Xiangyang Gucheng: Start a special inspection of foundry industry safety

“For the hidden rust of the fence, we guarantee that the rectification will be in place within 10 days, and we will resolutely put safety production in the first place, and do not produce if it is not safe!” The person in charge of a company in Gucheng County solemnly stated on the spot.

Recently, a petition from the masses reported that a foundry company leased a factory for production, resulting in serious damage to the factory. After receiving the report, Zhang Jianzhong, a member of the party committee and chief engineer of the county emergency bureau, led the bureau’s comprehensive unit and law enforcement team to the scene to deal with it together with the Shihua town government. In response to the hidden problems found, the company is required to immediately stop production operations in dangerous areas, set up safety warning lines, post warning signs, and order the parties and the companies involved to solve the hidden dangers of the plant within a time limit as agreed in the lease contract. At the same time, the parties and township governments are required to strengthen daily inspections and publicity reminders. In response to other problems found at the scene, the county safety production law enforcement brigade issued an order to rectify within a time limit.

After handling the petition, the County Emergency Bureau and Shihua Town once again jointly conducted surprise inspections on key foundry companies such as Junchang Foundry, Junwei Pipe Industry, and Donghua Machinery. Zhang Jianzhong pointed out that Gucheng is located at the node of the Han-Ten automobile industry corridor, and there are many supporting foundry enterprises in the country, the safety level is uneven, and the pressure of safety risk prevention and control is relatively high. At present, the Spring Festival is approaching. Affected by various factors, the foundry industry is in the off-season of production and operation, and it is very easy to cause accidents due to lax control. Zhang Jianzhong requested that the basic unit and the law enforcement brigade should actively connect with relevant towns and towns, and solidly promote the “four investigations” in the foundry industry: first, the investigation leaders should be on duty, carry out routine inspections, and resolutely prevent the phenomenon of loss of control and loss of control; the second is to investigate temporary use Approval and on-site management and control of special operations such as electricity, hot work, climbing work, and limited space work, and strictly prevent all kinds of accidents; the third is to check the forklifts, electricians, welders and other special operators to obtain evidence, and it is strictly forbidden for unqualified personnel to work; the fourth is to check The investigation and management of hidden dangers, inspection and maintenance operations, urge enterprises to seize the off-season gap, organize equipment maintenance and hidden dangers rectification, and ensure that the overall industry safety situation continues to be stable.