Jinan Huaiyin company makes foundry machinery more and more “smart”

Jinan Huaiyin company makes foundry machinery more and more “smart”

  Qilu Net Lightning News March 22 Casting is a word that we are both familiar with and unfamiliar with. Familiar, because casting products can be seen everywhere in life, such as radiators, door handles, car bearings, etc.; unfamiliar, because most people do not understand the process. How did casting products come about? How to realize automatic casting? With these questions in mind, the reporter came to Shandong Jiechuang Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Huaiyin District to explore the details of foundry automation.

“Our company was established in 2014, and it is an early domestic company engaged in foundry automation.” Wang Decheng, general manager of Jiechuang Machinery Technology, introduced to the reporter, “The metal melt intelligent transfer system is independently developed by us, and it is a representative of the company. products.” Wang Decheng said that although the name sounds “tall”, in fact, it is a system product for how to transport high-temperature molten iron to casting machines in a safe, environmentally friendly and convenient manner. “Taking safety as an example, in the past, people operated driving cars or forklifts to transfer molten metal, so there were potential safety hazards. Once a mistake occurred during the period, the consequences would be unimaginable. Our system uses mechanical equipment to achieve intelligent control. The whole process of automatic transfer, and the monitoring of workers in the safe area have completely eliminated potential safety hazards.”

Wang Decheng recalled that the product was designed and developed in 2015. At that time, there were very few domestically produced systems of this kind, and they had no idea how well it would be accepted after it was introduced to the market. “At that time, our first customer was a private enterprise. After using it, the feedback was very good, so we had confidence. Later, with the advantages of price and quality, more and more customers signed orders with us. Our products It has gradually been recognized by the market.” It is understood that there are currently more than 120 sets of molten metal intelligent transfer systems serving more than 90 foundry factories in China, with a market share of more than 75%.

With the transfer system, the smooth transportation of materials is guaranteed. How to cast molten iron into shape is inseparable from the pouring machine. “The big, solid guy in front of us is the pouring machine.” In the Jiechuang machinery production workshop, Wang Decheng introduced the machine, which is more than 6 meters high. Although it looks “stupid”, this machine is a veritable intelligent device. “This machine has the functions of visual recognition, weight control, temperature control, time control, remote detection, data acquisition, synchronous pouring, etc., and can realize manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic pouring methods.” Wang Decheng said, such as visual recognition, can The filling process of the molten metal in the gate is photographed in real time, and the data is fed back to the PLC to achieve full cup pouring; synchronous pouring allows the machine to move synchronously with the molding line and maintain automatic pouring; time control is when the pouring time is greater than the process requirements , it can automatically exit pouring. Today, Jiechuang Machinery’s pouring machine “family” has nearly 100 sets of different series of intelligent pouring machines, and the current product market share is over 45%.

It is understood that the above two series of products currently have 3 invention patents, 37 practical patents, 6 appearance patents, and 18 computer software copyrights. They have won the National Foundry Equipment Innovation Award, the third prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award, Shandong Provincial Machinery Industry Science and Technology Progress Award and many other honors.

The R&D and innovation of science and technology cannot be separated from the participation and training of professional talents. On the wall of Jiechuang Machinery’s meeting room, plaques of school-enterprise cooperation attracted the attention of reporters. Wang Decheng told reporters that the cooperation between universities and enterprises is a magic weapon for enterprises to maintain their innovation momentum. “In recent years, we have cooperated with Shandong University, Jinan University, Henan University of Technology and other universities to jointly develop topics and research projects.” Wang Decheng said that in this way, for the school, students can combine the knowledge in textbooks with The actual production is combined to enhance the practical ability; for enterprises, being able to communicate with experts and solve problems encountered in R&D and production can be described as “killing two birds with one stone”. “Our main problem at present is how to break through the technical bottleneck and update and iterate more high-tech products on the basis of existing specialization. In this respect, we have really tasted the ‘sweetness’ of school-enterprise cooperation. Enterprises also have We have established a talent team with a reasonable professional structure and a combination of technology, experience and vitality.” Wang Decheng said.

Safe and efficient transfer system, intelligent casting equipment, and endless innovation drive, all these make Jiechuang Machinery go steadily and far on the road of development. At present, the company has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise and a “specialized, special and new” enterprise in Shandong Province. In the past three years, the annual growth rate of the company’s total assets and main business income has exceeded 20%. Now it is working hard to open up foreign markets. For the future development of the enterprise, Wang Decheng is full of confidence. He said: “In the next step, the enterprise will continue to increase research and development efforts and investment in research and development, aiming at the world’s leading high-end manufacturing industry, and embark on a path from ‘technical breakthrough’ to ‘import substitution’. ‘, and then to the growth path of ‘export competition’ to make due contributions to the development of the foundry industry.”

  Reported by Lightning News reporter Feng Yiwen and correspondent Luan Zhongming