Deeply plowing unmanned intelligent scientific research, Hengzhi created intelligent car wash casting patent barriers

Deeply plowing unmanned intelligent scientific research, Hengzhi created intelligent car wash casting patent barriers

For smart car washing, technology is an absolute productivity. Hengzhi’s creation of smart car wash benefits from the practical application of technology in the smart car wash industry. It insists on investing heavily in technology research and development and self-built supply chain, and establishes a technology research institute with 150 million yuan to raise the threshold of intelligent technology application.

Figure | Hengzhi creates a smart factory

The operation and maintenance system Turing, which has been independently developed by Hengzhi for smart car washing for three years, realizes the full digital connection between smart factories, store terminals and middle-end operations, and provides strong support for the standardization of smart scenarios and 100% safe operation for Hengzhi. Strong background support and guarantee. On the basis of the original smart factory, Hengzhi created a smart car wash to add 2 more unmanned production lines, using the latest technology in the industry to truly realize the “black light factory”. Relying on the Turing system, Hengzhi created a smart monthly production capacity of 500 units, and at the same time added 15,000 square meters of storage space.

Figure | Hengzhi Creation Test R&D CenterFigure | Hengzhi Creation Test R&D Center

In terms of safety, Hengzhi creates a smart car wash with an intelligent safety system, which has high-precision pedestrian and obstacle detection. Once a danger is detected, it will stop moving. It will also use image recognition technology to identify the structure of the vehicle to avoid accidents during the car wash process. Protruding parts such as the rearview mirror and the spare tire are damaged.

The number of stations exceeds 3,000, covering 138 cities

As of April 2022, Hengzhi Creation Intelligence has covered 138 cities across the country, with more than 3,000 directly-operated stores, covering auto service stores, gas stations, office buildings, supermarkets, and parking lots, and has served more than 15 million users in total. User satisfaction is as high as 99.3%.

Figure | Hengzhi creates many partnersFigure | Hengzhi creates many partners

More than 200 patents have been obtained, accounting for 80 patents

Hengzhi Chuangzhi has obtained more than 200 patents, including 80 invention patents and more than 40 patents related to automatic driving, and has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise. In addition, Hengzhi Creation Intelligence has also passed many certifications such as enterprise AAA credit, ISO50001 energy management system, ISO27001 safety management system and ISO20000 information technology service management system.

Figure | Hengzhi creation patent certificate and part of the certification displayFigure | Hengzhi creation patent certificate and part of the certification display

As a leader in the field of unmanned smart cars, Hengzhi Creation is equipped with an ECO washing control system in order to achieve precise learning, and has a unique machine learning algorithm. The more times of the same model and the same car, the more accurate the data records and the cleaner the washing. Hengzhi created a smart car wash that successfully made a safer, more efficient, and more convenient clean car model a possibility, and the technical barriers it established are also the future of the smart unmanned car wash industry.

Figure | Hengzhi Create Operation and Maintenance CenterFigure | Hengzhi Create Operation and Maintenance Center

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