Shandong Mobile Jinan Branch: Digital Changes Life, Three Screens Create a New Village

Shandong Mobile Jinan Branch: Digital Changes Life, Three Screens Create a New Village

“The rape blossoms are full of rehmannia glutinosa, and the bees are busy dancing among the clusters. The breeze blows the golden waves, and the elegant and intoxicating Xijiazhuang.” Every April and May, the rape blossoms in Xijiazhuang Village, Wujiabao Street, Huaiyin District, Jinan City are in full bloom. Attracting thousands of tourists to check in. Shandong Mobile Jinan Branch assisted Xijiazhuang Village in its digital transformation and development, actively built a digital governance system, built a high-standard “one map of digital villages”, and promoted the construction of four digital systems of wisdom “party building, governance, industry, and health care” to create Recognizable and influential “digital village” gold business card.

Shandong Mobile Jinan Branch closely focuses on the development status of the village and the actual needs of the villagers, with the leading idea of ​​”digital changes life, three screens create a new village”, and integrates large screens (monitoring large screens), medium Screen (village mobile phone) as the main medium, strives to build a digital village platform in Xijiazhuang, Wujiabao Street, which integrates system sectors such as smart party building, smart security management, IPTV control, mobile convenience, and smart promotion of characteristic industries. Starting from the construction of intelligent management, the platform covers the affairs of Xijiazhuang, and there is a mobile client under the platform for easy use. More than 30 surveillance locations have been installed in the village to realize 24-hour security surveillance on main streets, and connected to the Huaiyin Public Security Xueliang Project to realize joint construction and joint prevention and control by the police and the people. At the same time, the two parties jointly built a 5G smart village, and launched innovative services such as 5G WIFI and 5G mobile cloud broadcasting covering villagers’ activity areas to meet the villagers’ 5G smart communication needs.

“View the whole village on one screen, and manage the whole village on one network”, one map of the digital village shows the situation in the village in real time, smart security can see the dynamics of the village very clearly, and the opened government WeChat and villagers’ applets can be delivered to the villagers in a timely manner Important information facilitates the work of the village committee and effectively improves work efficiency. At the same time, innovative services such as 5G WIFI and 5G mobile cloud broadcasting covering villagers’ activity areas have been launched to meet the villagers’ 5G smart communication needs. Through the loudspeaker and other methods, the agricultural production information and pesticide sowing information can be conveyed to the villagers to help the development of the agricultural industry. In addition, abnormal event monitoring + loudspeaker is added, which can remotely call and remind through the mobile phone APP. During the epidemic period, you can call directly through the APP to remind and supervise the villagers, so as to realize zero contact between people and point-to-point more accurate whole village prevention and control.

The “Digital Village” construction project plays a positive role in deepening grid management and promoting rural social governance in Xijia Village, truly achieving comprehensive governance, group prevention and group governance. Video surveillance also helps village cadres to grasp the potential safety hazards in the village, the protection of ancient buildings, unexpected accidents, conflicts and disputes in the first time, and promote the level of rural social governance to a new level.

One map of digital villages extends refined services to villages, optimizes the real-time needs of village-level managers for grassroots work, starts from rural governance and convenience services, integrates urban and rural areas, connects with external resources, optimizes village-level management, and continuously promotes The construction of digital intelligence in rural areas provides strong support for economic development and the improvement of modern governance capabilities.

Shandong Mobile Jinan Branch will always fulfill the responsibility of a central enterprise, let technology enter the hometown, let wisdom integrate into life, help the revitalization and development of the countryside, and write more new “digital village” stories.