Yan Xueying investigates the development of precision casting industry

Yan Xueying investigates the development of precision casting industry

On the afternoon of May 5, Yan Xueying, deputy secretary of the Dongying District Party Committee and head of the district, investigated the development of the precision casting industry.

Yan Xueying and her team went to Shandong Huateng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Dongying Changsheng Precision Casting Co., Ltd., Dongying Jiaxin Machinery Co., Ltd., and Dongying Jiayang Precision Metal Co., Ltd. to conduct on-the-spot investigations, communicated with relevant persons in-depth, and learned more about the current situation of the company. Difficulties in development, issues requiring coordination, and plans for the next step.

  Yan Xueying pointed out

The precision casting industry is one of the basic industries and plays a pivotal role in the industry. All relevant departments should carefully study and respond to the questions raised by enterprises, actively digest and absorb the opinions and suggestions of enterprises, scientifically and rationally allocate resources such as policies, elements, and talents, simplify procedures and shorten processes, and help enterprises solve practical difficulties and problems. It is necessary to firmly establish the awareness of “respect for the enterprise”, do a good job in enterprise service work, fully implement various policies that benefit enterprises, improve the applicability of policies and measures, and provide more convenient conditions for the development of enterprises.

  Yan Xueying emphasized

It is necessary to promote the high-level and deep integration of enterprise informatization and industrialization, accelerate the deep integration of informatization technology and traditional foundry industry, guide the foundry industry to increase investment in energy saving and environmental management facilities, continuously improve and improve the level of safety production management, and boost High-quality development of the foundry industry. It is necessary to focus on the long-term development of the enterprise, focus on market demand, open up new development paths, accelerate the advancement of new projects, and provide strong support for the development of enterprises. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of “grasping talents is to grasp development”, constantly explore new paths and new tracks for the integrated development of talents and technologies, actively help enterprises connect with the market, talents, capital, and technology platforms, and introduce the most needed and most scarce talents Come and get together, and focus on cultivating a high-level talent team with excellent quality, optimized structure, and outstanding performance. It is necessary to do a good job in guaranteeing talent services, speed up the pace of building a high-quality modern city, accurately implement various talent policies, and create a talent ecology that is “near and far away”.