The Heart of “Craftsman” Forges Puyang’s New Advantages

Gu Hongbiao: Carving beautiful skills with skillful hands makes dreams come true

Haircut, perm, hair dye, hair up… For the past few days, Gu Hongbiao, a contestant preparing for the hairdressing event of the Second Provincial Vocational Skills Competition, practiced repeatedly in the training room every day, and one stop lasted for more than ten hours. At around 6 pm on April 18, when the reporter visited, he and his teammate Jiang Yijia were conducting full simulation test training according to the competition module settings and requirements. “The time for the competition is getting closer and closer. I will try to win the provincial championship again with the best preparation and the best condition.” During the training interval, Gu Hongbiao said confidently in an interview with reporters.

Gu Hongbiao, 20 years old this year, was born in an ordinary peasant family in Gutou Village, Luhe Town, Puyang County. Due to his playfulness and unsatisfactory grades in cultural subjects when he was young, Gu Hongbiao did not choose to continue his studies after graduating from junior high school. Instead, he changed his mind and stepped into the hairdressing industry that he was more interested in. At first, he went to a hair salon as an apprentice for others, and his learning progress was relatively slow. In order to receive systematic, comprehensive and formal training, in 2019, Gu Hongbiao entered the beauty and hairdressing major jointly organized by Puyang Technician College and Puyang Wuyue Vocational Training School. He worked hard and played steadily, and soon made his mark, and represented Puyang City and Henan Province in many skill competitions. Subsequently, honors came one after another: the National Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Vocational Skills Competition Winner, the 45th World Skills Competition Henan Province Second Prize, the National Rural Revitalization Vocational Skills Competition Hairdressing Project Second Prize, the First Henan Vocational Skills Competition The first place in the hairdressing project… These achievements have witnessed Gu Hongbiao’s growth and dedication. Now his identity has changed from a student in the school to a teaching assistant.

As the champion of the hairdressing event in the last Provincial Skills Competition, Gu Hongbiao said frankly that the competition at home this time has both pressure and motivation. In order to actively prepare for the competition, he has been intensively training after work since November last year. Since mid-March this year, he has started to participate in training camps. He arrives at the training room on time at 7 o’clock every morning to start training, often until eleven or twelve o’clock in the evening. It’s over. “It’s not too late. When I was preparing for the industry competition for the first time, I was very nervous. I often stayed up all night after practicing at night without knowing it.” Gu Hongbiao said that the hairdressing competition tests the comprehensive ability of the contestants, in addition to trimming, hair drying , Dyeing, perming, styling and other techniques, the entire operation must also comply with the corresponding norms and procedures. “After the scissors are used up, the mouth of the scissors cannot be opened; after the hair dryer is used up, the plug should be unplugged, and the wire should be wound and put away; the comb falls on the ground, it must be cleaned and then put back… These details are not good. They are all deduction items.” Gu Hongbiao said and demonstrated to reporters.

Coach Zhang Guoqiang has noticed Gu Hongbiao’s continuous progress and has high hopes for him: “Everyone has seen Hongbiao’s achievements in recent years, and we can also feel his love for this industry more and more. Especially as a teaching assistant teacher, he Participating in various competitions is not only to improve personal skills, but also undertakes the important task of transforming results. He will transform the standard processes and models in the competitions into teaching practice to benefit more students. In the last competition, he won the first I am also looking forward to his performance in this competition.”

“When I first came into contact with this industry, I didn’t expect to make great achievements. I just wanted to learn a craft, have the skills to make a living, and open my own hair salon in the future. After participating in various competitions, I realized that , There are no limits in life, as long as you work hard, you can create all kinds of possibilities.” Gu Hongbiao said that now he has changed his life goals and dreams, and hopes that one day he can represent the national team on a higher podium, and at the same time become a national team leader. An excellent hairdressing professional teacher shared the experience and lessons gained in the competition with more students, allowing them to further improve their skills. He believes that skills can change destiny and career can achieve brilliance.Our reporter Fan Xinxin

Gao Lin: Orange Youth Blooms Retrograde

“Come on!” On the afternoon of April 16, at the training base of the Emergency Rescue Center of Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd. in Wenliu Town, Puyang County, four firefighters chased each other and ran desperately, shouting hoarsely. Gao Lin is one of them.

“The competition is coming soon. I hope there will be some breakthroughs and good results to add luster to Puyang.” During a short break, Gao Lin accepted the reporter’s interview.

