[Walking into the new state-owned enterprises · China’s smart brand tour]Independent innovation of central enterprises casts China’s smart brand

[Walking into the new state-owned enterprises · China’s smart brand tour]Independent innovation of central enterprises casts China’s smart brand

Nuclear power protects the lights of thousands of households, the “competitive machine” is powerful, the flow-through production of domestic automobiles, and the fast speed of China’s high-speed rail…all of which are inseparable from the blessing of China’s intelligent manufacturing.

From April 18th to 21st, the first event of “Entering the New State-owned Enterprises·China Smart Manufacturing Brand Tour” sponsored by the News Center of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission visited China National Nuclear Corporation, Dongfang Electric Group, South Industries Group, and CRRC. Get close to the heavy equipment of a big country, and feel the power of “Made in China” and the charm of “Chinese Brand”.

  Nuclear power plant “central nervous system” China-made “dragon scale” shines “national business card”

As “the cradle of China’s nuclear power engineering” and the only comprehensive nuclear power research and development institution in my country, the China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute affiliated to China National Nuclear Corporation can always bring people many reveries and surprises.

Cradle Square of the 909 Base of China Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute

Have you heard of the “central nervous system” of a nuclear power plant? It describes the nuclear power safety level DCS system, which is an important system to ensure the safety of nuclear reactors and personnel, with high safety level, high technical difficulty and strict quality requirements.

In 2013, the Nuclear Power Institute raised funds to start the research and development of the “Dragon Scale” system. With more than half a century of experience in the nuclear industry, it took five years to complete the core technology research in 2018. The safety-level DCS “Dragon Scale” with independent intellectual property rights “The system came out. So far, the “Dragon Scale” system has achieved 100% localization in terms of software and system integration. In December 2022, the “Dragon Scale” system was successfully supplied to Unit 1 in Zhangzhou, and the Nuclear Power Institute has the supply capacity of a safety-level DCS with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. The two five-year relay spans have laid a solid foundation for the large-scale application of the “Dragon Scale” system in civil nuclear safety-level DCS projects.

The Dragon Scale is just a vivid microcosm of the technological innovation of the Nuclear Power Institute.

“Hualong One” global demonstration project——Aerial photo of China National Nuclear Corporation’s Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant

Over the years, the Institute of Nuclear Power has been actively committed to the research and development of nuclear power, and has successively developed independent nuclear power technologies CNP600, CNP1000, and CPR1000; successfully developed the third-generation large-scale nuclear power “Hualong One” (ACP1000) with completely independent intellectual property rights, and has become a shining ” “National business card”; successful research and development of multi-purpose modular small pressurized water reactor “Linglong One” (ACP100); breakthroughs in the research and development of fourth-generation nuclear reactors such as supercritical water-cooled reactors and supercritical carbon dioxide nuclear energy systems; Key equipment, digital instrument and control systems, independent nuclear power design software, etc. have all been self-made, which has greatly improved China’s nuclear power independent innovation capabilities… These scientific and technological achievements reflect that China, as a nuclear power power, is making great strides towards the “world First-class” solid pace and firm determination!

  “China Plan” extracts the “Pearl in the Crown” of the manufacturing industry

The first domestic G50 gas turbine was officially put into commercial operation in Qingyuan, GuangdongThe first domestic G50 gas turbine was officially put into commercial operation in Qingyuan, Guangdong

In Deyang, Sichuan, the capital of heavy equipment, we walked into the complete gas turbine test bench of Dongfang Steam Turbine, a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Group. The huge banner of “Building China’s Air Force Engine” is extremely eye-catching. This is the place where the complete G50 gas turbine was tested. , It is also the key to forging the independent gas turbine industry chain.

In early March of this year, my country’s first nationally produced F-class 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbine commercial demonstration unit, known as China’s “competitive engine”, was officially put into commercial operation in Qingyuan, Guangdong, filling the gap in my country’s independent gas turbine application field. In late March, the second G50 gas turbine was successfully ignited in Deyang, Sichuan, officially entering the commissioning stage of the entire unit, and the G50 gas turbine has made further progress in commercial operation.

