Ordinary posts have the courage to take on the new era

  Little sparks, converging into a torch, this is China’s power. The Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics were successfully held; Shenzhou 13, 14, and 15 took off in relay, and China’s space station was fully completed; the first C919 large aircraft was officially delivered; Baihetan Hydropower Station was fully put into operation…all of this Behind it, there are the hard work of the event staff and volunteers, the astronauts interpreting “especially able to endure hardship, especially able to fight, especially able to tackle key problems, and especially able to contribute” with practical actions, and there are craftsmen from big countries who “pursue excellence and strive for excellence”. There is also the drive of the project builders to work hard and compare pennies and pennies. The “Five Hundreds” event not only showed a vivid picture of a group of figures of the times, but also paid tribute to countless ordinary people who have silently dedicated themselves to the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.

  Happiness comes from struggle, which is the most important “success code” for Endeavor China. The road ahead is full of ups and downs, but the forge ahead is not afraid of dangers and obstacles, overcomes difficulties, and makes great strides, creating China’s development achievements today. The “Five Hundreds” campaign will use one example after another to sing the praises of concerted efforts and perseverance, interpret the spirit of never slacking off, and show the Chinese people that “the more difficult and dangerous, the more forward” and “dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the sky” “The tenacity and determination. Inspired and guided by the great spirit of struggle, the broadest masses of the people will surely unleash a greater force to forge ahead.

  Forge ahead in a new era and make contributions to a new journey. Consolidating the hearts of the people with the core values ​​of socialism and stimulating the spirit of forging ahead with “unity is strength”, the “Five Hundreds” campaign will surely inspire hundreds of millions of netizens to write a new chapter of national rejuvenation with more vigorous and positive energy. (Blue and white porcelain looks beautiful on its own)