Tomb-sweeping Day remembers the martyrs and forges a loyal and vigilant soul

Reporter Deng Lijuan Correspondent Qi Ran Deng Dihong Li Jie

“Salute to the police heroes!”

Yu Yuqing cypress hides loyalty, and fierce heroic soul tells Changfeng. In order to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs, gather vigilance, inspire fighting spirit, vigorously promote the fine traditions of the revolution and the spirit of public security in the new era, and further strengthen the ideals and beliefs of the public security police. Regional public security organs have successively carried out activities to sacrifice heroes during the Qingming Festival.

On April 2, the Public Security Bureau of Wushi County organized a Qingming memorial activity of “Salute, Remembrance, Work Hard”. In front of the majestic mausoleum of revolutionary martyrs, the civilian (auxiliary) police lined up neatly with solemn expressions, and the soldiers of honor escorted the sacrificial flower baskets and slowly stepped forward. Facing the tomb of the martyrs, all the staff took off their hats and stood in silence, bowing their heads in silence, expressing their endless memory and high respect for the revolutionary martyrs. The civilian (auxiliary) policemen walked slowly around the tombs of the martyrs one by one, paying homage and presenting flowers, expressing their infinite memory of the heroes.

Yusufujiang Ahong, an excellent national policeman, said: “Today we are holding a sacrifice to the heroes here to commemorate the great achievements of the heroes and inherit and carry forward the revolutionary spirit. In my future work, I will inherit the legacy of the heroes and follow them We will move forward courageously after we have finished our journey, and contribute to the public security forces to fully maintain the overall social stability and ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment.”

On the morning of April 2, the Kuqa City Public Security Bureau organized civilian (auxiliary) police to go to the Martyrs Cemetery in Kuqa City to carry out the “Salute·2023 Qingming Festival for the Heroes” activity to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs and inherit the red gene. In front of the “Revolutionary Martyrs Monument”, the policemen lined up neatly, took off their hats and stood in silence, presenting flowers to the martyrs and expressing their condolences.

“The oath under the party flag determines my lifelong pursuit!” Zhai Fangsheng, deputy director of the Isihara Police Station of the Kuqa City Public Security Bureau, said when reviewing the oath of joining the party. No matter what kind of test you have to endure, you must be like your predecessors, stick to the green hills and never let go, unswervingly dedicate yourself to the cause of public security, and contribute to the sustainable social stability of Kuqa City.

Later, Zhai Fangsheng preached the advanced deeds of the “frontier guard” martyr Sun Guofu to all the civilian (auxiliary) police. Everyone expressed that they should inherit the will of the martyrs, continuously strengthen their mission, and pay tribute to the martyrs with practical actions.

On the morning of March 31, the police from the Aksu Public Security Bureau and the teachers and students of the Aksu Vocational and Technical College went to pay homage to the public security martyr Maimaitijiang Tohuniyazi. Police officers and representatives of teachers and students presented flower baskets to the tombstone of the martyrs. All the staff lined up neatly, stood solemnly, and took off their hats in silent tribute.

Nafesha Batur, a student of Aksu Vocational and Technical College, said: “Today, when I came to the tomb of the martyr Maimaitijiang, I felt the greatness of the people’s police and deeply felt that today’s happy life is hard-won. We must promote patriotism spirit, and contribute youthful strength to the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

Zheng Zhiming, a policeman from the Aksu Public Security Bureau, said: “In the future work, I will be brave to take responsibility, actively contribute, serve the people wholeheartedly, fulfill the oath of joining the police with practical actions, and contribute to the social stability and long-term stability of Aksu City.”

During the activities of the Qingming sacrifices to the heroes carried out by the public security bureaus in various places, the majority of the civilian (auxiliary) police expressed that they should absorb the strength of the martyrs, inherit the legacy of the heroes, and move forward in succession. Spirit, determination to forge ahead, earnestly shoulder the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the party and the people, and contribute public security forces to the establishment of a safe Aksu.