The Deyang G50 project is one of the first batch of gas turbine innovation and development demonstration projects. Dongfang International, a subsidiary of Dongfang Electric Group, participated in the general contract, and Dongfang Steam Turbine provided the nationally produced F-class 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbine. Since then, China’s independent gas turbine industry has opened a new chapter of high-quality development, and the clean energy field has an independent and controllable full-chain “Chinese solution”.

China's China’s “Enthusiasm Machine” complete machine test bench located in western China

Heavy-duty gas turbines are known as the “Pearl in the Crown” of the industrial equipment manufacturing industry. To operate safely under high temperature, high pressure, and high speed conditions, it involves aerodynamics, solid mechanics, combustion, mechanics, materials, automatic control, etc. The interdisciplinary system is extremely difficult to develop, and it is a symbol of a country’s scientific and technological level and comprehensive national strength. Because it is a strategic equipment related to national energy security, my country’s gas turbine industry chain is always facing the risk of being “stuck” by foreign countries.

Since 2009, Dongfang Electric Group has taken the lead in developing F-class 50 MW heavy-duty gas turbines with completely independent intellectual property rights in China. It has lasted for 13 years and has cooperated with nearly 300 units in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain such as universities, equipment suppliers, and users. Carry out joint research, comprehensively overcome the whole process technology of gas turbine independent development and testing, build an independent F-class gas turbine design system, master the design method of the core components of the gas turbine and the overall performance of the whole machine, and the overall structure, and build a design with independent intellectual property rights Specifications, software and databases have achieved a breakthrough from “0” to “1”. The F-class 50-megawatt heavy-duty gas turbine has been rated as one of the “Top Ten National Heavies of Central Enterprises” twice.

  “Smart Brain” focuses on intelligent applications in industrial scenarios “Digital Engineering” promotes intelligent upgrading of automobile manufacturing

When I came to the production line of Qingshan Industrial in Chongqing, a smart AGV car slowly driving past with a full load of products attracted Xiaoxin’s attention. Intelligent transportation instead of traditional manual handling is an aspect of Qingshan Industrial’s vigorous promotion of the implementation of “digital engineering”.

Chongqing Qingshan Industry Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the R&D, production and sales of automobile transmission systems under the Ordnance Equipment Group. In recent years, Tsingshan Industry has made comprehensive and in-depth use of information technology, focusing on “full coverage of scenarios, full integration of processes, and full online data”, transforming enterprise management from experience-driven to data-driven. In the transformation of the manufacturing model brought about by digital transformation, Tsingshan Industry has successively made breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies, leading green and intelligent manufacturing.

Chongqing Qingshan controller production lineChongqing Qingshan controller production line

Facing the field of automobile transmission system manufacturing, Tsingshan Industry aims at the comprehensive digital transformation of intelligent manufacturing, enterprise management and supply chain coordination, and uses artificial intelligence, big data, 5G, industrial Internet and other technologies to promote the transformation of traditional business in digital space.

On the one hand, Tsingshan Industry manages and integrates traditional accumulated data to install a “brain” for scattered data; on the other hand, it collects all equipment data, builds analysis models, and mines problems and bottlenecks in business development. Form 10 typical application scenarios of intelligent manufacturing to realize factory digital operation, agile delivery and collaborative manufacturing.

Chongqing Qingshan 7-speed DCT phase II production lineChongqing Qingshan 7-speed DCT phase II production line

In the workshop of Qingshan Industry, the large screens that can be seen everywhere display real-time monitoring data, optimize the industrial production process, realize the automation rate of DCT production line 67%, the automation rate of new energy production line 45%, and the automatic collection rate and transmission of production data The rate is 100%.

In August 2020, the hydraulic module independently developed by Tsingshan Industry realized the industrialization, realizing self-made cost reduction of more than 50%. Tsingshan Industry has become the first domestic car company to independently own this technology. While safeguarding the safety of the industrial chain, it has also completely broken the long-term price monopoly of foreign companies.

Focusing on intelligent applications in industrial scenarios, Tsingshan Industry has created a supply chain collaboration platform for design collaboration, logistics collaboration, manufacturing collaboration, and quality collaboration. Realize the collaboration between upstream and downstream enterprises in the field of business process and data, and promote the cost reduction and efficiency increase of the industrial chain. At present, Tsingshan Industry has completed the unified monitoring and tracking of 143 suppliers’ order delivery, factory acceptance quality, supplier problem rectification progress and other information. The on-time rate of supplier appointments has been increased by about 50%, and the inventory has been reduced by about 20%. In the future, Tsingshan will jointly establish a data sharing mechanism with suppliers, and cooperate with logistics to create an ecological circle industry chain to maximize resource utilization.

  High-speed rail leads the “China Speed” National team leads the era of intelligent manufacturing of rail transit equipment

Walking into the first modern professional exhibition hall of China’s rail transit equipment industry – CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. Technology and Culture Exhibition Center, through the three chapters of “walking with the world, walking with dreams, and walking with the future”, we can get a glimpse of CRRC ZELC has a profound cultural background and strong scientific and technological strength.

CRRC ZELC is the core subsidiary of CRRC. After more than 80 years of hard work and development, it has established a product system with the most complete spectrum and variety in the industry in China, and has formed a product system based on electric locomotives, urban rail vehicles, EMUs, etc. The three main businesses are the core, and the “3+X” industrial structure of the coordinated development of new industries such as important parts, maintenance and electromechanical general contracting services.

CRRC ZELC owns the largest electric locomotive plant in the worldCRRC ZELC owns the largest electric locomotive plant in the world

When I came to the CRRC ZELC bogie intelligent manufacturing workshop, the intelligent production line was orderly, the handling robots operated precisely, and the intelligent three-dimensional warehouse operated orderly… This is the world’s first rail transit bogie intelligent manufacturing workshop, which fills the gap in the digitalization of rail transit bogies. technology application gap. CRRC ZELC implements the project of “platformization, modularization, simplification, standardization, and integration of process design” in the field of R&D, continuously carries out “digital” empowerment, and explores a “lean system” to quickly respond to market demand and improve quality. research and development”.

CRRC ZELC has the only three “national brand” laboratories in the domestic industry, and has created a national advanced rail transit equipment innovation center. With the efforts of leading scientific and technological talents represented by Academician Liu Youmei and thousands of engineers and technicians, CRRC ZELC has mastered vehicle system integration, AC drive, heavy-duty transportation, maglev technology, vehicle energy storage, articulated light rail vehicles, high-speed Pantograph, super capacitor and other key core technologies.

A series of urban rail vehicles are assembled in the urban rail business department of CRRC ZhujiA series of urban rail vehicles are assembled in the urban rail business department of CRRC Zhuji

In recent years, CRRC ZELC has launched more than 100 new products with independent intellectual property rights, filled a number of technical gaps, and successfully built product platforms such as self-driving subway vehicles; it rolled off the world’s largest power “Shen 24” electric locomotive , a low-floor supercapacitor tram that can be charged in 30 seconds, a “zero-emission” hydrogen energy shunting locomotive, etc.; the maglev train has formed an update iteration from version 1.0 to 2.0 and then to version 3.0; overseas markets are Macedonia, Germany , Hungary and other customers tailor-made, playing the “differentiation” brand, launched a variety of personalized products that adapt to the local environment and meet various needs.

While building a technological innovation engine, CRRC ZELC is also accelerating the pace of “going global”. CRRC ZELC products and services are exported to 27 countries and regions around the world, achieving full coverage on six continents. In Mexico, about 1,400 direct jobs and 700 indirect jobs were created for the local area through localized project operations, reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of subway operations by 35%; in Malaysia, more than 80% of the local rail transit equipment orders were handed over to ZELC .

Outlier is not spring. CRRC Zhuzhou Machinery has played a leading role, and Zhuzhou rail transit equipment industry has developed rapidly. It has formed an industrial cluster with coordinated development of complete machine manufacturing, core components, and key components. It has gathered more than 400 backbone enterprises and supporting enterprises, forming an enterprise worth tens of billions It is a gathering area for innovative rail transit equipment enterprises that are leading, supported by billion-dollar enterprises, and based on technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises.

From “Made in China” to “Made in China”, state-owned central enterprises can’t wait to promote self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology, accelerate the breakthrough of key core technologies, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system, and demonstrate the original strength of state-owned central enterprises behind China’s intelligent manufacturing .(Written by: Yin Fengshou and Feng Xue)

[Responsible editor: Feng Xue]