Yutun Town: casting the soul of local culture to promote the revitalization of rural culture

Rural revitalization requires both shape and soul. In recent years, Yutun Town, through in-depth excavation and promotion of local culture, vigorously develops local cultural industries, and carries out characteristic cultural and artistic activities, makes the article of local culture bigger and better, empowers the soul of rural revitalization, and promotes the revitalization of rural culture. Be realistic.

Adhere to planning and guidance to create a beautiful rural cultural paradise. To implement rural cultural revitalization, it is necessary to continuously improve rural cultural infrastructure, build a display platform for rural areas, agriculture, and farmers, and continuously enrich the cultural image and heritage of new rural areas in the new era. In this regard, Yutun Town digs deep into its own cultural resources, builds Dalizhuang Cultural Innovation Demonstration Site, Kangfu Ancient City Cultural Site Park, promotes the creative transformation of culture, and drives the development of rural cultural industries. Continue to improve the functions of the civilization practice station in the new era, use the original place to add cultural elements and characteristic scenes, and create a base for grassroots cultural activities. Nowadays, many places such as the offline space for learning and strengthening the country innovatively created by Yutun Town, Zhengzhuang Village Youth Revival Palace, Dalizhuang Confucianism Platform, Dawanglou Mass Stage, Liuguantun Parent-child Reading Space and other places have become popular check-in places for local people. In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of rural farmers, the new home is the main ideological front.

Cultivate rural civilization and lead the direction of rural moral civilization. Promoting the strategy of rural cultural revitalization is an effective way to inherit excellent traditional culture and promote the construction of rural spiritual civilization. Yutun Town promotes the core values ​​of socialism in the new era by digging deep into the excellent ideas, humanistic spirit, and moral norms contained in farming culture, so that local Rural moral civilization is rejuvenated. By using the offline venues of the 52 New Era Civilization Practice Stations in the town and online platforms such as the Internet and new media, we actively carry out the promotion of village rules and regulations and advanced models, dig out local “good people and good deeds”, and praise the good people around us, so that Zhu Yangbo, Zhang Zhen and many other good people in Yutun “come out” and “light up” to promote truth, goodness and beauty, and spread positive energy. At the same time, selection activities such as “civilized village”, “civilized household”, “good sons and daughters, good mother-in-law and good husband and wife” are carried out every year, so that the majority of villagers can consciously practice the “devotion to work, dedication to help others, filial piety and love” contained in rural culture. Values ​​such as “friendship” promote the in-depth development of rural civilization.

Based on its own characteristics, write a new chapter in cultural protection and inheritance. Rural culture is the root and soul of excellent traditional culture. Yutun Town coordinates and promotes the discovery and inheritance of historical and cultural resources such as town history, village history, red culture, and characteristic culture, protects and develops excellent rural traditional culture with local characteristics, and enriches rural memories. . Deeply excavate local cultural elements such as military culture, fishing and hunting culture, and build and improve special venues such as military cultural center, fishing and hunting exhibition hall, rural memory hall, and lantern fisherman’s house, so as to make local excellent traditional culture more vivid and more vital. Continue to love the red blood of the party and the country, make full use of the red places such as the Cai Heng Martyrs Cemetery, the Corridor of the Incorruptible Government, and the Shuangyong Cultural Square to carry out education activities for loving the party and patriotism, making red the main color of Yutun. Vigorously carry forward traditional intangible cultural heritage skills, create local intangible cultural heritage cultural brands such as clay figure phoenix, Cai’s Huaquan, Wawuzhuang Luozi Opera, etc., show the unique charm of rural folk culture, and let Yutun Town’s clay sculpture, Luozi Opera, Huaquan and other non-cultural heritage Intangible cultural heritage items have been inherited and developed.

Our correspondent Yang Jie