Gao Lin is a firefighter in the emergency rescue center of Sinopec Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd., and also a contestant representing our city in the second provincial vocational skills competition. The firefighter project of the Second Provincial Vocational Skills Competition is divided into 4 small competitions: comprehensive physical fitness, quick leak plugging under pressure, individual emergency rescue, and water shooting. Although there are not many projects, they are all classics. Among them, individual emergency rescue is a rescue project that simulates an indoor fire, requiring two firefighters to cooperate to break doors, search and rescue operations.

According to reports, a total of 4 people from our city participated in the firefighter project of the Second Provincial Vocational Skills Competition. To become one of them, Gao Lin relied on his usual excellent performance. Although he is young, he has an unyielding heart. At work, he strives to do his best in everything, and strives to be the first in everything. It is with this spirit of excellence and daring to fight that Gao Lin became an outstanding firefighter. Since he joined the work, he has participated in many large-scale rescue operations with the emergency rescue center and performed well.

Gao Lin’s coach Tang Liangdong said that since receiving the notice of the competition, Gao Lin and his comrades have devoted themselves to training. Since entering the preparation stage, they gritted their teeth and broke through themselves time and time again. The temperature that day was not too high, but sweat could still be clearly seen streaming down their cheeks. And inside the airtight emergency rescue suits, their fitness suits were already soaked…

“First of all, we need to use hydraulic pliers to demolish the door reinforced by three steel bars, enter the room to search for the trapped person (a 120-pound dummy) and run 60 meters alone on his shoulders to escape, and then perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him.” Gao Lin said that since intensive training, his personal physical fitness and quality have improved, but his overall physical fitness is still the item he is most uncertain about. It not only tests physical fitness, but also requires participants to have certain endurance and explosive power. “I will definitely train hard, strive to be the best myself on the field, show the demeanor of Zhongyuan Firefighting, and add luster to Puyang.” He said.Our reporter Zhang Di

Chen Jun: Craftsmen turn grass into gold

Lifelike birds, flamboyant flowers… a piece of grass, in Chen Jun’s hands, transformed into a piece of vivid and moving relief works with different expressions. In the upcoming 2nd Henan Vocational Skills Competition, Puyang intangible cultural heritage Tongcao relief sculpture will be presented as a performance project. At that time, Chen Jun, the fifth-generation inheritor of Chen’s Tongcao relief sculpture in our city, will lead a team to perform on-site, showing the charm of Puyang’s intangible cultural heritage.

As an intangible cultural heritage, Tongcao relief has been passed down in China for more than 1,000 years. Through carving, engraving, cutting, pasting and other techniques, it can three-dimensionally reproduce the charm of Chinese painting, and the image is lifelike and vivid. From 1974 to the present, for 49 years, Chen Jun has devoted himself to the study of the planting of Tongcao, the production of Tongcao paper and the research and development of Tongcao relief. By consulting materials and reading books…he mastered every process of making Tongcao materials and ancient Tongcao paintings, and finally made this almost lost folk craft reappear in splendor, filling the gaps in my country’s Tongcao culture, known as “”Tongcao”” The first person of Tongcao relief sculpture”. In order to enhance the viewing effect of Tongcao relief sculptures, he even visited folk artists, drawing on the expertise of Guangzhou ivory carvings, Dongyang wood carvings and Fujian cork paintings to make the works more lifelike. At the same time, he also integrated the charm of freehand brushwork and fine brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, injecting the connotation of traditional culture into his works.

On April 18, in the Tongcao Relief Art Exhibition Hall located in the library of Puyang Vocational and Technical College, Chen Jun is guiding the team members to practice before the performance. Everyone is engrossed and meticulous, whether cutting, coloring, or carving, according to different divisions of labor, strive to polish the details to the extreme. “The craftsmanship of Tongcao relief is very complicated. If you want to make a good work, you must strive for excellence, practice hard, and be calm.” Chen Jun said that relief works have very high requirements for coloring, which must be suitable in shades and vividness. So it takes a long time to make a good relief work.

“In order to better complete the performance of this competition, we have done a lot of work in the early stage. We will do our best to complete this performance, spread Puyang’s intangible cultural heritage, and let more people know about Tongcao relief. Understand the skills of Tongcao relief sculpture.” Chen Jun said that as one of the performances of the competition, his team will complete three exquisite Tongcao relief works.

“The inheritance of Tongcao relief sculpture needs more young people who like this skill to join, and I will give my all and pass on the skill to everyone without reservation.” Chen Jun told reporters that in addition to creation, he has held Tongcao many times Relief technology training class, construction of Tongcao planting base and Tongcao relief culture and art training base. In 2016, Chen Jun’s intangible cultural heritage (Tongcao relief) master studio was established, teaching about 300 students every year, and has taught more than 2,000 students so far. At the same time, the studio also carried out a series of valuable and meaningful themed activities and on-site practical experience activities, radiating and driving 2 surrounding schools and 5 communities, expanding the coverage and benefits of the city’s intangible cultural heritage, and making contributions to the society. Positive contributions have been praised by all walks of life.

Our reporter Wu Dan

Jiang Yijia: Practice “top” kung fu and bravely climb the peak of skills

Sometimes it is cut and cut, and sometimes it is finely trimmed. With just a pair of hairdressing scissors, the fingers are flying and the scissors are dancing. The “seed player” Jiang Yijia is preparing for the training camp in full swing in the training room. His movements are clean and neat, as smooth as flowing clouds and water. He has both stable and sophisticated technical control and extremely tense artistic creation.

This young “scissorhands” who is only 20 years old but has the demeanor of a master is also a representative of the “ceiling” level of Puyang’s hairdressing industry. Won the first place in the provincial trials. As the only contestant representing the hairdressing project in Henan, Jiang Yijia won the seventh place in the hairdressing project in the first national professional skills competition, and was successfully shortlisted for the national team’s final World Championship.

“As long as the training time is long enough and you can do one more hairstyle than others, you will have a better chance of winning.” Talking about the magic weapon for winning the competition, Jiang Yijia attributed it to the hard work of one minute on stage and ten years off stage. More than 3,000 empty cutting exercises every day, hair piece training with fingers against the wall, repeated styling, numb wrists, swollen fingers after a day, and proficient cutting skills are all accumulated from his solid basic skills.

“I have been numb and confused during the high-intensity training every day, but after systematic and standardized training, my skills have been improved by leaps and bounds, and my competition performance has also continued to improve. Especially the more than 40 days of training experience in the national team , let me feel more deeply that hairdressing is not only a mechanical washing, cutting and blowing technology, but also a promising art of practicing for beauty, and it is also a career that can be fought for.” Taking part in competitions again and again For the ladder, Jiang Yijia broadened his horizons, clarified his goals, and pursued the improvement of skills more eagerly. In addition to training, he also actively participated in teaching and voluntary clipping activities, which further strengthened his confidence in career development and the direction of life struggle.

Since 2019, in just a few years, Jiang Yijia’s resume has been continuously refreshed, from an ordinary apprentice to a world stage, from an ignorant teenager to a teaching assistant who teaches others skills, from just wanting to master a craft for a living to full of love for the hairdressing industry, His career pursuit and life turning point all started from the “head”. Even though he has won many honors, he still chooses to start all over again, treating training camps as daily routines and daily routines as training camps, always demanding himself according to the highest standards, whether it is in normal times or before games.

In his opinion, the boring training and cruel competitions are his pleasure: “Every competition is an experience and growth. Hairdressing is an industry that needs to constantly follow the fashion frontier. It is possible to compete with hairdressing masters from all over the province. From the competition I am very happy to learn more skills and enrich my knowledge reserve.”

The competition is coming soon, and skilled craftsmen from the province’s hairdressing industry will gather in Longdu, which is another opportunity for Jiang Yijia to learn and challenge. Jiang Yijia does more than 10 styles a day. From 7:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the evening, he spends the whole day in the training room, practicing and refining his skills repeatedly, concentrating on research and improvement, and constantly pursuing the ultimate in hair beauty and overall styling control and perfect. The process of preparing for the battle was extremely hard, but Jiang Yijia always maintained full energy and never cried out that he was tired. He said confidently: “Not only must we strive to achieve good results again, but we must also play a wonderful and beautiful high-level game on the field in front of our house!”

Our reporter Liu Yang

Hu Xiurui: Handmade rattan weaving “weaves” a different kind of life

I usually do handmade rattan weaving with my baby at home, but I never expected to be able to show off my unique skills on the big stage… In the upcoming second provincial vocational skills competition, 5 people from Fanxian Branch of Henan Jiahe Outdoor Furniture Co., Ltd. have excellent skills The mother of Baoma is about to perform a handmade rattan weaving skill show. How do they feel about their stage debut? Is the program well prepared? On April 18, the reporter conducted a telephone interview with Hu Xiurui, captain of the handmade rattan weaving performance team.

Hu Xiurui told the reporter that they will collectively finish the weaving work of a handmade rattan chair at the competition site. With the cooperation of five people, it takes about 40 minutes to complete the steps of nailing rattan, weaving, finishing and assembling, and finally a complete and beautiful handmade rattan chair is displayed in front of the audience.

“After receiving the notice, everyone was very excited. We are all rural women who have never been out of the house. I feel very nervous to perform on the big stage.” On the phone, Hu Xiurui’s voice revealed the nervousness of preparing for the battle, but then she Changing the subject, he said confidently, “Fortunately, everyone is not afraid of tigers as a newborn calf, and has a strong psychological quality. We have confidence in this performance!”

Hu Xiurui said that after receiving the performance task a month ago, the company leaders did ideological work for them, asking them to follow the usual work, do the work at hand well every day, and don’t care too much about the result. Now, the sisters have figured out the shelf structure of the entries, and are thinking about how to make them more beautiful every day. “Our usual works can stand the test, and the products made by us are very popular among manufacturers. Now we pay more attention to details and continue to improve in quality and speed. We hope to show you a piece of Perfect work,” she said.

Hu Xiurui is from Qianzhuzhuang Village, Longwangzhuang Town, Fan County. She started to contact the handmade rattan weaving industry 8 years ago. The rattan weaving experts in the company are all from nearby Shiliba Village. Everyone has been engaged in handmade rattan weaving for many years, and they all deeply like this profession. Because handmade rattan weaving is very flexible in employment, they can usually take the materials home and weave while taking their children with them. Housework is not delayed at all, and the income of about 100 yuan a day has greatly improved their living standards. “Not only young people, but also many grandpas and aunts here can make money through rattan weaving to reduce family burdens.” Hu Xiurui said happily.

They are very encouraged to be able to show their skills on the provincial stage this time. Hu Xiurui told the reporter with confidence that she hopes to continuously improve her skills and lead more rural sisters to make the handmade rattan weaving industry stronger and bigger in the future.Our reporter Zhang Lanlan

Wang Xiancheng: hard work and sweat to achieve welding master

On April 17, on the training ground of the Zhongyuan Oilfield Training Center, welding spatters and machines roared, creating a lively scene. Wang Xiancheng, a contestant in the welding project of the Second Provincial Vocational Skills Competition, held a protective mask in one hand and a welding torch in the other hand spewing out dazzling light, and did not notice the reporter’s arrival at all.

“The competition is coming soon, we have to study harder, improve our skills, make ourselves more capable and confident, and win glory for Puyang City, Zhongyuan Oilfield, and ourselves!” Wang Xiancheng said.

14 years ago, Wang Xiancheng applied to join Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau Co., Ltd. as a maintenance worker on the front line of exploration. At that time, he didn’t have any excellence in welding.

“When I first joined the industry, I didn’t know anything, and I just worked for the master every day. After more than half a year of repeated observation and study, I started to pick up the welding torch and try to weld the seam. Due to my poor technology, the welded components are easy to loosen and fall off. Production has had a certain impact.” Wang Xiancheng said that at that time he made up his mind to become an excellent welder. So he memorized every word and every movement of the master master, and practiced repeatedly.

Wang Xiancheng started practicing from basic skills and gradually increased the difficulty of operation. After more than 10 years of hard work, he has not only mastered solid practical skills, but also learned the spirit of enduring hardships and not admitting defeat.

“Welding seems simple, but it takes hard work to become an excellent welder. Every seam, every level of fixation, and every step of operation are the precise considerations of the welder. I am afraid that I will not be able to weld after hardship.” Wang Xiancheng said .

On the training ground, welding flowers were flying, and every piece of Wang Xiancheng’s tooling was burned to be riddled with holes. “I wear protective clothing when welding, but it is still inevitable to be burned by the high temperature of thousands of degrees Celsius.” Coach Li Zhigang has a deep understanding of the “bitterness” of the welding project. He said that dry welding is the most prone to burns. Splashing sparks often burn the skin. If there is no time to deal with it, it is easy to leave scars. In addition, some welding materials are toxic, and the scars often itch.

In Li Zhigang’s view, Wang Xiancheng’s strengths are his ability to endure hardship and work hard. During the training camp, Wang Xiancheng was busy from 8 am to 10 pm every day, except for eating in the cafeteria, he almost never stopped.

With hard work and hard work, Wang Xiancheng has excellent welding skills. In 2021, he won the gold medal in the welder competition of the 15th Zhongyuan Oilfield Skills Competition; he won the silver medal in the Puyang Trials of the 1st Vocational Skills Competition in Henan Province.

Through preparing for the Second Provincial Vocational Skills Competition, Wang Xiancheng has grown a lot and gained a lot. “The skills competition tests the welder’s operational ability. Some welding points are close to the ground and cannot be operated as usual. New welding techniques need to be considered.” Wang Xiancheng said, “As a skilled worker, he has to face various technical problems every day. After solving the difficulties and challenges, you will have a sense of accomplishment.” Our reporter Yue Caihan