yuan Yuqing and Cheng Xiuyu are both honest and honest people. They are usually very enthusiastic, and the villagers trust them.” Zhang Hongbiao, a villager in Zhongshanjie Village, was full of admiration when he mentioned the couple. At that time, Zhang Hongbiao, like many fellow villagers, saved the grain at the consignment point of Yuan Yuqing and his wife. The reputation of honesty has made the business of the consignment point more and more prosperous, and there are more than 2,000 grain storage households at most.

  In September 2016, out of trust in the flour processing factory she cooperated with, Cheng Xiuyu successively deposited the grain stored in her own warehouse to the flour processing factory. Unexpectedly, the food was taken away, but the flour was often not delivered.

  Something may have happened! Thinking of this, Yuan Yuqing and his wife hurried to the flour processing factory to inquire about the situation. When the flour was not delivered, they went to the market to buy flour out of their own pockets and exchanged it for urgent villagers.

  Not long after, the flour mill became insolvent and declared bankruptcy. Not only did Yuan Yuqing and his wife fail to earn any money, but the grain worth 489,000 yuan stored in the flour processing factory was also in vain. Villagers came to them one after another asking for flour or money.

  “Everyone trusts us when they come to store food, so we must pay back the money.” Yuan Yuqing and his wife made up their minds, “The folks have stored food in our consignment point, and we have to pay back the money!”

  “Debts must be repaid, integrity must not be lost”

  “Our whole family is united as one, and our son and daughter-in-law also help us repay our debts.” Yuan Yuqing and his wife picked up the worn-out old ledger and recalled the past.

  In order to repay the money, Yuan Yuqing and his wife also opened a pig farm, and all the income from selling pigs was used to repay the debts of the villagers who had difficulties in their families and urgently needed money. Not long after, the pig farm was demolished, and they used the compensation for the demolition to repay the debt.

  In order to repay the remaining debts, Yuan Yuqing began to do odd jobs, and his son Yuan Zhiqiang went to Xinjiang to work to earn money to pay off the debts. In times of emergency, they borrow money from relatives to pay off their debts. Relatives in the family borrowed it almost once. The house at home has long been dilapidated. When it rains, it rains heavily outside and light rains in the house, making it a dilapidated house. But they only wanted to pay off the debt as soon as possible, and they didn’t even repair their own house.

  Jia Jianping, a villager in Zhongshanjie Village, told the reporter: “I had saved more than 1,000 catties of grain for the honesty of Yuan Yuqing and his wife. After learning what happened to them, I never asked for it.” Cleared the debt.

  Some creditors lost their grain deposit slips, and Cheng Xiuyu and his wife took out the accounts to check and repay them in full. In Zhongshanjie Village, many villagers who used to store food saw Yuan Yuqing and his wife stick to their integrity and actively repay their debts, so they stopped pressing them for debts. “The money can be paid back later, and everyone will not take the initiative to ask for it.”

  In 2021, Cheng Xiuyu’s old house was demolished and remodeled, and more than 100,000 yuan in compensation was allocated. The family borrowed part of the money from relatives and friends, and paid off the debt in one go. Some villagers said: “You are also victims. You can pay back the money later, and you will not take the initiative.” Cheng Xiuyu replied firmly: “No, the debt must be repaid, and the integrity must not be lost!”

  “No matter who mentions Yuan Yuqing and his wife, they are full of praise. They paid off nearly 500,000 yuan in arrears in four and a half years, setting a good example for the villagers.” Speaking of Yuan Yuqing and his wife, Party branch secretary and village committee of Zhongshanjie Village Director Xu Fuchun gave a thumbs up.