Zezhou County Jiayu Foundry carried out safety production warning education activities

Zezhou County Jiayu Foundry carried out safety production warning education activities

  With the end of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival holidays, the epidemic situation has improved, and employees have begun to return to work one after another. In order to do a good job in resuming work and production, recently, Jiayu Foundry organized employees to carry out safety production warning education activities, so as to make a good start and start for the production work in the new year.


  At the event site, the company organized its employees to watch the safety warning education film, and held a big discussion on “explaining from their own experience”, continuously compacting the main responsibility of the company, and continuously improving the company’s safety production management level.

  Remind the main person in charge of each department to implement the main responsibility, carry out production activities in an orderly manner, and do a good job in safe production. Comprehensively carry out hidden danger investigation and rectification, and fully implement the emergency duty duty system. Use the “whistleblower” system to carry out hidden danger clearance operations, conduct major inspections of enterprise facilities for production safety, provide safety training for employees, and resolutely prevent production safety accidents.

  Daji Town Emergency Management Center

  Director Jin Haoliang pointed out

  One is to attach great importance to and fully understand the importance of doing a good job in current safety production work.It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the situation, always keep a clear head, and take the principle of “obeying the safety production law as the first responsible person” as the principle, with a sense of responsibility and a sense of crisis, strict and strict, cautious and careful, detailed and realistic Do a good job in the current safety production work;

  The second is to act quickly and comprehensively carry out inspections on the resumption of production and production safety.It is necessary to focus on key links and people in key positions, and strictly carry out special law enforcement inspections for safe resumption of work and production;

  The third is to strengthen responsibilities to ensure that safety supervision responsibilities are fulfilled.Conscientiously fulfill the work requirements for safe production, earnestly implement the responsibility for safe production to the head and post, and comprehensively weave a dense production safety prevention and control network.

  Source | Zezhou County Federation of Trade Unions

  Editor | Shu Nan

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