How does Lantu Dreamer cast a safety line? Just look at the structure and materials

How does Lantu Dreamer cast a safety line? Just look at the structure and materials

We often see on TV news that many celebrities will choose a nanny car when they travel. After all, these models can really take care of you properly like a nanny during travel. Most nanny cars are MPV models. Features such as multi-function and large space are the advantages of MPV, which are difficult for SUVs to do.

Safety is an issue that we are emphasizing every day. The basic necessities of life must revolve around safety. When it comes to travel, safety is the most important thing. In recent years, people’s attention to car safety has continued to rise, and car manufacturers have also invested a lot of manpower and material resources to improve the safety capabilities of cars. Among the common cars, MPV models either bring their families with them, or sit on some VIP characters. These are some very important passengers, and MPV models must also provide sufficient safety protection. For MPV models, its single-box structure determines that this type of model is difficult to arrange in terms of safety, and many MPVs will not reach a high level of safety. It wasn’t until the appearance of Lantu Dreamer that I broke my view that MPV models were not safe enough.

  The 100km/h rear-end test sees the real chapter

As we all know, the passengers sitting in the back row of MPV models are either your family members or those VIPs, so the rear protection of an MPV model is very important. However, my country’s protection standards for rear-end collisions are not high. Some MPV models are not even equipped with corresponding rear anti-collision beams. The rear protection capabilities of these models are relatively poor. If these important people sit in the back row of this MPV, will you feel relieved?

Lantu Dreamer challenged the 100km/h rear-end test this time, and the difficulty is actually very high. First of all, limited by the structure of MPV models, there are not many energy-absorbing areas at the rear of the car. It is necessary to ensure sufficient strength in a collision to leave enough living space for passengers. The speed of this collision is also very high. The rear car will rear-end the rear row of the Dreamer at a speed of 100km/h. The kinetic energy that can be generated has far exceeded our common C-NCAP frontal collision. The strength of the rear makes a high demand. In the crash test, ensuring the safety of passengers is the ultimate goal, and high requirements are placed on the strength of the vehicle’s seat frame, seat belts, airbags and other components.

After experiencing this violent rear-end collision, the body of Lantu Dreamer did not undergo serious deformation, the seating space of the third-row passengers was not squeezed, and the rear passengers were effectively protected. After entering the car, the seat has no obvious deformation, and the headrest can also avoid the whiplash injury caused by the collision to the passengers. The seat belt is in a locked state, which effectively restricts the movement trajectory of passengers and avoids collisions with objects in the car. At this time, the Lantu Dreamer, the door is automatically unlocked after the collision, and both the passengers in the car and the rescuers outside the car can easily open the door. It can be said that Lantu Dreamer has shown us extremely high safety in this crash test and provided the ultimate protection for passengers.

  How does Lantu Dreamer build a security line of defense?

The passive safety of a car is a complex project. Lantu Dreamer has such an outstanding performance in the crash test that it needs to work hard on the structure and materials. The high-strength steel of the dreamer’s body accounts for 70%, and the thermoformed steel accounts for 23.6%. The TRB+Patch composite structure thermoformed A-pillar is the world’s first of Lantu’s dreamer. The door anti-collision beam of 2000MPa aluminum-silicon coating material It is even more advanced in the car. Through the use of ultra-high-strength steel, not only the strength of the body can be improved, but also a good lightweight effect can be achieved.

Lantu Dreamer is developed based on super 5-star safety standards, coupled with strong body strength, not only allows Lantu Dreamer to maintain structural integrity in the rear-end collision test, but also the roof can withstand the roof compressive strength of about 5 times the weight of the car , can be said to be a safety model of MPV models.

As a new energy vehicle, the protection of the battery is also a problem, and Dreamer has also carried out a comprehensive protection design here. The most feared thing about batteries is fire and combustion, and the management of thermal runaway after battery collision is also a worldwide problem. In order to prevent the battery from being damaged in a collision, Dreamer uses a high-strength aluminum alloy frame and multiple ribs to form a battery case protection, and a 1500MPa thermoformed battery pack lower guard plate, which can effectively break down the collision pressure. Even if it is subjected to a large collision impact, the battery can be effectively protected.

The air quality in the car has gradually attracted people’s attention, and Lantu Dreamer is also remarkable in terms of environmental protection and health. Through the use of environmentally friendly materials, the generation of toxic and harmful substances is reduced. The leather and textiles in the car have passed the OEKO-TEX baby-grade skin-friendly certification, which is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also the materials and workmanship have reached the top level of the same class.

Lantu Dreamer, as a luxury new energy MPV model, not only has a higher overall quality than some million-level luxury MPVs, but also sets a new benchmark for MPV models in terms of safety. Lantu Dreamer’s efforts in safety are obvious to all, and the rear-end test that exceeds international standards also proves this point. Friends who want to buy a nanny car should not miss it.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang