Iron Warrior Li Jianyun: Forge a loyal police soul with blood

Iron Warrior Li Jianyun: Forge a loyal police soul with blood

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  Iron Warrior Li Jianyun: Forge a loyal police soul with blood


  □Reporter He Jianfei Correspondent Jiang Gongxuan

  Since he joined the public security work in 2013, he has worked silently and dedicated his youth in various positions such as patrol police, special police, and police stations; After the public was injured and amputated, he often suffered from phantom limb pain, but he said, “With the prosthesis, I can still be a policeman”, and he has never changed his original intention…

  His name is Li Jianyun, and he is currently the third-level sergeant of the second brigade of the anti-smuggling detachment of Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau, Guangdong Province. In an operation against smuggling, unfortunately, he was injured and lost his left leg, passing by with death. Today, he can’t sit or stand for a long time, but with his iron will, he stands on the front line of fighting crime again, and always fulfills the solemn oath of “people’s public security for the people”.

  Defend the sacred mission with blood

  “I’m a newcomer, and I hope I can take part in more actions to exercise my abilities.” At about 9 o’clock on July 3, 2021, Li Jianyun, who had been transferred to the Gulao Police Station of the Heshan Public Security Bureau for only half a year, learned that the unit needed to cooperate with the maritime department to combat smuggling , He immediately volunteered to ask the director to participate in the action. At about 13:00 on the same day, on the white waves surging on the river, the three law enforcement and investigation boats involved in the operation surrounded the smuggling “Dafei” (“Dafei”, an illegally modified high-powered speedboat used for smuggling) from different directions. After the law enforcement investigation boat approached, several smuggling “Dafei” immediately dispersed and accelerated to escape.

  Li Jianyun held a riot gun, stood at the front of a law enforcement investigation boat, and fired warning shots several times in accordance with the law. Seeing that there was no way to escape, a smuggling “Dafei” suddenly turned around and rushed directly towards the law enforcement investigation boat. The law enforcement investigation boat failed to dodge in time, and collided violently with the smuggled “Dafei”. Li Jianyun and another policeman who were on the side of the impact were thrown into the water by the huge impact force on the spot. After falling into the water, Li Jianyun was unfortunately hit by a propeller, and the surface of the river was instantly stained red with blood.

  After hospital examination, Li Jianyun’s left upper limb and left lower limb were severely torn, and there were multiple open fractures… After all-out rescue, Li Jianyun was out of danger, but due to serious injuries and severe infection, Li Jianyun’s left lower limb could not be saved in the end.

  After waking up from a coma, it has been 20 days. When Li Jianyun saw the leaders and colleagues who came to visit him, the first thing he said was to ask if all the smugglers involved had been caught. Kuang Guang, head of the Patrol Brigade of Heshan City Public Security Bureau, who came to visit him, said emotionally, “He really deserves to be a strong man from our Helang team!”

  “Desperate Saburo” always rushes to the forefront

  “Post-80s” Li Jianyun had a police dream since he was a child. A few years after graduating from university, Li Jianyun learned that the Public Security Bureau of Heshan City was recruiting for public examinations. He immediately signed up and officially became a people’s policeman with his excellent examination results. At the beginning of joining the police, it coincided with the establishment of the special police squadron of the Heshan Public Security Bureau. Because of his excellent physical fitness, Li Jianyun was assigned to the special police squadron.

  Every day, he ran 5 kilometers with a load of 30 kilograms, flipped 400 kilograms of tires, rappelled from a height of 20 meters, and conducted various anti-terrorism training… Facing the high-intensity training of the special police, Li Jianyun, who was not from a police academy, gritted his teeth and persisted, and became a squadron technical talents. The public security special police often have to deal with various emergencies, emergencies, difficulties and serious incidents. Whenever he participates in such tasks, Li Jianyun charges forward without fear. In 6 years, he participated in dealing with more than 60 emergencies of various kinds, and rescued and transferred more than 100 people who were affected by disasters and trapped people.

  Facing the test and practicing the original intention of the police

  “After lying down or sitting for a long time, I have the desire to stand up. When I stood up for the first time, I felt that there was still hope.” The strong support of his wife, the care and encouragement of his leaders and teammates all became a powerful force for Li Jianyun’s rebirth .

  After nearly 8 months of rehabilitation treatment, Li Jianyun’s health gradually improved. He was eager to return to work and applied to the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau many times. After comprehensive consideration, the Party Committee of the Municipal Bureau decided to allow him to formally return to the team and be transferred to the Patrol Brigade of the Heshan City Public Security Bureau to be mainly responsible for intelligence analysis and judgment. Facing the new environment, Li Jianyun always requires himself to adapt to the new job with the best physical condition and mentality.

  After a period of unremitting efforts, Li Jianyun gradually mastered relevant work skills from a novice in intelligence analysis and judgment. Within 2 months, Li Jianyun participated in the cracking of 12 street theft cases, arrested 19 criminals, and destroyed 2 motorcycle theft gangs.

  In August 2022, Li Jianyun was transferred to the anti-smuggling detachment of the Jiangmen Public Security Bureau and joined the special drone combat class. Overcoming physical inconvenience and numerous difficulties, he and his colleagues in the special class stayed on the front line of fighting smuggling day and night, and used drones to participate in the fight against smuggling and smuggling crimes, which effectively improved the efficiency of the fight. In half a year, he participated in the fight against 50 smuggling cases. More than 100 people were involved in smuggling, and more than 200 tons of smuggled frozen products were seized.

  Back to the familiar river, Li Jianyun occasionally recalled the blood-stained afternoon: “I have never regretted it. From the moment I put on the police uniform, I was ready to sacrifice and contribute at any time.”