Huian Education: Bringing together industry resources and casting Zhu’an dreams

Huian Education: Bringing together industry resources and casting Zhu’an dreams

  Vocational education and general education are different types of education and have the same important status. They are an important part of the national education system and human resource development, and shoulder the important responsibility of cultivating diverse talents, inheriting technical skills, and promoting employment and entrepreneurship.

  In October 2021, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the “Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Modern Vocational Education”, marking that the development of vocational education in my country has officially entered the fast lane and is moving towards high-quality, high-level, high-efficiency, and high-quality education. Proceed in the approved direction. By 2035, the overall level of vocational education will be at the forefront of the world, and a skilled society will be basically established. The social status of technical and skilled personnel has been greatly improved, the supply of vocational education is highly matched with the needs of economic and social development, and the role in building a modern socialist country in an all-round way has been significantly enhanced.

  As a participant in vocational education, Huian Education is deeply involved in the field of safety. It not only provides counseling for registered safety engineer professional qualification examinations, but also goes deep into the front line, conducts in-depth cooperation with enterprises, conducts safety training, and effectively helps enterprises improve their safety level and escort safe production. .

  Safe production and effective protection of people’s lives and property have always been the basic national policy of our country. Since the reform of the management system of registered safety engineers in 2018, registered safety engineers have become more professional and standardized. Under the guidance of policies, registered safety engineers have become necessary professional management talents in all walks of life. The news of hiring registered safety engineers with high salaries has long been common.

  Under such a background, cultivating excellent security talents not only solves the urgent needs of enterprises, but also helps employees achieve career advancement.

  As early as the beginning of its establishment, Huian Education has paid close attention to the registered safety engineer training market and made an early deployment. After precipitation, Huian Education has developed its own innovative curriculum system. With the live broadcast as the core, the five-in-one immersive teaching plan of “PC classroom website + mobile app + WeChat applet” of “viewing, listening, practicing, criticizing and testing” allows students all over the country to make full use of fragmented time to learn. At the same time, Huian Education is looking for famous teachers in the industry, continuously empowering the teaching and research team, digging deeply into the subject areas of Zhuan, constantly optimizing and iterating products, and striving to present the latest and most complete exam information to students.


  At present, Huian Education has grown into an Internet vocational education platform integrating policy consultation, examination application guidance, course training, achievement inquiry, qualification certificate collection and work guidance. To simplify the complicated test preparation process as much as possible, so that students can focus on the study itself and devote themselves to it is the direction of Huian Education’s unremitting efforts.

  It is reported that Huian Education is a professional registered safety engineer training brand affiliated to Jiangxi Chenge Education Technology Co., Ltd. Over the years, Huian Education has always focused on the safety industry, providing professional training services for registered safety engineer professional qualification examinations for enterprises and students from all over the country. Huian Education’s unremitting pursuit of quality and continuous optimization of services have been fully affirmed by the majority of students. In the future, Huian Education will continue to cultivate and forge ahead to cultivate more outstanding security talents for the society!