It’s time for Merz to set sail—hard power forges reliable service quality

It’s time for Merz to set sail—hard power forges reliable service quality


  MerzDepend onFounder Friedrich MerzAt1908set up,is an international and diversified company headquartered in Frankfurtof pharmaceutical companies.Innovative products and customer focus areMerzthe foundation of success.MerzPassPassMerz Aesthetics, Merz Therapeutics and Merz Consumer Care businesses, forhuman’sContribute to health and order to fulfillEnterprisessocial responsibility,MerzAlso committed to sustainable development, climate protection and philanthropy. As an owner-managed family business with over 110 years of history,MerzFocus firmly on the future. Based on a clear strategy, the global 3Ten thousandMany employees are committed toMerzlong-term growth and success.


  Merzdevelopment path

Formally established on March 9, 1908

   Launched in 1911patentex

   year 2002Introducing memantine

   Established the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters (Singapore) in 2015

   Officially launch the online investment platform (Merz) in 2023


  (1)Insist on innovation.In terms of corporate research,innovation isMerzdevelopthe core ofMerzkey to future growth——with determination and perseveranceas a premiseContinue to develop and innovate.Merzlong-term commitmentin-depth scientific research,A model that combines pharmaceutical research and investment,And pursue strategic investment to promote the long-term development of the company.In terms of employee management system,MerzencouragestaffhaveadventureSpiritand encouragementemployees are creativeact independently.Uniqueculture of innovationMerzplays an important role.

  (2)to clients and colleaguesA promise of gold.In collaboration with clients and colleagues,MerzStrive to build on trust, respect and integrityachievelongcooperaterelation.Merzby virtue ofopenofcooperatemodelfordominantCorporate culture, maintain close communication with partners,with thisstrengthenMerzwith customersconnect,and makeMerzBe more productive.

  (3)Provides a reliablefruit.Focus on the present and the future,MerzStrictly abide byquality of work. For more than 110 years,MerzContinuing to provide quality products based on science——and with thisProud of tradition.MerzUphold high ethical standards throughout the company.This allowsclientconvincedMerzcan continue in the futurebe trusted.


  (1)Work-Life Balance.existMerzCan balance work, family, friends and hobbies. That’s why, in addition to an attractive salary,Merzalso forstaffOffers a wide range of benefits: flexible working hours, remote work, better compatibility of work and home, company canteen, work tickets, attractive leisure, sports and health offers as well as exclusive discounts.

  (2)training and development.Encourage the professional development of employees toMerzVery important.MerzcontinuouslyforstaffProvide opportunities for upskilling and support by providing expertise and interdisciplinary exchangepersonal development.

  MerzComprehensive strength of scientific research

  (1)central area——Corporate Functions and Shared Competence Center.MerzThe central areas of Group Finance, Global IT and Internal Audit areresearcherGet ready for exciting challenges.MerzAreas of assignment include: IT, Procurement, Human Resources and Facilities Management, Internal Audit, Legal and Compliance, Finance and Insurance, Finance and Accounting, Controlling, Taxation.

  (2)Production site in Reinheim——Manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics to the highest quality standards and global demand.

  (3)Dessau production base——Production of pharmaceuticals and medical devices for neurological and cosmetic treatments.

  (4) Provide professional training.MerzThere is also a dual study program in Frankfurt and apprenticeships at the production sites in Reinheim and Dessau.

  MerzMake full use of scale and brand advantages,Integrate resources in an all-round way to form an integrated asset allocation platform. Through the investment team covering the whole market and a complete investment research framework, carry out reasonable and balanced allocation. With rich experience in asset allocation, the investment style is more stable and mature.

  MerzWith a standardized, stable and pragmatic investment style, scientific and rational investment operation, strict and prudent risk management, and efficient and advanced investment operation, we can grasp every link in the investment field for customers and pursue steady asset appreciation.