[Racing against time to fight for the economy]Yuzhang Street, East Lake District, strives for “three breakthroughs” and creates a “new engine” for economic development

[Racing against time to fight for the economy]Yuzhang Street, East Lake District, strives for “three breakthroughs” and creates a “new engine” for economic development

In order to implement the task requirements of the city’s “projects first, hard work, and race against time” and the district’s meeting spirit of “projects first, vigorously attacking difficulties”, Yuzhang Street, Donghu District mobilized the whole street to further unify their thinking and build consensus. Boost your spirits, be motivated, race against time to grasp development, do everything possible to stabilize growth, and take the “three breakthroughs” as the starting point to fully promote the economic development of Yuzhang Street into a new stage.

  To grasp the project as a breakthrough, to promote the transformation of industrial agglomeration.Project construction is the booster and ballast stone of industrial development, and it should be effective in project construction and industrial development. On the one hand, around Gandian Power Center, 0728 project, Huiming Plaza and other major key projects in 2023, arrange the “timetable”, determine the “responsibility statement”, refine the “combat map”, and use project construction as the driving force to promote modern services On the other hand, focusing on a number of high-quality parks and gazelle enterprises such as Yuzhang No. 1 Cultural Industry Park and Tianxie Technology, we will accelerate the gathering of digital economy enterprises in Yuzhang, promote the integrated development of the digital economy and the real economy, and deepen The “Internet +” action will improve the professional level of the productive service industry and accelerate the development and transformation of the digital economy industry.

  Focus on attracting investment as a breakthrough, and continue to enhance the momentum of development.Attracting investment is the lifeline and source of living water for economic work, and practical measures must be taken in attracting investment and attracting big and strong. On the one hand, relying on the existing industrial parks, it is necessary to attract digital integration and software information companies to settle in and form a digital cloud in Yuzhang; it is necessary to support the existing key projects to promote the entry of big brands and new business types, so that the industry can develop The whole chain, on the scale. On the other hand, innovate the work methods and methods of investment promotion, rely on the large enterprises in the jurisdiction, promote business invitation, rely on enterprises to attract enterprises; play the role of chamber of commerce as a bridge for the development of Yuzhang; increase business training for economic cadres, improve Professional level of investment promotion services.

  Create a high-quality business environment with excellent service as a breakthrough.The business environment is the touchstone and barometer of economic development, and efforts must be made to optimize services and improve work style. On the one hand, it is necessary to continuously optimize service awareness, continuously improve service efficiency, and continuously improve service skills, and provide the best quality service for the enterprise with a proactive and sincere attitude, become the “mother’s family” of the enterprise, and do a good job in the “intimate heart” of the enterprise. People”, solve problems for enterprises, make suggestions, and “get closer and closer” with enterprises. On the other hand, we must continue to improve our work style, say no to “fear of slowness and falsehood”, and say no to “frivolous people”. “Clear” political and business relations, so that enterprises have a sense of belonging, gain, and satisfaction.

In the new era, there must be new actions, and new actions require new responsibilities. Yuzhang Sub-district will promote economic construction to speed up and achieve real results with its hard work, daring to be the first, overcoming difficulties, and long-term tenacity. Striving to be the “main force” in the development of East Lake!