Obtained the MTBF 80,000-hour certification Luoshi robot foundry industry quality benchmark

Obtained the MTBF 80,000-hour certification Luoshi robot foundry industry quality benchmark

The order of the year is updated, and news of success is frequent. Recently, Luoshi Robot successfully broke through the 80,000-hour certification of MTBF average trouble-free running time, becoming the first and only brand manufacturer in China to pass the MTBF evaluation of the national authoritative evaluation organization-China Software Evaluation Center, and reach this high degree of reliability. .

  Why is MTBF so important?

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), the average time between failures, reflects the ability of a product to maintain functionality within a specified time. The higher the MTBF index, the fewer failures within the corresponding time, which means the better the overall stability and reliability of the product. For users, choosing high-reliability products means lower downtime and maintenance losses, which is conducive to achieving better economic benefits and enhancing corporate competitiveness. Therefore, in the fields of military industry, communication, aviation and robotics, reliability is one of the core indicators of products that users are most concerned about.

Compared with the evaluation method of the accelerated test, the Luoshi robot adopted a more stringent and more difficult method of actual measurement. After numerous tests under extreme working conditions, it finally passed the evaluation of the China Software Evaluation Center and obtained reliability certification. Certificate. This not only means that Luoshi has obtained the real national standard certification, but also an important proof that Luoshi insists on excellent quality.

  Behind the MTBF 80,000-hour certification

On the surface, the MTBF80,000-hour certification is just a technical indicator of product reliability, but behind it lies the development concept of Luoshi Robotics, which is customer-centered and quality-based. The world’s four major research and development centers independently master the underlying core technology, and incorporate reliability into it from the product development stage, and carry out digital design and continuous optimization of robot products under multiple constraints, including thermodynamic simulation analysis, reliability test verification, etc., Continue to cast excellent quality products.

The annual production capacity exceeds 50,000 sets of intelligent manufacturing future factories. The whole factory adopts digital and intelligent design, creating a top-level supply chain, production, and quality control system. Strict quality inspection of incoming materials, 10 million times of cable bending, 120 hours of uninterrupted factory testing, extreme testing of high temperature and high humidity harsh working conditions, as well as EU CE certification, Chinese CR certification, American UL certification, Korean KCs certification, IP67 protection level Certification and a series of international industry authoritative certifications, Luoshi strictly controls every quality pass to ensure that every robot delivered to customers is equally reliable and efficient.

From taking the lead in passing the evaluation of the China Software Evaluation Center and obtaining the first “Industrial Robot Product Reliability Test Certificate” to today’s MTBF trouble-free running time of 80,000 hours, Luoshi Robot relies on strong technological innovation capabilities, product research and development systems and The quality management system has continuously strengthened the industry benchmark of “reliability” and “stability” of products, and achieved today’s global quality standards. Its business covers more than 100 regions such as Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, and CIS.

With the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures, the world is entering the post-epidemic era. Although there will still be many variables, no matter how drastic changes in the industry, the road of innovation iteration and quality improvement of Luoshi Robot will never stop. In the new year, Luoshi Robot will continue to devote itself to the wave of the era of leapfrog development of China’s intelligent manufacturing with enthusiasm, and continue to escort the creation of customer value with rock-solid products and high-quality and efficient services.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang