How “Pirates of the Caribbean” used a leaky ship to create the best opening ever

How “Pirates of the Caribbean” used a leaky ship to create the best opening ever

Happy Friday 🎈 Today, we are talking about a fantasy classic that is always seen and new: “Pirates of the Caribbean”!

The 5 films earned a total of 4 billion US dollars at the box office, setting a record for the highest box office in the United States within two days, and achieving high returns in a short period of time…

  As a series of films, the commercial achievements of “Pirates of the Caribbean” are rare in history.

  It even injected a shot in the arm for popular culture: plots, characters, and lines all infiltrated into various popular cultures and became enduring objects of teasing and tribute.

When you are unhappy and re-watch the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series, you can also be the unrestrained soul standing on the Dutchman’s mast, blowing the sea breeze freely.

  Anchor | Director, Lao Yi, Xiao Jing

  01. Absurd, serious, funny, horror intertwined,My journey is the sea!

▲The best opening in history: How does “The Leaky Little Boat” establish the tone of the entire series of movies

▲The Behavior Patterns of Skunks and Rockers: How Johnny Depp Endowed Captain Jack with Contradictory Traits and Strange Charms

▲ Count down the serious and famous scenes of “Pirates of the Caribbean”: the fight between life and death often happens between laughing and cursing

▲”Pirate Law” and the history of pirates in the Straits of Malacca: There is a trace of rationality in the outrageous

  02. Think carefully,Is this movie Disney?

▲Poseidon, treasure, the flying Dutchman… How many historical/cultural archetypes are there in “Pirates of the Caribbean”?

▲Singing and dancing and the mermaid on the sea under the moon: tell a rebellious story in the traditional way of Disney

▲ Immersive explanation by the anchor! How wonderful are the details of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean theme park?

  03. Character inventory

▲The love triangle of Jack, Elizabeth, and Will, Captain Jack ‍sacrificed himself for whom?

▲Everyone loves Barbosa: Although he is very scheming, he is reasonable!
▲ Davy Jones, the “Seafood King” of Crick: Only in the mysterious sea, can a story like him happen

▲Monkey Jack, dog Pucci, Cotton’s parrot… Strange animals have been added!

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