Having been deeply involved in the printing industry for 20 years, Hanyin has built a national brand with “innovation + professionalism”

Having been deeply involved in the printing industry for 20 years, Hanyin has built a national brand with “innovation + professionalism”

The year 2022 that has just passed is indescribable and unforgettable. The impact of the epidemic environment, the macroeconomic downturn, and consumer confidence have been frustrated. Many enterprises sank in the whirlpool and failed to survive the cold winter of the market. And some companies seem to have the energy of “time is quiet and good”. Even if the general environment is affected, their revenue still grows against the trend and shows strong resilience. Among them, there is a domestic printing head brand, a specialized and new “little giant” enterprise-Hanyin.

Looking back at the development history of Hanyin is actually the development history of China’s printing industry. In the course of twenty years of enterprise development, Hanyin started from the core component of the Internet of Things terminal equipment – the thermal printer core, and now it has become an industry leader in printing solutions covering household, industrial and commercial fields. The practice of “professional + innovative” corporate values. This is also the value code behind Hanyin’s ability to lead the domestic printing revolution and realize the evergreen enterprise.

  Professionalism is the foundation of Hanyin’s survival

Professional, that is, to focus on the core business of the enterprise, and have the ability of specialized production, service and cooperation. In today’s increasingly fierce competition, many enterprises blindly expand multiple businesses for the so-called “increment”, but they do not know that “specialization” is the first quality that enterprises should possess for survival. Diversified business may be suitable for large enterprises, but it is certainly not suitable for most small and medium-sized enterprises. The limited resource capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises determines that they must develop in depth in small fields, and only by being “specialized” can they have core competitiveness, product premium capabilities, and profitability in subdivided fields.

Since the establishment of the company, Hanyin has always focused on the research and development of printing professional technology and the precipitation of printing solutions, stripping away redundancy and focusing on breakthroughs. In the process of research and development for many years, Hanyin has gradually broken through the blockade of foreign printing technology and mastered the core technology through repeated polishing of basic skills. Today, Hanyin has independent intellectual property rights for printing, its own patented technology, and a specialized printing production base. In the field of face sheet printing, Hanyin has the ability to formulate industry standards, and is a veritable industry “lighthouse” in the printing field.

  Innovation is the key to the development of Hanyin

Professionalism focuses on field focus, while innovation focuses on enterprise “differentiation”. Since the implementation of the national “manufacturing power strategy”, the manufacturing industry is moving from “three lows and one weak” to “three highs and one strong”, among which technological innovation is the key to development. Enterprises should have the awareness and ability of continuous innovation, and be able to transform innovative solutions into real products, solve key core technical problems that are stuck, and realize high-tech products.

In the dimension of innovation, Hanyin has always guaranteed high R&D investment in the field of printing innovation, and has formulated and established a supply chain system for scientific and technological talents. While breaking through the technical blockade of foreign brands, Hanyin has formed a technological innovation system for the printer industry—applied for more than 840 patents, reached strategic cooperation with a number of authoritative scientific research institutes, and has more than 300 high-quality scientific research personnel. Today, Hanyin products sell well in more than 60 countries around the world, with more than 120 well-known partners.

More than ten years ago, the printing core technology was monopolized by foreign printing giants. Today, Chinese printing brands represented by Hanyin have ranked among the forefront of the global printing industry, reshaping the printing market structure. Behind this is the result of Hanyin closely following the essence of professional and innovative development. As an evergreen brand in the domestic printing industry, Hanyin has provided a growth model for China’s printing industry and even China’s manufacturing industry, and has also brought China’s goal of printing globalization one step closer.

(Source: New Vision)

Editor in charge: Sun Qingyang