Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Bureau: Casting high-quality projects to help the construction of free trade ports

Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Bureau: Casting high-quality projects to help the construction of free trade ports

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  Li Haoyan, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hainan Branch of South China Company of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau (first from left).Photo by People’s Daily Online reporter Meng Fansheng

  People’s Daily Online, Haikou, May 10th (Reporters Mao Lei, Meng Fansheng) In recent years, the Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau South China Company (hereinafter referred to as China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Hainan Branch) has actively participated in the construction of a free trade port and won the Luban Award, the National More than 50 provincial and ministerial-level engineering awards such as 3A construction site and Ludao Cup have been awarded honorary titles such as National Advanced Unit of Housing Construction System Anti-epidemic, National Youth Civilization, National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee, and Excellent Enterprise Unit of Hainan Province.

  A few days ago, Li Haoyan, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hainan Branch of South China Company of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from People’s Daily Online, sharing the company’s casting of high-quality projects to help the construction of the Free Trade Port.


  Li Haoyan, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau South China Company.Photo by People’s Daily Online reporter Meng Fansheng

  Reporter: Since the Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau took root in Hainan, it has built a large number of infrastructure such as medical care, education, and public culture and health. What key projects are currently under intensive construction, please introduce them.

  Li Haoyan:Since entering Qiong, our Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau has maintained a rapid development trend, and has completed the construction of projects such as the Sanya International Finance and Economics Forum, the Hainan West Ring Railway, and the Boao Lecheng International Medical Industry Center. Currently, there are still projects under construction There are nearly 30, including nearly 20 provincial and municipal key projects.

  The projects are distributed around the island of Hainan Island (Haikou, Sanya, Chengmai, Qionghai, Wanning, Lingshui, Wenchang, Danzhou, Yangpu, Dongfang), and the business covers hospitals, venues, schools, municipal roads, aerospace infrastructure, Water and environmental protection and other full business segments.

  More representative ones include Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital South Branch, Lingshui Li’an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone Library, Sinopec Free Trade Building, Wenchang International Aerospace City Science and Technology Innovation Platform Phase II Remote Sensing Satellite, Sanya Phoenix International Airport International Terminal Renovation and expansion projects.

  As one of the island-wide closure and operation of air port facilities, the reconstruction and expansion project of the international terminal building of Sanya Phoenix International Airport, the current construction progress has exceeded 80%, and it will strive to meet the airport’s international (regional) passenger flight resumption conditions by the end of June. Sanya’s high-quality development and high-level opening up provide strong support.

  At the same time, the main structure of the second phase of the remote sensing satellite project of Wenchang International Aerospace City Science and Technology Innovation Platform has exceeded the plus or minus zero. A strategic highland for space science and technology innovation to help high-quality economic and social development.

  During the “May 1st” International Labor Day, many projects of our company are also trying their best to grasp the progress and ensure the quality. The workers are fully committed to the front line of construction, and strive to make these key projects complete and put into use as soon as possible.

  Reporter: In the past five years, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port has undergone unprecedented changes from “smooth start” to “obvious progress” and then to “vigorous rise”. Can you share some of what you have seen in the construction unit? Hear, feel and think?

  Li Haoyan:I was transferred from Shenzhen to Hainan a few years ago. At that time, the Hainan branch had just been upgraded from a managerial department to a branch in less than three months. The overall shortage of personnel, insufficient resources, and imperfect management and control mechanisms.

  I still remember that in order to solve the problem of the project schedule as soon as possible at the request of the owner, I took a car overnight to the project near the landfall of Typhoon “Compass”. For a few hundred meters, we had to get out of the car to brave the wind and rain. It took half an hour to walk over, and the umbrellas were already blown away.

  During my stay in Hainan, I brought some employees to the grassroots level, went to the construction site, visited the owner, devoted myself to the work, dedicated my wisdom and sweat to the post, paid sincerely for the owner, and solidly promoted every business. The fast lane of growth and development. I often say to the young people around me: “What we have is energy and enthusiasm. If we work hard, we will definitely gain something!”

  It is also catching up with the wave of the Hainan Free Trade Port. Our enterprise scale continues to grow and develop. Combined with the actual development of the branch, we have formulated the “14th Five-Year Plan” for enterprise development. Each stage has corresponding goals, Implementation path. We need to solve the bottleneck problems in the development process. Only by solving the problems one by one can we meet the needs of market development.

  Although we are at a good start, we still need to be prepared for danger in times of peace. Some powerful companies continue to enter, including some changes in the free trade port market policy. For us, we will face greater competition and challenges.

  Reporter: You also mentioned just now that the free trade port platform makes you feel that opportunities and challenges coexist. At present, all construction companies have corresponding development layouts in Hainan. As the general manager of Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Bureau, do you think the five Where is the advantage? How can we stand out from the encirclement?

  Li Haoyan:How China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Hainan Branch can remain invincible in the wave of free trade port development is something our company has been exploring in recent years. In a sense, a construction enterprise grows by relying on the leaders to take the lead in hard work every year or two, maintaining it by the system in ten or eight years, and relying on cultural penetration for a century-old store. Whoever has an excellent corporate culture holds the genetic key to longevity. We in the five bureaus have a special cultural gene – “faith and harmony” culture, which has had a profound impact on the development of our enterprise. When we work on projects, we always inherit and carry forward the enterprise of “faith and harmony, daring to be the first” Character, so that every construction must be excellent, the mission must be achieved, and the casting enterprise will be a high-quality project.

  In recent years, we have set an example in project tackling, closely watched project performance, carried out extensive labor competitions, boosted Lingshui Library, China Resources Shimei Bay and other projects, and undertaken 4 provincial and municipal demonstration site observation meetings. In the key project labor competition, 12 advanced collective and individual honors were obtained, and the high-quality development of the branch was promoted steadily and long-term.

  Reporter: In 2022, the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Hainan Province will commend the first batch of top ten party building brands of state-owned enterprises in Hainan Free Trade Port. Standing out from the crowd and becoming the only party building brand of a construction engineering company to be rated, then how to strive to set an example and become a benchmark in the industry?

  Li Haoyan:In the past two years, our company’s contract value has exceeded 10 billion in a row. The first stage that needs to solve the problem of food and clothing, that is, the survival stage, has passed. Then the next step is to think about how to develop steadily and with high quality, so I say this Planning makes us pay more attention to cultural “soft power”.

  By holding high the banner of “Sunshine Party Building”, building a “Party Building Joint Innovation Base” and a “Party Building Alliance”, expanding joint construction partners such as Sinopec, relying on territorial resources, and focusing on innovation and excellence, we have won 84 party and mass honors , created the company’s first National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee, National Youth Civilization, National Youth Post Expert, and continuously achieved new breakthroughs in national honors.

  On the other hand, our company also strives to create regional party building characteristics. The Jiangdong branch has established a “hard core” party building system, held the company’s first party building open day, expanded the “shangxue lecture hall”, realized the organic integration of party classes and business training, and was awarded the provincial state-owned assets Systematic party building demonstration site. The party building work experience of the Yazhou and Lingshui branches were published by “Hainan Party Building” and “Lingshui Youth” respectively.

  At the same time, we also encourage all employees to strive to be the spokesperson of the corporate brand, so that good stories and good experiences related to the production and operation of the company, social responsibility, typical characters, etc. can be fully refined and disseminated. Stories of typical characters such as Qu Lihua, the desperate three mothers, Li Wu, the “point leader” after “95”, and the top ten youths of the China Construction Fifth Bureau, effectively enhance the corporate brand influence and competitiveness.