Why did the “Yuan” and “Zhong” coins cast by the Anxi garrison use only one character?

Why did the “Yuan” and “Zhong” coins cast by the Anxi garrison use only one character?

  After the outbreak of the Anshi Rebellion, because the main force of the Tang army stationed in the Western Regions was transferred to the East to participate in the counter-insurgency war, the remaining troops in the Western Regions were alone outside the Great Wall. Needed, coins were minted in the Western Regions.


  “Yuan” character money

  Among the minted coins, in addition to the Dali Yuanbao and Jianzhong Tongbao, it was also found that only one “Yuan” or “Zhong” character was cast, which belongs to the “different product” of Dali Yuanbao and Jianzhong Tongbao. i.e. substitutes.


  “中” character money

  There are no round gates on both sides, and the casting technology is simpler and cruder, which further proves that they were cast for emergency under the specific historical conditions of war. In addition, these coins are all “copper-colored and pure red”, which are cast directly from smelted pure red copper, without adding lead and zinc and other ingredients. different.

  In addition, Kuqa is rich in copper mines. As early as the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the ancient Kucha Kingdom once cast five baht coins. The numerous Kucha five-baht coins and Qian Fans discovered by local archaeologists prove that the Kucha area already had high coin-making technology at that time, which also provided material and technical support for Guo Xin’s local coin-making.