[Answer Sheet 2022 Dongying District Propaganda]Cultural, literary and artistic boutique casting

[Answer Sheet 2022 Dongying District Propaganda]Cultural, literary and artistic boutique casting

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The journey is strong and the wind is strong

Another year of forging ahead

The pointer of time is about to pull to 2023

Staring at the fading 2022

Dongying District Propaganda Culture System

Under the strong leadership of the district committee

Focus on the center and serve the overall situation

Innovate and work hard, strive for first-class work

In welcoming the propaganda and implementation of the Party’s 20th National Congress

Integrity and Innovation

Play a role in writing a new chapter of the times

hold high the banner of thought

Tell a good development story

Carry forward the mainstream value

Gather a new era and a new journey

High-quality development majestic force

Below, let us review the wonderful moments of propaganda and ideological work in 2022!


  Breakthrough in National Literary and Art Awards

The radio drama “Watching the Yellow River Estuary” jointly created by Dongying District and Shandong Provincial Radio and Television Station won the Excellent Work Award of the 16th “Five One Project” of spiritual civilization construction. A historic breakthrough in literary and art awards.


  Yanhuang Folk Song Art Exhibition was successfully held

Undertake the opening ceremony of the 15th Shandong International Popular Art Festival and the 2022 China Folk Song Art Exhibition in Nine Provinces along the Yellow River. The matchmaking meeting for literary and artistic talents at different levels will become the most important cultural exchange activity in the Yellow River Basin in 2022.


  The revitalization of Lv Opera takes a solid step

Solicit and launch the brand logo of Dongying District’s “Hometown of Lv Opera Culture”, create a Yanqing Luyun theme park, and start the business card of “Hometown of Lv Opera Culture”. The school-based curriculum standardization project of “Lv Opera Entering Campus” was launched, and the school-based teaching material “Lv Opera Inheritance” was compiled. Nearly 5,000 children in 13 pilot schools in the district benefited from Lv Opera art education. Created the first modern large-scale Lv opera “Oil City Zhuangge” since the establishment of the district, created “Love Return” and “Hua Baqing” and other fine small plays and carried out 28 tour performances. The title of the group program “Little Plum Blossom in Opera”.


  Highlights of literary and artistic creations emerge frequently

The reportage “Millions of Great Relocations” was published on the headline of “People’s Literature”, and the book “Dajiaoji” was selected as a key literary and artistic topic selection project for the “14th Five-Year Plan” in Shandong Province and a key literary and artistic creation project for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Our district recommended original works, and won 3 first prizes, 1 second prize, 3 third prizes and 3 literary creation awards in the selection of the 10th Yellow River Estuary Literature and Art Awards. The original songs “Yellow River Estuary, My Father and Mother” and “Yellow River Estuary, My Beautiful Homeland” won the first prize and the third prize in the music category of the Dongying Social Art Group New Creation Competition. Excellent music works with the theme of oil field integration and fighting the epidemic have emerged, such as “One Dream” and “Together”.


  Increased cultural policy support

Carry out the declaration of cultural support projects in Dongying District, select 7 cultural stars of Dongying District, 10 most beautiful literary and artistic groups, and 20 literary and artistic masterpieces, and provide special financial support. The district’s finances allocated special funds to support the revitalization of Lv Opera and promote the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture.


  Innovation and development of handmade engineering in Shandong

Adhere to both inheritance, protection and transformation and development, formulate the “nine ones” measures to promote Shandong handmade projects, organize and hold 15 “Jimei” intangible cultural heritage night markets and 5 exhibitions and publicity activities. The first in the city to carry out the collection and selection of special souvenirs for “Lvyun Yellow River Estuary Gifts Dongying District”, 10 handmade products were selected as Dongying District special souvenirs; 25 works were recommended to participate in provincial competitions, and 1 won the provincial competition Excellence Award. Create a hand-made development carrier, promote Shandong hand-made into the new era of civilized practice centers, supermarkets, and scenic spots, cultivate and build 4 hand-made clusters such as Qianjin New Village SOHO Cultural and Creative Block, and Wenhui Street Slow Life Intangible Cultural Heritage Block was successfully selected as “National Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourist Block”.

Editor: Wei Xinpei