Ingenuity casting! Walk into the “most beautiful station” of Jilai high-speed railway – Xueye Station!

Ingenuity casting! Walk into the “most beautiful station” of Jilai high-speed railway – Xueye Station!

After seeing the Laiwu North Station of the Jilin-Laiwu High-speed Railway, today let us walk into another high-profile high-speed railway station in Laiwu District—Xueye Station. In the construction of Ji-Lai high-speed railway station buildings and comprehensive supporting projects, the builders carefully designed and constructed carefully, and used ingenuity to build Xueye Station, which is known as the most beautiful station on the entire Ji-Lai high-speed railway line.

Xueye Station is located in the north of Xueye Tourist Area, Laiwu District, Jinan City, about 1 km away from Xueye Lake. It only takes 14 minutes to take the high-speed rail from Licheng Station to Xueye Station at the fastest.

The surrounding area of ​​Xueye Station has beautiful natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. Xueye Station extracts the features of the surrounding natural landscape in the design to realize the perfect integration of architecture and nature. The roof of the station house is shaped like rolling mountains and ripples on the surface of Xueye Lake, presenting a rhythmic, light and agile image as a whole.

The interior of the station building is spacious and bright, with an elegant style. The decoration also incorporates the “Mountain and Water Artistic Conception” into it. The 27-meter-long and 3.6-meter-high mural depicts the superior natural ecological environment around Xueye Lake, reflecting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature and the green environment. Water and green mountains are the concept of Jinshan Yinshan.

The construction of Xueye Station embodies ingenuity everywhere. Even the isolation pier in the square in front of the station has been carefully designed. The shape is derived from the traditional ritual vessel jade cong. Fusion design with Spring City characteristics.

The construction of the square in front of the station makes full use of the natural landscape around the station building and combines the characteristics of the terrain, and extends the square in front of the station across Xueye Lake Road to the south side to the mountain, so that the square in front of the station and the mountain landscape are “stitched” together, becoming a new “South American” business card.

The Ji-Lai high-speed railway is about to open to traffic. Scenic spots and hotels around Xueye Lake have prepared various discounts and promotions. Some villages are also planning to develop homestay tourism. We look forward to the high-speed railway injecting new momentum into the development of local tourism.